When it comes to Instagram this magazine-style social media platform is always better when you know your audience and are able to create a balanced theme.


With so many different Instagram grid layouts to choose from it's no wonder, more people are looking for ways to use their stock photos in a way that inspires maximum engagement.

Instagram is a popular place to share your health and wellness services, and grow your wellness brand.


Especially when it comes to inspiring others to live a healthier and happier life.


If you're wondering what type of Instagram grid layout will work best for your audience (and you!), then continue reading for 5 of the best Instagram grid layouts for maximum engagement.

5 Instagram Grid Layouts For Engagement

5 Instagram Grid Layouts for Maximum Engagement

1. Checkerboard

This Checkerboard Instagram Grid Layout works well with wellness quotes


Simply alternate between posting a similar style of photo every-other-post to create a "checkerboard". Get the photos I used in this grid HERE.

Using quotes, filters or colors to create this Instagram grid layout called "checkerboard" is a fun and super easy way to keep a magazine-style theme going that feels balanced, spacious, and inspires people to follow your feed.

This Instagram grid layout is a theme that will have every other photo similar in style.

Some people prefer to use a quote for every other photo in the checkerboard Instagram grid layouts, while others utilize a similar color or filter for every other Instagram photo post.

Alternating with quotes and photos is definitely the easiest, most time-efficient approach to designing a pleasant, cohesive-looking grid. Plus, it's easy to maintain.

Another way to approach this grid layout is to alternate between posting light, minimalistic photos and darker photos that feel more full.



Are you looking for the easiest grid solution?

If you're not a big planner or don't have time to invest in curating your feed, using the checkerboard layout with alternating quotes and photos is the easiest, most forgiving option.

As an added perk, if you're not great with visuals, this layout makes it easy to maintain an appealing aesthetic.

PRO TIP: Are you adding wellness quotes to your gram? Quotes make posting and caption topics a breeze! Plus, they're a great way to engage your audience. Check out some of my top health + wellness quotes HERE.

2. Rainbow

An example of how wellness professionals can use the Rainbow Instagram Grid Layout


The idea to the rainbow feed layout is to post 3 Instagram photos in a row that are the same color. Then alternate to the next color. For example, post three red-themed photos in a row. Then post three pink-themed photos in a row.

The rainbow grid layout is super fun, creative, and all about color. If you're dedicated to this design, and pull it off well, it can be a unique, eye-catching aesthetic.

The look can be created via photo filters or predominant image color.

The rainbow effect Instagram grid layout doesn't necessarily follow the rainbow colors in order.  It's all about designing your own unique rainbow - whatever that looks like to you.



Although fun and creative, this layout can require a lot of dedicated planning and time spent sourcing and collaging the perfectly colored photos.

Because of this, the rainbow Instagram grid layout is easier to manage if you plan out a weekly or monthly Instagram posting schedule.

Nevertheless, It can be super fun to pull together the rainbow Instagram grid layout and just remember - you don't have to stick to the same layout forever. So give it a try - you might love it!

PRO TIP: Having access to a large stock photo library to piece together your perfect color scheme ahead of time can be massively helpful for this layout. Don't forget you can use quotes with colored backgrounds like the hundreds of done-for-you quotes inside our Soulfully Social Instagram membership.

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3. Diagonal

An example of the Diagonal Instagram Grid Layout for wellness influencers using stock photos and quotes


To create the diagonal Instagram grid layout, just post a similar photo (i.e. a quote) every fourth post.

The diagonal Instagram grid layout will have similar photos running left to right, diagonally down across your grid.

You will maintain a diagonal background by continuously planning your Instagram photos based on color filters or backgrounds, wellness quotes, photo themes or other details that make sure your diagonal on your main Instagram feed resembles each other with every new Instagram photo posting.



The diagonal grid can be helpful if you have a tendency to feel overwhelmed with all the limitless posting topics and need more structure.

It requires you to get clear on 4 general themes and to post those consistently.

On the other hand, it can be a bit constrictive and challenging when you're consistently having to source photos and inspire new posting topics that suit those specific themes.

The key here is to stay pretty general and to not get too specific when choosing your grid themes.

For instance, instead of choosing a theme "lemon essential oil", try just "essential oils". Or rather than "watermelon on pink backgrounds" try "healthy foods on pink backgrounds".

Be sure to choose themes that can prompt endless topics and tips that keep both you and your followers engaged and inspired.

PRO TIP: CLICK HERE for tips on how to blend your own images with stock photos to create a beautiful Instagram feed (and save tons of time).

4. Row-by-Row

Row By Row Instagram Grid Layout is easy with Wellness Stock Shop photos


The row-by-row Instagram grid layout will work so that you post 3 similar photos in sequence.

The key is that these photos will have some relevance to each other.

With this grid layout, you'll be essentially telling a story or sharing information about your products or services or highlighting a particular theme or topic through a series of three photos.

I like this idea because you can share some juicy, consecutive tips for three days in a row. For instance, you could post three days highlighting a particular essential oil, like this:


Day 1: Introduce the oil (i.e. lemon) and share some benefits. You might share a simple flatlay photo with a lemon essential oil bottle.

Day 2: Share three ways you like to use lemon essential oil. Adding to your water for a liver cleanse, washing fruits + veggies, and cleaning off sticker goo. You might share a photo that correlates with one of these things.

Day 3: Share an essential oil diffuser recipe with lemon. You might share a photos of a diffuser.



This grid works great for wellness professionals who like to highlight products, foods or ingredients while sharing benefits and tips for using them.

To pull this theme off, keep in mind you do need somewhat of a keen eye for aesthetics, as posting multiple images of the same subject in sequence requires some creativity, collaging and balancing.

You want to be sure not to sequence or stack very similarly shot photos.

PRO TIP: To maintain a balanced feed when posting three photos in a row containing the same subject, be sure to get creative with the photo style and composition you choose. For instance, switch up between close-ups, flatlays, and lifestyle shots. 

5. Vertical Line

Use beautiful stock photos and done-for-you quotes to create the Vertical Line Instagram Grid Layout

HOW TO GET THE LOOK: Post a specific type of image - based on color, subject or quote - every 3rd photo.

The last Instagram grid layout is referred to as the vertical line. This grid layout isn't my favorite option, but I wanted to make sure that I share all the most popular options. Some people love this layout. You might too!

Essentially, you can think of this look as creating a "middle line" down the center of your feed.

Most popularly, grammers opt to designate the middle line of this layout for quotes, but you can also use a particular color or filter.

For instance, you might apply your branding color as a filter overlay. Or perhaps a black filter, which would make all the photos in your vertical line dark.

Personally, I prefer a balanced feed and don't like stacking similar photos or quotes.



This grid might work well for you if you like a structured look.

The engagement idea with this layout is to entice your audience to scroll further down in your Instagram feed. For instance, if you choose quotes as your center line, you'll hope to entice your viewers to binge-read all the way down and stick around a while.

Pro Tip: If you choose to fill your middle vertical line with quotes, be sure to vary your fonts and negative space. Otherwise you might risk having a big wall of text, which traditionally causes viewers feel overwhelmed and bounce away from your feed. Get hundreds of done-for-you health and wellness quotes HERE.

6. Organic

Balance your feed with wellness quotes and beautiful stock photos to create this Organic Instagram Grid Layout look

HOW TO GET THE LOOK: Post a specific type of image - based on color, subject or quote - every 5th photo.

I know, I know -  I promised five grid layouts for you to choose from, but - BONUS!


I wanted to share my personal favorite. I call it the Wellness Stock Shop "Organic" layout. Yes, I've coined my own Instagram grid layout - how savvy, I know. 😉


While this isn't really an "official" Instagram grid layout - at least not according to social popularity - it is by far my favorite way to post.


Using wellness styled stock photos and quotes like these ones, I casually follow the 4 photos between rule and sprinkle quotes throughout my feed, making sure to never stack similar photos or quotes on top of each other.

PRO TIP: Choosing a grid layout is a great start, but it doesn't guarantee a beautiful gram. Check out these 5 steps to designing a beautiful Instagram feed.

Whether you opt to go with one of the 5 Instagram grid layouts shared above or a WSS “Organic” style Instagram posting schedule, the key is to remain consistent and keep your feed as balanced and aesthetically pleasing as possible.


Once you've determined which Instagram grid layout option is your favorite, it's time to gather all the scroll-stopping photos to bring your vision to life.


Get all the healthy food, natural skin care, essential oil and self care photos that I used in all these sample grids, along with hundreds of done-for-you quotes to easily create any of these beautiful Instagram feed looks RIGHT HERE.


Stock photos are an amazing tool to help ease the time and pressure of creating and curating Instagram worthy photos on a regular basis.
Love + Wellness, 

Briena XO


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