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Design Your Own Unique Brand by next week

Even with zero design or branding background

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Feeling scattered with the look of your website, Instagram + beyond? If so, you're probably not growing your presence like you could be, because you're:


  • Embarrassed by your online appearance, and lacking confidence because of it
  • Suffering from website shame - it's a constant "work in progress" because you can't commit to any particular "look"
  • Wasting time collaging an Instagram feed that never manages to look as beautiful + cohesive as you wish - no matter what you do
  • Completely scattered with your visuals; your fonts + color choices change weekly, and you honestly don't know where to start

You're in the right spot. I'm here to share the simple steps you need to look like a million bucks online without the designer price tag.

Is it possible to diy a professional looking brand

even with zero design experience? 

Yes! And, bonus - It can be quick + easy

Whether you're starting from scratch or reviving your existing brand, this starter course will give you the blueprint to easily design your own unique look to naturally connect with your ideal audience.

You can complete this course and have your brand done in as little as a weekend - even with zero design experience.

I keep things super simple and deliver only what I think you absolutely need to know in order to get your brand done in as little time possible (without jeopardizing quality or impact).

Need more than a weekend? No problem!

You get lifetime access, so kick back and complete each module at your own pace.

wellness business branding course for health bloggers

By the end of the course you'll have the clarity, exact steps + resources you need in order to design a unique, professional visual brand

(without having to invest thousands $$ in a pro designer)

It's Time to Show Up With A Professional Appearance That You Can Feel Confident Sharing With The World

In order to attract Your Dream Clients, and change lives 

Branding Your Wellness Business Course

The step-by-step blueprint to creating your own unique visual brand
+ boost your professional appearance in as little as a weekend

Branding your wellness business course

Hi I'm Briena, creator of Wellness Stock Shop. 


As a business owner, I struggled for years to choose the "right" look for my brand. As a result, my pieced-together appearance actually REPELLED my prospects!


As a result, I was constantly price-slashing, desperate for sales, and struggled to grow my following or book clients who valued my expertise.


After designing my own beautiful, cohesive brand, everything changed. I felt confident showing up in my business, I grew 10,000 Instagram followers, received collaboration and guest expert invitations, and now enjoy an authentic connection with dedicated customers, worldwide. 

Designing a beautiful, professional visual brand look was essential to my success.


This is what I want for you! That's why I'm sharing the exact formula I used to design my own branding in this easy-to-follow quick start video workshop. I hope to see you inside!

Branding your Wellness Business
is Not Your Typical Branding Course

It's A Blueprint For Non-Techy Biz Owners With No Design Skill To Find Total Clarity Around the Perfect Unique Look For Your Business


Yes, you'll learn the step-by-step process to choosing all your brand elements, but more importantly, you'll have an easy implementation plan to keep you on track + cohesive with every design or post - plus - access to amazing resources to help you build a professional, recognizable brand across all platforms.


The result: You'll create a uniquely-you look that deeply reflects your authentic brand personality and naturally attracts your ideal clients. 



branding your wellness business

Design Your Own Unique Brand

By tapping into just a few concepts, tricks + resources that I share in this course, you'll:


  • Find clarity - around your message, your vision, the look + feel of your business
  • Get crystal clear on the perfect fonts, colors and overall look to embody your brand essence
  • Save time by having a set style + easily stay cohesive across every platform
  • Feel confident to put yourself out there - share your website, invite people to follow you on Instagram, be seen
  • Shake off that nasty "imposter" syndrome (we've all experienced it) and finally feel professional + legit
  • Reflect the heart + soul of your business, relay your authenticity + connect with your ideal clients on an emotional level

Here's what you get:

  • My exact step-by-step blueprint outline to creating your own unique brand
  • On-demand, lifetime access to the full branding course to complete at your leisure 
  • 20+ quick, easy-to-follow videos that fit into your busy daily schedule (most are 10 minutes or less)
  • Fun creative exercises that provide an organic approach to discovering your unique look
  • Downloadable materials to support you in your branding process that you can keep and use anytime
  • My resource guide with top free or affordable tools and done-for-you materials to assure your brand turns out looking professional

Some Highlights You'll Love


You'll learn:

  • When's the best time to design your logo (in order to save big money + frustration)
  • How to design your own logo + watermark with transparent background (for free!) even if you're not super techy
  • The different types of logo layouts you need
  • The best place to have your logo designed on a budget
  • Which file types you need to get from your designer
How to design your own logo in Canva branding training
sample color palatte with pink and citruc fruits by Wellness Stock Shop


You'll learn:

  • Which messages do different colors send to your viewers
  • How many colors should you choose
  • Super fun, creative strategies to guide you step-by-step through choosing colors that reflect your brand personality + send the right messages to your viewers
  • How to find the web-specific code for any color you find online to apply to your own website + designs


You'll learn:

  • How many fonts you should choose to maintain a professional look
  • How to know which fonts look good together, reflect your brand personality + send the right message
  • How to find the name of any font you see on the web
  • The best + only place you should be getting your website fonts
How to choose the right font for your business
Branding Your Wellness Business Resource Guide


You'll find:

  • All the free/affordable tools I personally used to design my own brand
  • Free! professionally curated color sets that are ready-to-use
  • Free! professionally curated font sets that are ready-to-use
  • The best sites for free fonts
  • The best sites for quality stock photos
  • The best places to have your logo designed (on a budget)
  • And more...

The Course at a glance ...

Wellness Stock Photo by Sash Photography

1: The Foundation

 This essential step will help guide your entire branding process in order to find clarity around the best look to reflect your brand essence and assure you design a brand that attracts the right people.

vibrant pomelo, grapefruit and lemon citrus fruit on rustic wood healthy stock photo image from Wellness Stock Shop

2: Brand Mood

Next, you'll develop your brand mood. This fun creative process will help you stay cohesive to design a unique look that reflects your authentic personality + connects with your soul followers on an emotional level.

Protea floral healthy stock photo by Wellness Stock Shop

3: Design Elements

Finally, with your foundation + mood, you'll easily piece together all the visual elements that bring your brand to life. You can customize every detail (with my guidance) or find professionally-curated ready-to-use assets by tapping into my trade-secret resource guide to make your branding a breeze.

Bonus! Bonus! Bonus!

bonus resources for branding course

It gets better! I've included some juicy bonuses...


  1. The Wellness Business Branding Checklist - so that you never get lost on your journey to a compelling brand
  2. The Brand Clarity Exercise offers a creative approach to discovering the authentic look + feel of your business
  3. How To Design Your Logo In 5 Minutes Or Less (Canva Training) teaches you step-by-step how to quickly design your own logo with transparent background, using my favorite free design tool
  4. How To Create A Brand Board (Canva training) guides you through creating an industry-standard document to keep all your important brand elements in one spot to easily share with future designers + collaborators

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It’s time to stop spending time feeling frustrated with your website and online presence, and create a visual brand that effortlessly conveys your passion, expertise, and the essence of your business in order to attract the right customers who can benefit from what you offer.


All it takes is a few hours of your time and your commitment to providing an incredible experience for your clients from the moment they first find you online. You can do this!

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