step by step tutorial on how to easily add text overlay to your pictures

How to add Professional - Looking Text to any picture

As a business owner (wearing multiple hats), one of your jobs is probably to design your marketing visuals. And what's more necessary than adding text overlay to your pictures?


Whether you're creating a visual for Facebook, Instagram, your blog, website or newsletter, you'll want to have the skills to add text to images.


Sounds simple, but there's more to it than simply adding text ... you need to be consistent with representing your branding (using your branded font and colors), and you also need to make sure your design looks professional and readable.


what you'll learn

In this starter tutorial video, I'll show you how I use the free and user-friendly design tool, Canva, to easily add text overlay, and give you some tricks and tips on how to make sure your text matches your branding and is easy to read (i.e. doesn't fade into the background).

Learn how to add your branded text to any picture.


And adjust the color/transparency in order to make the text more readable.


helpful resources

Before we begin, you might want to check out these helpful resources to follow along ...

  1. - Head to Canva and sign up for a free account if you haven't already. This is an awesome, user-friendly resource that will dish out incredible value for your branding and marketing needs.
  2. - Grab a sampling of beautiful, soulful photos - Free. Head to the Wellness Stock Shop home page and sign up to receive free photos - you can download them instantly and select one of the beautiful wellness photos to test out the skills you'll learn in the tutorial video.
  3. - Head to the photo shop to find beautiful wellness images that suit your needs and your brand. There are over 2,000 gorgeous photos to choose from ala-cart - and WSS memberships provide incredible value for all your branding and marketing needs.

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