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Carley Schweet Wellness Stock Shop Member

"I've said it before and I'll say it again, your photos have truly changed my business!"

Carley Schweet, Mindfulness Coach + Author - carleyschweet.com

Did you know using captivating imagery that evokes emotion and tells your brand-story is the fastest way to reach your dream clients? If you're ready to stand out in your industry,  strengthen your brand-loyalty and fuel your business with accurate imagery that reflects the authenticity of what you do.

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Raw, organic, truthful, diverse and polished for an exquisite, natural look suitable for your website, marketing materials + social feeds


Photographs taken especially for the wellness community, so you won't waste time scrolling through thousands of irrelevant images


By an award-winning photographer in collaboration with real wellness professionals, so your imagery is always authentic


With pricing options for every wellness entrepreneur at every stage of business


Royalty-free + easy to understand - no hidden fees or scary legal lingo


Thoughtfully designed with diverse layouts and lots of negative space. Overlay your design + text = Voila!

These are more than perfectly shot images - these are visual branding tools to make your ideal client fall in love and want to sink their teeth right into your most luscious offering.

Donna Parker health coach testimonial for wellness stock photos

"It is so worth the investment to have all these amazing photos... Every time I post a photo using a Wellness Stock Shop image, I see more likes, more comments, more engagement than any other photo I post... I love being a member of Wellness Stock Shop, it allows my brand to come to life and it has inspired me in ways that I never would've imagined."

Donna Parker, Health Coach + Chef - donnamariewellness.com


"Just wanted to let you know I searched forever to find unique and modern wellness stock photos, then I came across you! Your photos are stunning! In the past I would hire photographers for one-off photo designs (custom) but that became expensive. I love your photos- I recently purchased your membership and I am already seeing a huge increase in my engagement on Instagram---woohoo!"

Casey Hamm, Health + Wellness Coach - Caseyhamm.co

Jessica Pantermuehl of holistic entrepreneur association testimonial for Wellness Stock Shop

"Thank you so much for creating this absolutely incredible resource for the health and wellness space! As a practitioner, it can be so challenging to find stock photos that feel natural. The images on Wellness Stock Shop are not only natural, but absolutely stunning. This resource was so badly needed and what you have created for us fulfills this need beautifully."

Jessica Pantermuehl, NTP, CHHC, Founder, Holistic Entrepreneur Association

award winning Portland photographer Briena Sash - creator of Wellness Stock Shop, the world's most soulful source for wellness imagery

There are people out there who need you. They need you to change their lives. They need you to help them grow. In order to attract them, you need to capture their attention.

They need to know you're the right choice for them – in a glance.

Which is why Wellness Stock Shop exists. I'm Briena Sash and I'm the owner and award-winning photographer crafting wellness stock photos for people like you.

I create storytelling imagery, beyond 'good composition', evoking emotion and telling the story of your business, your mission, and your purpose. Because the right photo will be worth a thousand words to your ideal client.

Jay Crisp Crow Crisp Copy testimonial

"Membership to Wellness Stock Shop was easily one of the best investments I made to lift my branding game this year..."

Jay Crisp Crow, Copywriter + Copy Coach - crispcopy.com.au


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