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Struggling on Instagram?

What if you could tap into a done-for-you solution to free up your time and easily grow your following?

Welcome to your dreamy Instagram solution

Our Soulfully Social membership serves all the ingredients you need to effortlessly create an irresistible feed without having to sweat over photo filters and camera apps.

The result?

Easy organic growth and extra time to connect with all your new soul followers, kick back and slow-sip your turmeric latte, and test out all those new essential oil aromas you ordered for your bubble bath.

Hey there! I'm Briena, your wellness photographer and Instagram curator. Here's how this works...

I've gathered all the scroll-stopping imagery you need to build a dreamy, follow-worthy Instagram feed.

As soon as you join Soulfully Social, you'll get instant access to an exclusive gallery with over 2000 stunning images (including quotes) with a full year of unlimited access to download on-demand.

I create naturally polished storytelling photos that boost the quality of your feed, lure organic follows and cozy up beautifully with your own snapshots, allowing you the ultimate flexibility to create a feed that's 100% uniquely you.

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Wellness Stock Shop founder Briena Sash

Here's what you'll get when you join...

WSS Instagram photo membership

2000+ Luscious photos

You'll get instant access to an exclusive gallery with 2,000 Wellness Stock Shop Photos that are square-cropped and ready-to-post to Instagram.

Inside the exclusive membership area, you'll find 17 thoughtfully-organized photo galleries filled with easy-to-find themes, including:

  • Body
  • Body Therapy
  • Business + Mockups
  • Connection, Therapy + Consult
  • Essential Oils
  • Exercise + Yoga
  • Food, Nutrition + Medicinals
  • Mindfulness + Spirituality
  • Nature
  • Self Care
  • And More...

Unlimited Downloads

You'll have a full year of instant access to our exclusive gallery with  unlimited downloads of those images during your membership term. Download on demand. Post as many times as you want, every day for a full year. You'll never skip a daily post because you don't have anything to share.
Instagram Designer Memes

Designer Photo Quotes

Pick from a flourishing gallery of engagement-provoking words and inspirational quotes artfully designed over our stunning photos.

Ready-To-Post Quotes

You'll also get access to hundreds of words, inspirational quotes + affirmations with solid colored and transparent backgrounds. Just download + post or easily overlay onto any image or branding color. These are perfect to sprinkle throughout your feed.

Memes for Instagram by Wellness Stock Shop
Wellness Stock Photo by Sash Photography

Curated Monthly Sets

Professionally curated, cohesive 'monthly' photo sets.

Forget those hours spent wading through an endless sea of photos. I've done the pairing for you and bundled up the imagery into cohesive, lightly-themed sets of 30 photos that will keep you effortlessly posting all month long. Just choose the set you fancy, schedule out your posts for the month, and kick back with your favorite green smoothie.

Plus... Check out these juicy bonuses...

Soulfully Social Hashtag Vault by Wellness Stock Shop

Hashtag Vault

Tap into my time-saving vault with over 30 themed hashtag sets, chosen strategically to get your posts in front of more eyes. Just copy + paste one of the many strategically gathered sets to match your photo theme and get more reach for your posts.

Instagram Topic Inspiration Library by Wellness Stock Shop

Topic Inspiration Library

Kiss-goodbye those mind-blank moments of not knowing what to post about. With access to a creativity-boosting topic inspiration library, you'll never run out of ideas for your captions.

Want a tiny glimpse of the gorgeous images you'll get with your Instagram membership?

Explore inside the exclusive member's gallery:

Click on the video below to take a virtual tour...

Joining Soulfully Social is Incredibly Easy

Ready to take advantage of the visual feast on offer? Signing up is super-simple.

Stock Photo By Wellness Stock Shop


Click on the yellow button above + choose the plan you want

Stock Photo By Wellness Stock Shop


Enter your account details + complete payment

Stock Photo By Wellness Stock Shop


Once you receive your confirmation email, log out + back in

Yoga Pose Stock Photo By Wellness Stock Shop


Head to the exclusive Soulfully Social Gallery to explore all the delicious imagery you now have access to

It's really that easy!


Is it allowed to use stock photos on Instagram? Shouldn't I post my own photos?

Absolutely! It's absolutely allowed and okay to use stock photos for Instagram.

In fact... it's super smart.

I'll let you in on a little secret... most of those gorgeous, successful feeds you love are using stock photos! Shhhh...

But really, Instagram is a visual platform and if you're not a pro-photographer, tapping into stock photos is a brilliant way to save you tons of time and hassle, while boosting the appearance of your brand.

You'll be surprised at how much easier it is to grow your following, and build deeper connections with your audience when you do yourself the favor of not  having to do it all yourself.

Won't my feed look just like everyone else's?

No way. 

With over 2000 images in the Instagram gallery, there are limitless combinations and posting patterns to suit your style and message and make your feed unique.

My photos are never overly polished. They maintain natural, relatable qualities that work beautifully on Instagram and fit easily with your own imagery.

This allows you the ultimate flexibility to weave in your own selfies and snapshots to show off your own unique personality.

Do I only get access to certain photos or galleries, or can I choose from anything?

With your Soulfully Social membership, you get full access to everything inside the exclusive Soulfully Social gallery.

Inside that gallery, you'll find several conveniently organized sub-galleries and get to choose from any of the 2000 + pre-cropped, perfectly Instagram-sized images, including designer quotes + expertly curated, themed social media sets - without boundaries.

Want buffet access to absolutely EVERYTHING inside Wellness Stock Shop - including all full sized photos? If so, you'll want to upgrade to an Annual Unlimited Membership. You'll receive full access to the Instagram Unlimited membership gallery, PLUS everything else inside the photo library.

Will the photos I download be watermarked?

No way. Regardless of the plan you’re on, your photos will be watermark-free + ready to slot straight into your business branding.

Am I only allowed to use the photos on Instagram? Can I use them on other social platforms?

Oh my goodness, have fun with these! Although the photos are square-cropped and perfectly sized for Instagram, they'll also work beautifully on other social platforms and in your designs.

Here are a few ideas for how else you can use them...

 Your website
 Instagram
 Facebook
 Pinterest
 Other social media platforms
 Your blog
 Imagery for your programs
 Opt-in covers

 eBooks
 Promo videos
 Digital + small print marketing
 Facebook ads
 Videos
 Slideshows + webinars
 Gift certificates

Honestly? It’s easier to list what you CAN’T do with them:

 You can't gift, share or sell them

 You can't use them in designs on merchandise for resale

 You can't use them in mass print production (anything over 10,000 copies)

 You can't use them in large-scale print campaigns like banners + billboards (you'll need an extended license for that – for more details, refer to our Pricing + Licensing Page)

But for almost anything else? Go to town!

I'm a designer/social media manager/VA... can I use your photos on my client work?

Sorry, no. The images you get through these plans are for YOUR use only.

Your clients will need to purchase their own photos.

Once I've bought my plan, do I need to pay anything else for each photo?

Nope! Well, not unless you want an extended license, anyway. (So far, nobody’s needed that option).

But for standard small, medium or large photos, once you’ve bought your plan, that’s it. Download to your heart’s content: either until you hit 45 downloads or 90 days (for the Wellness Project Pack
plan), or for a year after your membership starts (for the Instagram Unlimited + Entrepreneurs
Unlimited plans).

Do I need to give you credit on the images I've bought?

Nope. Once you’ve bought your plan, you get ALL your images completely royalty-

I’m here to save you time, remember? That means I don’t want you to stress about providing "proper" photo credit. Just post or publish as though the images were your own.

Of course, if you DO want to mention me in your posts, I’d love to see what you're up to. I'm a big fan of women-supporting- women too, so if I can help by liking/commenting on your posts, I will.

Am I allowed to add my text and crop to the photos?

Absolutely. In fact, I encourage you to!

I’ve deliberately arranged + cropped many of my images to give you the white space you need to add your own text, fonts, logo + design.

But feel free to edit the images in any other way you like to suit your brand too. Just roll up your sleeves, stretch out your fingers + prepare to get seriously crafty.

Do you offer any kind of payment plan?

Sorry, no. I want to keep the plans super-affordable for small businesses, which means I need payment upfront. Offering a payment plan would require me to increase the overall price.

But this means you get to purchase your plan in one simple, convenient transaction, then just kick back + enjoy on-demand access for the duration of your membership.

What could be easier?

What if I purchase a plan but then change my mind? Can I get a refund?

Again, sorry, but no.

While I create + curate imagery specifically for Wellness Professionals, I know that no one design style suits everyone. That’s why I let you browse THOUSANDS of photos in my Galleries before you put down any money.

That gives you a chance to check out my style + allows you to confirm that there are plenty of images you love before you buy a plan.

Once you’ve paid + received your access to instantly download all the photos you want, however, I can’t offer any refunds.

What if I have a question you haven't answered here?

Just ask!

Fire me an email with any other questions you have. I’ll be happy to answer them for you.

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