Breathe Life Into Your Brand With Refreshingly Real Images That Connect In An Instant…

Thoughtfully-curated photos that blend naturally with your snapshots (and don’t look like stock) for inspired branding + marketing that feels authentically you

With 3 luscious options to suit every need

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Soul Mesmerizing Photos With That Authentic Feel You've Been Searching For

You know that, in 2021, your business needs a scroll-stopping online appearance. Beautiful branding isn't optional. It's a must.

But styling all your own shots and creating daily content is overwhelming. It's time for a solution to help you design a stand-out brand and make an impact, effortlessly.

Look Pro

Effortlessly curate the perfect photos that feel authentic + don’t look like you’ve ever visited a stock shop.

Get Noticed

Magnetize the right clients (and collaborators) who will want to invest in you, without a second thought.

Get Your Time Back

2x your workflow speed. Get access to everything you need at a click. No google-ing needed.

With membership, you get access to over 8,000 magnetic, brand-building images + unlimited downloads...

The Result?

A vibe so lusciously irresistible, it'll make you want to fan-girl your own brand.

Your Wellness Stock Shop Membership

It's like heaven answered your prayers during those 3am work sessions

Quotes Samples
  • 8,000+ Royalty-Free Photos with convenient download size options to suit your project needs and exquisite resolution so you can crop + play.

  • Cohesive Photo Bundles that speed up your workflow with themes like Femme Fitness, Bali Spa, and Zero Waste Skin Care.

  • Hard-to-Find Specialty Photos essential oils, crystals, cbd, herbs, plus more... you'll be awestruck by the images you discover as you explore.

  • Versatile Image Layouts for all your project needs, including plenty of space to easily add your own text, design + logo.

  • Beautifully Inclusive a rainbow of different shapes, sizes, colors, interests, backgrounds, lifestyles and beliefs.

Stunning Mockups

Tech screens and placeholder images that let you get super creative, add text, and display your offerings in unique, eye-catchingly inspired ways.

  • Add screenshots + scrolls to iPhone + iPad screens

  • Paste in your recipes + checklists

  • Highlight your course content

  • Showcase your latest training videos

Plus, everything you need to design a swoon-worthy feed and 10x your followers

As a member, you'll get access to an entire gallery dedicated to your Instagram success. Tap into 2,000+ conveniently cropped photos + graphics to post on the fly or schedule months' worth of posts in minutes.

Instagram Stock Photo Sample Grid Video
  • 2000+ Square-Cropped Images Photos, quotes and graphics that piece effortlessly together for a scroll-stoppingly stunning feed

  • Curated Monthly Sets We've done the photo pairing for you. Just pick your favorite theme for the month, sprinkle in some quotes + selfies (optional) and - voila!

  • Instagram Story Graphics with done-for-you recipes, essential oil blends, wellness + mindfulness tips, affirmations and blank designs to add your own text

Game Changer Instagram Testimonial
Best Stock Around Instagram Testimonial

Done-For-You Social Posts

Perk up your posts and inspire your followers with engagement-boosting graphics.

  • Quotes
    100s of fun, inspiring + mindful quotes with colorful, white, and photo backgrounds, perfect for those mind-blank moments.

  • Info-Graphics
    Professionally designed affirmations, diffuser blends, nutritional benefits, self-care & wellness tips, recipes and more.

Micro Holiday Bundles

You'll always have a reason to celebrate on social with monthly food, health + lifestyle micro holidays. Tap into curated photos, quotes + story graphics to keep you posting, with topics like:

  • Mental Health Month

  • Meditation Day

  • Autoimmune Day

  • Nat'l Lazy Day

  • Read In The Bathtub Day

Quick + Easy Searching

The collection is thoughtfully organized into themed galleries with a super-intuitive search function. Search by key word, color, or photo orientation to find the perfect photo in the blink of an eye.


Annual members get access to these value-packed Instagram tools...

  • Hashtag Vault
    My swipe file vault with over 30 themed hashtag sets, strategically chosen to get your posts in front of more eyes.

  • Topic Inspiration Library
    With access to a creativity-boosting topic inspiration library, you'll never run out of ideas for your posts.

Exhale, friend. A beautiful online appearance just got super simple...

Liberal Usage Terms

(Hey, We're From Portland)

Use the photos for nearly any of your branding + marketing needs. No photo credit necessary. (See our friendly Buyer Agreement for details.)

No Expiration

(Simple + Easy)

Keep the photos you purchase or download during your membership term and use them over and over again, forever.

Creative Freedom

(Oh-So Refreshing)

Use the photos for your website, blog, social, courses, welcome packets and beyond - Edit, crop, add text + modify for your needs.

8,000+ Luscious Photos. So Many Ways To Stand Out.

Use them for your...

  • Blog
  • Courses
  • eBooks
  • Freebie PDF Covers
  • Newsletters
  • Pinterest
  • Social Media
  • Promo + Training Videos
  • Printed Marketing
  • Presentations
  • Quizes
  • Webinars
  • Welcome Packets
  • Convention/Booth Banners




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Questions? I hear you. Let me fill you in on the details...

How am I allowed to use these photos?

Thanks for asking! I like to think our standard licensing terms are some of the simplest + most generous in the industry.

 Your website
 Instagram
 Facebook
 Pinterest
 Other social media platforms
 Your blog
 Your courses or programs
 Opt-in covers

 eBooks
 Promo videos
 printed marketing
 Facebook ads
 Videos
 Slideshows + webinars
 Gift certificates

Please review our Usage Terms located in our Buyer Agreement for a full description of how you can use WSS photos before purchasing your membership.

Do I need to give photo credit?

Nope! To make your life simpler, all the photos you purchase are royalty-free.

Of course, it makes me feel warm and fuzzy when you tag me on social. It also helps me to which photos you use most so that I can know what to create more of in the future to best support you.

What is your refund/cancellation policy?

You can cancel your membership at any time. You'll still be able to access everything included with your membership until your membership term expires.

I want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. However, due to the downloadable nature of our photos, we have a strict no-refund policy on all purchases. 

Please take time to explore the thousands of photos inside our Photo Collection before purchasing to be sure Wellness Stock Shop is the right fit for you.

If you have any questions, please email us at before you purchase a membership.

Will the photos I download be watermarked?

No way. Regardless of the plan you’re on, your photos will be watermark-free upon download + ready to slot straight into your business branding.

Are doTERRA photos accessible via a photo plan?


All specialty products such as doTERRA collections and branding kits are offered exclusively a-la-carte and are not accessible with any photo plan.

Can I preview the photos before I purchase?

Absolutely! Just head over to our Photo Collection. You can explore all the photo galleries with thousands of diverse photos.


$29/one time
(no monthly fee)


$49/one time
(no monthly fee)


$99/three months