How to blend your own snapshots with stock photos to create a beautiful Instagram feed

Tapping into stock photos to boost the overall quality of your feed - and to ease the time + pressure of having to produce all your own photos - is such a BOSS move!


But here's the thing -


Even if you're tapping into stock photos for your Instagram feed, it's important to sprinkle your own photos into your feed in order to maintain authenticity, connection and your own unique vibe.


BTW, here's the best place to find your Instagram stock photos.


Specifically, I suggest sprinkling in selfies and maybe even behind-the-scenes glimpses of what you do.


It's also a good idea, for instance if you're a health coach, to share a few photos of your own recipes.


If the mention of "selfies" and sharing your own photos prompts a mini heart seizure, just breathe, friend.


Naturally, I get a lot of people asking how to take - and edit - better looking snapshots to blend more seamlessly with Wellness Stock Shop photos.

PRO TIP: Be sure that all your own snapshots and stock photos are on-brand with your business look. Not only will this help to create a cohesive feed, it will create a recognizable brand.

So, I'm here to share some tips on how to blend your own snapshots with stock photos to create a beautifully balanced Instagram feed.


Specifically, I'm going to share:


  • The number one most essential ingredient to taking a good photo. (pssst... it's super simple, but no amount of editing will fix this if you get it wrong)
  • How to create a balanced Instagram feed so that your own snapshots fit beautifully with stock photos
  • My favorite photo filters to apply to give your photos a beautifully polished look

Here are 3 easy tips to step up the look of your own snapshots to help them blend even more beautifully with Wellness Stock Shop Photos:

1. Use Natural Lighting


Before we get to the editing bit, we need to have a heart-to-heart. No photo filter will fix ugly lighting.


This is the most essential thing you need to get right when taking your snapshots. If you use poor lighting, like indoor lamp light or on-camera flash, there is no way to fix your photo. It will simply look ugly.

Please raise your right hand and commit here + now to only ever use natural lighting for your photos.

Lighting for photography

PRO TIP: Natural window light creates a beautiful, soft look for your photos.

2. Apply A Filter

In order to blend your snapshots naturally in with stock photos, you'll want to match the finish of the stock photos you're using as closely as possible.

Pro photographers always apply a finished edit to their photos.

Because of this, it's important to always add a photo filter to give your snapshot a polished look.

You might be familiar with the filters already available inside the Instagram app.

However, I do not recommend using any filters inside the Instagram app. They're outdated and often give your photo a "muddy" look.

Instead, I recommend using an editing app such as A Color Story.

Even a light filter with the slightest adjustments to contrast and brightness can make a huge difference in the overall appearance of your photo.

my favorite filters for Instagram inside the A Color Story app

PRO TIP: If you're trying to blend your photos in with Wellness Stock Shop photos, you'll want to choose filters that are minimal with a natural feel.

3. Balance Your Feed

Finally, sprinkling personal shots evenly throughout your feed - rather than posting several in congestion - creates a balanced feed, keeps viewers' eyes moving + focused on the overall appearance of the feed, and maintains an overall higher quality perception.

Check out how @donnamariewellness has sprinkled in her own iPhone snapshots with stock photos by Wellness Stock Shop.
The snapshots wouldn't look super intriguing on their own, but blended into a feed full of high quality photos for Instagram, her overall gram is stunning!

Are you using Wellness Stock Shop photos?

Here's some good news that will save you a lot of time and worry...


Wellness Stock Shop photos maintain a strategically natural-looking finish which makes them:


  1. Perfect for instagram, because people want to see real, beautiful, story-telling imagery
  2. Super versatile - they look great with iPhone snapshots (i.e. selfies, food photos, product shots, etc)
  3. Easily blendable with just a light filter applied to your own personal photos

Here's a quick to show you how to weave quality stock photos into your feed to create a beautiful look that helps you stand out and attract more followers ...

That's it! It's super simple.

Love + Wellness, 

Briena XO


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