5 Creative Ways to Use Instagram Carousels For Business

5 Creative Ways To Use Instagram Carousels For Business

Looking for smart ways to use Instagram carousels for business? Even with the rise of new features, like Reels, Instagram Carousels are still a wildly popular (and savvy) way to boost engagement and promote your business. Businesses, influencers, and educators alike enjoy using this feature that allows their audience to swipe to see a carousel of images.

Carousels allow you to fill multiple slides (you can include up to 10) with images, videos, and text content to help educate and entertain your audience. 

Having multiple slides means you can get super creative with sharing tips, processes, products and more.

Using strategically designed Instagram carousels like these that implement marketing techniques can boost your engagement, growth and sales.

Plus, as an added bonus - just one carousel post will get you extra reach. That's because each slide you include will be showcased in your followers' feeds at different viewing times. Which means? Just one post gives you multiple viewing possibilities. Woot!

Basically, this feature allows you to get more content (and value) in front of your viewers. What's not to love?

If you're focusing on growing your business on Instagram, it’s time to think about how you can use this powerful resource to showcase your offerings, engage your audience, and grow your following.

PRO TIP: Since Instagram displays the various slides from your carousel in your followers' feeds at different viewing times - take advantage and get savvy! For instance, if you have a statement to make, consider repeating the same statement with different colored backgrounds. Your statement will have more impact.

Carousel Statement Graphic

3 Things I Love About Instagram Carousels

There are countless benefits of using Instagram carousels for business. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • 1 Break up your infographics, instructions, or tips into bite-sized, quick-to-consume morsels (that become totally addictive to swipe through)
  • 2 Educate your audience about a new product, benefits, or habit creation, and other educational topics (that set you up as an authority and create DESIRE for your offerings!)
  • 3 Create multiple opportunities to reach your audience with just one Instagram post. Even if they don't swipe through, each image from your carousel will be shown in your follower's feed at different times - it almost feels like cheating!

Now you know how powerful it can be to use Instagram carousels for business. So let's get to some creative ideas to take advantage of this amazing feature to grow your business!

PRO TIP: If you're a Wellness Stock Shop member, you're in luck! I’ve created a Canva Template library filled with hundreds of stunning graphics (as well as stock photos) to make it quick and easy for you to share tips, promos, product highlights, and more using Instagram Carousels and beyond. These templates will make it easier for you to build your business on Instagram using the Instagram carousels feature.

1. Feature Your Freebie

Carousel graphics

One of my favorite ways to use carousels is to showcase my freebies to grow my email list! For the best results, you'll want to use the multiple slides to showcase all the delicious benefits and features of your freebie.

If your freebie is a digital download, like a workbook, there's nothing more powerful than including an irresistible mockup image.

Here are some slides to include in your "freebie feature" carousel to make it powerful:

  • Testimonials
  • Call-to-action
  • What's included
  • Benefits or results
  • Mockup image

Sharing testimonial screenshots and a strong call-to-action is an absolute MUST to get your followers scrambling to click your bio link to find your freebie.

Lucky for you, I've got the perfectly designed carousels with all the thoughtfully curated slides to showcase your freebies.

PRO TIP: Need help creating an irresistible lead magnet to get your Instagram followers to sign up to your email list? Get my best tips for how to design a lead magnet to grow your email list here.

Psst... Still need to design an irresistible freebie to grow your email list? I've got you covered! You'll find beautifully designed workbook templates (easily customizable with a FREE Canva account) inside the Wellness Stock Shop membership.

2. Product Showcase

Carousel graphics (1)

It's time for business owners to shed the fear of being "sale-sy" on Instagram.

The truth is, if you're using Instagram for business, the very reason you're there is to make sales! So, why not find marketing strategies that help you feel confident and authentic?

The key to confident, authentic selling on Instagram is to promote your products through sharing value.

And Instagram carousels is the perfect feature to help you offer immense value through your marketing.

That means, If you're a product maker (or an affiliate for products you love), you can use a carousel to showcase one or multiple products. 

I like to do this by choosing a "Tips" based carousel template, like the Wellness Stock Shop carousel template featured above.

Here are some examples of "Tips" based content you could create using this template:

  • 4 Tools To Support Your Meditation Practice
  • 4 Perfect Journals For Your Morning Ritual
  • 4 Calming Essential Oils For Sleep
  • 4 Supplements To Support Your Nervous System
  • 4 Crystals For Heightened Intuition

There are endless topics for this one carousel template.

(Note: you can find all carousel templates showcased in this post right here.)

Perhaps you can see how this is the perfect way to share valuable tips, and then support your followers further by suggesting your favorite product to supplement each tip.

That's the perfect example of value-based marketing. Voila!

PRO TIP: Be sure to include a strong call to action on the final slide to tell them where they can purchase your amazing products.

3. Usage Tips

Usage Tips for Instagram Carousel ideas

This one's super fun and especially amazing to boost engagement.

Choose a product or topic and inspire your followers with simple ways to use it.

This is perfect for encouraging your existing customers or clients to put your product to use. It's also a great way to organically create desire for your product.

Plus, it's an amazing way to share value, establish yourself as an expert, and get followers to like, comment, and save your post!

The featured Wellness Stock Shop template showcases essential oils, but you can apply this strategy to nearly any product.

4. Tease Your Program

How to use Instagram carousels to market your course, program or challenge

Carousels offer the perfect opportunity to show off what you love about your program, course, membership or challenge.

This is the perfect carousel to incorporate into your launch promo to give people the information they may be curious about when considering purchasing your offer.

Here's some content to consider including in your "program showcase" carousel to make it powerful:

  • Why you love it
  • What's included
  • Benefits or results
  • Mockup image
  • Testimonials
  • Bonuses
  • Call-to-action

PRO TIP: Feature a strong, concise leading headline on your first carousel slide to make it irresistibly swipe-able!

These Instagram carousel Canva templates designed for women business owners

Click here to get a closer look at our beautiful collection of Instagram carousel templates for business. They're 100% customizable in Canva and strategically designed to boost your engagement.

5. Share Recipes

Share recipes to engage your followers with Instagram carousels

Here's a little secret - people LOVE recipes. They give a quick win and when done right, you can seriously boost your saves and get followers coming back for more.

While sharing recipes is an easy way to create value and gain loyal followers as a health coach or wellness pro, this type of carousel isn't restricted to food.

You could share recipes for essential oil diffuser blends, non-toxic home cleaners, rituals, natural skin care products, bath blends, anything self care related and more.

You could even take a non-conventional approach to share a recipe for the perfect family vacation, email welcome sequence, or supportive relationship.

5. Show Off Testimonials + Case Studies

Use Instagram carousels to showcase testimonials

There's nothing that creates trust and intrigue for your offerings better than raving customer reviews! So share those sweet, valuable words from your fans with the world in a beautiful carousel.

This is also a fabulous way to get your audience to see the results others have experienced and what they can expect when they work with you or purchase your program or product.

Remember that sharing an image of the person along with their testimonial can be even more impactful for your viewers.

Here's what to include in a powerful testimonial carousel:

  • Screenshots of raves on Instagram

  • A photo of the person (when applicable - be sure to get permission)

  • A mockup image of the product they raved about

  • A call-to-action so followers know how they can access your amazing offer!

PRO TIP: When showcasing a before/after case study, be careful not to just share an image and assume people can spot the difference. Call it out in simple terms to make it absolutely clear what an amazing result your customer, client or student experienced from working with you.

There you have it. 5 creative ways to use Instagram Carousels for your business.

You'll find an entire collection of beautiful, strategically designed templates for Instagram carousels, posts, stories, reels covers and beyond inside the Wellness Stock Shop membership. These templates stand out from the rest.

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