Award Winning Photographer Briena Sash

Hi, I'm Briena ... And I think it's time we join forces to change the world together. 

I understand that as a woman business owner time is limited. You want easy, quick choices. And yet you want just the right photos, because as women we're visual. Our ideal clients are visual...

As a believer in natural, sustainable living (with an obsession for essential oils), I noticed a need that I've become passionate about filling ...

As I was just about ready to click the enroll button for nutrition school, I realized that my mission to promote natural living to the world could be so much more powerful if I put my talents as an award-winning professional photographer to work supporting wellness entrepreneurs just like you.

As a result of that epiphany, I've created an extensive stock photo library filled with beautiful, soulful wellness photos to help you achieve the clean, professional look you want for your brand and reach more of your dream clients. I'm always expanding the library by adding new photos, and am always open to photo suggestions!

To learn more about me and what drove me to follow my heart and carve out a new niche to create Wellness Stock Shop, read my featured interview with Veggies and Me!


Briena Sash Creator of Wellness Stock Shop

I believe everyone should contribute to the world around us, for the betterment of our communities and with a deep respect for humanity and nature.

Wellness Stock Shop's mission is to support other entrepreneurs with a passion for living sustainably and in natural balance with our bodies, within nature, and within our communities.


Just A Few Things That Make Wellness Stock Shop So Unique

Lovingly Hand-Crafted + Styled Imagery

I personally style and photograph every single image you find inside the photo library. There's an art to polishing photos in order to reflect a professional edge while still maintaining their naturally beautiful qualities. I pour hours into perfecting the photos to be sure they're professional without being over-edited and losing their relatable appeal.

behind the scenes on a styled spa photo shoot with wellness photographer Briena Sash

Behind the scenes on a bath + rejuvenation shoot featuring The Lioness Oracle tarot

Creator of Wellness Stock Shop

Behind the scenes on collaboration shoot with acupuncturist Kaisa Herschleb

Real + Accurate Imagery That reflects the authenticity of your brand + what you do

I collaborate with real professionals in the industry to create authentic imagery. This means you won't just find perfectly primped models in fancy, but inaccurate poses. I use real life professionals and celebrate diversity in age, size and ethnicity to breathe life into every photo.


artful photo of woman's back, spine chiropractic stock image

Not just photos - storytelling imagery

By now you might have a feel for why Wellness Stock Shop photos have been labeled as "storytelling imagery".

As an award-winning artist, my imagery goes beyond the technicalities of "good light and composition" - I pour my heart into carefully hand crafting imagery that evokes emotion and tells the story of your business, your mission and your purpose.

The right photo is worth a thousand words.

What do the photos you're currently using on your website, social media and marketing platforms say about your business?


Why You Need To Use The Right Kind Of Photos

See The Difference

Which Feed Would You Follow?

How do these different, similar images make you feel?

What judgements would you make about the business whose website you were visiting for the first time?

Amateur Snapshots from Real Health Coaches

(permission to use these photos was granted)

Professional Photography

(you can find all these images inside WSS)

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Strawberry Salsa
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Stock Photo By Wellness Stock Shop
Wellness Stock Photo by Sash Photography

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We are proud to be the first-ever stock photography site to join 1% for the Planet. Now every photo you purchase gives back to sustaining our valuable Earth.

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