Naturally and Easily Attract Your Dream Clients with an Irresistible Brand

And it doesn't have to cost you thousands!

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You know that first impressions matter, and branding experts agree that an amateur appearance online can be off-putting to your ideal customers. It doesn’t matter how professional, educated, or warm you are if you look like an untested beginner.  If:


  • Your Instagram feed looks like a messy collage and you just can't pull off the professional appearance some competitors seem to have...

  • You're not a designer or photographer and don't know where to start...

  • You feel scattered & sink too much time constantly reinventing your look...

  • You're suffering from lack of confidence due to website shame...

  • You're not ready to sink thousands into a pro designer, but still need to show up with a professional appearance...


Don’t worry!  You’re not alone — and you can easily learn the tips and tricks you need to look like a million bucks online without spending a million.


(even if you don't know a thing about branding Or design)


By learning just a few skills, concepts, and tricks that professional designers know, you will:


  • Never again feeling scattered with your daily posts & designs

  • Post with confidence, knowing that all your visuals fit together to create a recognizable brand

  • Instantly convey a message of quality, earning your prospects' trust and confidence

  • Stand out in a crowded market with a visual brand that connects with exactly the right audience

  • Naturally attract the right clients who adore you and value your expertise

  • Organically growing your business to help 1000s of the right people

It IS possible and I'm living proof ...

Hi I'm Briena, creator of Wellness Stock Shop. 

As an entrepreneur, I struggled for years with a scattered brand that confused both me and my prospects.

The truth is, if you're stepping into a saturated market with a weak appearance that screams "amateur", you're actually repelling clients. You're not sending the right message or giving them a reason to choose you over the popular local alternative. And it's all the result of a scattered, pieced together visual presence.

This is what happened to me. As a result, I was constantly price-slashing, desperate for sales, and massively struggled to grow my following or book clients who valued my expertise. After investing thousands in logo and branding designers who just didn't "get me", I decided to take matters into my own hands and learn how to design my own authentic brand.

One year later, I designed & launched my unique DIY brand, rapidly grew my Instagram audience by 10,000 followers (in just 6 months) and now serve dedicated clients in over 10 countries, worldwide.

Designing a beautiful, professional visual brand presence was the foundation to my success.

I want this for you too! That's why I'm sharing the exact formula I used to design my own branding in this easy-to-follow quick start video course.


It's time to start luring the right people who'll benefit from what you offer.

They're waiting for you.

Welcome to

Branding Your Wellness Business

Quick Start Course by Wellness Stock Shop

Branding your wellness business course

About this Quick Start mini course

Whether you're starting from scratch or reviving your existing brand, this starter course will give you the blueprint to ditch the scattered visuals and design your own compelling visual brand that will relay your unique message and help you naturally connect with your ideal audience.


I designed this course as a starting place to help you understand branding with emphasis on helping you build your foundation, find clarity in the overall look and feel of your brand, and ditch the scatter. 



wellness business branding course for health bloggers

By the end of the course, you'll have the clarity, the exact steps and the resources 

 you need in order to design a brand that connects with your ideal audience. 

(without having to invest thousands $$$ in a pro designer)

Screen Shot 2017 05 06 At 1.40.53 PM

I really enjoyed how this course breaks branding down into "bite sized" chunks. Definitely simplifies a process that's notoriously complicated and filled with the pressure to get it exactly right. Solid, practical advice and direction in this course. I'm so glad to have had the opportunity to take this course and am implementing the ideas already! Thank you Briena Sash!

Maria Baker

Essential Oils Wellness Advocate


Unlike most general branding courses, I designed this course specifically with wellness entrepreneurs in mind, including naturopaths, massage therapists, skin specialists, chiropractors, spapreneurs, acupuncturists, essential oil experts, health coaches and others.

Whether you're just starting out, rejuvenating your current brand, or preparing to hire a professional designer, this course will help you to:

◊  Craft a unique and compelling visual presence so that your audience immediately knows what you do and what you stand for

◊  Get clear on your brand mood + foundation so that every post, every communication, every touchpoint of your brand sends the same message

◊  Find clarity on the perfect look to reflect your unique message so that you stand out from the crowd

◊  Feel confident about your website + online appearance so that you can focus on doing the work you’re passionate about

◊  Intuitively know which colors and fonts fit your brand so you’re never left struggling or feeling (and looking) scattered

◊  Connect on emotion to build a soulful following so that your audience matches your passion

◊  Create brand recognition to strengthen your market presence so that you can carve out a competitive place in the market

◊  Post confidently, easily maintaining a cohesive look so that you never have to spend hours trying to craft an Instagram or Facebook post again

◊  Naturally attract your ideal clients so that you never feel stressed about sales

◊  Save time not having to reinvent your brand constantly and focus on your soul’s work

The Branding Your Wellness Business Quick Start Training Includes Everything You Need to Craft a Compelling Visual Brand


branding your wellness business

I’ve included all the resources you need to be successful, including:

  • On-demand access to the full branding course to complete at your leisure (no scheduled class times to compete with your already-full calendar)

  • 10 quick, easy-to-follow videos that fit into your busy daily schedule (most are 10 minutes or less)

  • Downloadable supplemental materials to help support you in your branding process that you can keep and use anytime

  • My exact blueprint outline to creating a unique brand that conveys your message

  • My top 7 branding tips in order to make the process easier and most effective

And through these carefully crafted resources, you’ll learn:

  • Why strong branding is essential to getting you seen and booked

  • How to get crystal clear on a branding aesthetic that's authentically you and helps you stand out

  • How to feel less scattered + more cohesive

  • The 2 foundational branding steps that most people skip - that will instantly pull things together and set you apart

  • How to be sure your branding is a client-magnet (to the RIGHT people)

  • Which 6 basic elements you need to build a recognizable brand (and in which order)

  • Why you should put your logo on pause

  • Why fonts + colors matter (and how they effect your viewers)

  • How to be sure you're staying on-brand + sending the right message with every post


The Course at a glance ...

Wellness Stock Photo by Sash Photography

1: The Branding Foundation

Not having a solid branding foundation is the number one reason your branding may be weak, scattered, and confusing for your audience. We start out by revealing the two very foundational pieces that MUST be in place before you choose your branding visuals. Getting clear on your foundation is an essential stepping the branding process and will make establishing the rest of your branding elements a breeze.

healthy desk scene with citrus grapefruit and lemon essential oil and computer keyboard stock photography for entrepreneurs

2: Bonus Guidance Video: Mood

As a part of the foundational process, I’ve created a bonus guidance video to help establish your business mood — that is, how you want your customers to feel when they experience your brand. This invaluable exercise will help you get you crystal clear on the overall message and personality of your brand in order to unveil a look that's perfect for your business.

vibrant pomelo, grapefruit and lemon citrus fruit on rustic wood healthy stock photo image from Wellness Stock Shop

3: Design Your Elements

There are 6 basic elements that make up your branding. I'll reveal the exact order you should develop them in, that will actually save you time and have the most impact. I'll also reveal each of the important elements that go into creating your brand — including fonts, colors, visuals and more — and include my top free/affordable resources (that still look great) to use for your designs.

Protea floral healthy stock photo by Wellness Stock Shop

4: The Juicy Resource Guide

After you've completed the course, you can dive into the super juicy resource guide. I’ve been told that this guide is absolutely invaluable! It includes my favorite free and/or affordable resources I personally use, and you can use too, in order to easily design a swoon-worthy brand.

Bonus! Bonus! Bonus!

It gets better! I've included some juicy bonuses to help you implement what you learn...

bonus free branding resources



  • A Business Branding Checklist - So that you never get lost on your journey to a compelling brand

  • A resource guide with my top free/affordable DIY branding resources that will help your brand look luxe without breaking the bank or requiring a design degree

  • And TWO bonus guidance training videos:

    • Uncovering Your Tone Words to help establish massive clarity and cohesiveness for your branding

    • How To Easily Create A Brand Board In Canva in which I walk you through how to create an official document to keep all your branding elements in one accessible easy-to-reference spot - and to share with designers and collaborators in the future so they instantly "get" you


holistic health and detox coach

Her bonus Tone Word activity was great!! After completing the activity, I had so much more clarity and direction with my overall branding message.

Betty Shephard

Holistic Health & Detox Coach

Of course, if you were to hire a professional team, you could easily spend thousands on a brand — that might or might not feel like you — and could take months to complete.

  • Branding consultant: $3,000

  • Logo design: $2,000

  • Website design: $2,500

  • Website development: $1,800

  • Professional photo shoot: $800 + per-image costs


...Or, you could get your business brand going now with a solid foundation, simple designs, and a result that looks anything but DIY for a fraction of the cost and in as little as a weekend!

Get the branding course now


just $97

What Real Business Owners like you are saying ...

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I knew something was missing from the graphics and images on my blog and social media postings but I couldn’t put my finger on what it was exactly. I knew I needed help but wasn’t sure where to turn, mainly because I wasn’t sure what was missing!

My images were okay but they didn’t necessarily pop, and all the images together on Pinterest or Instagram didn’t tell an organized or connected story about my blog or business. I couldn’t figure out how to relate them all together. Luckily, along came Wellness Stock Shop and the delightful Briena Sash.

In her course ‘Branding Your Wellness Business’ I found the answers I needed. Briena guides you step-by-step and offers wonderful tips on how to bring your brand together and alive, so that it speaks for you and expresses your business how you want it to be seen.

I loved the takeaways from this course and know that putting them all into action will result in a cohesive message and brand that I’ll be proud to brandish and share.

Amy Blacklock

holistic health and detox coach

I've completed several branding courses looking for better clarity and this one stood out from the rest!! Briena's intro course for "Branding Your Wellness Business" is both wonderfully simple and quite valuable! She gives clear direction through short, informative videos and a handy resource guide which made it easier for me, as a stay-at-home mompreneuer, to complete the course a little at a time.

I really enjoyed her perspective in a couple areas that had me personally hung up on branding for a while... the parts about when to design your logo, whether you should invest much from the get-go and the importance of choosing elements to attract your ideal audience. Her bonus Tone Word activity was great!! After completing the activity, I had so much more clarity and direction with my overall branding message.

Most branding courses repeat the same basic info over and over, but Briena's approach is refreshingly different. This is an awesome course for anyone getting started with their wellness business or for those wanting to brand themselves as a part of the direct sales/network marketing industries! She even has gorgeous images for you to access in her stock photo shop to put what you learned into action!

Betty Shephard

Holistic Health & Detox Coach

Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 3.25.15 PM

Staying cohesive and making sure I am attracting my ideal target audience has been a major headache for me with my essential oils business. After taking Briena's course, I now realize what's been causing the problem and what I can do to fix it. The Branding Your Wellness Business course has answered a lot of my branding questions and I am so happy I dived into this course!

I've taken a branding course in the past which presented a broad, more philosophical way of looking at branding, but this one was much clearer and presented a solid formula for achieving a cohesive strong brand presence. It has guided me through the exact things I need in order to fine-tune my brand and for someone just starting it will be the inspiration needed to build a strong cohesive brand from scratch. I also loved the flow and clarity of each module!

I love that it has helped me to know where I am lacking and what I need to take action on. It also helped me realize I am on the right track with having chosen one stock imagery site to choose my images from (Wellness Stock Shop!) and helped me identify my personal weaknesses and where I should reach out to get help in order to achieve that cohesiveness and brand clarity. Thank you Briena!

Heba El-Hakim

Wellness Advocate & Business Mentor,

Get the branding course now


just $97

Got Questions Before Diving In?



It’s time to stop spending time feeling frustrated with your website and online presence, and instead create a visual brand and online presence that effortlessly conveys your passion and expertise and attracts exactly the right customers who are excited to do business with you.



All it takes is a few hours of your time and your commitment to providing an incredible experience for your clients from the moment they first find you online. You can do this! And I would be honored to help.

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