15 Black Friday Marketing Ideas for Your Health or Wellness Business

15 Black Friday Marketing Ideas For Your Business

The biggest shopping day of the year is quickly approaching.

And whether or not you offer products or services online, Black Friday is an exciting opportunity to get your followers energized with special offers, while finishing the year strong with a delicious boost to your bottom line.

Don’t be fooled, Black Friday isn’t just for big retailers.

Personally, this has been my highest grossing time of the year since opening my business in 2016.

I want you to have the same success, so I've gathered these 15 brilliant Black Friday marketing ideas to get your inspiration flowing.

"Don't be fooled, Black Friday isn't just for big retailers."

This is the perfect opportunity to give fans that extra (time-sensitive) incentive to take action and enroll into your program, book a session, or purchase your products.

But, Black Friday isn’t just about a one-day sale.

Did you know that offering something special for Black Friday can have lasting effects?

Connecting with your community in this way can keep your people inspired and engaged and prep them to purchase your future offerings (even if they don’t snag your Black Friday special.)

In order to make Black Friday a success, you need two things:

  1. An irresistible offer
  2. A successful marketing plan

Coming up with savvy ideas to grab peoples’ attention (and offer something irresistible) can be challenging.

These 15 Black Friday marketing ideas are designed to fill you with creative inspiration for your promo and offerings, and drive more traffic and sales to your business.

1. Black Friday Discounts?

Black Friday is popular for people looking for a good deal, but don’t get stuck thinking this has to be a discount of your product or service. If you only offer a discount occasionally, this can be okay.

However, offering discounts can train your audience to wait to purchase from you until your product or service goes on sale.

Remember, there are other ways to offer a good deal on Black Friday, other than discounting your product or service. Consider adding more value to your best seller or creating an exclusive product/service they can only purchase during your promo.

2. Get The Word Out

Be sure to announce your special deals across all platforms – email, Instagram, Facebook and beyond. Selling to a “warm” audience with people who already know like and trust you is much easier than trying to sell to someone who is discovering you for the first time.

Prepare your followers by letting them know early that you’ll be offering something special. Give sneak peeks and seed your offer to build excitement so people are ready to buy as soon as you release your special deal.

PRO TIP: Having a posting plan mapped out ahead of time, along with pre-designed social graphics will help help keep your marketing on track and running smoothly.

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3. Create A Challenge Or Event

Inviting your audience to join you for a special event leading up to Black Friday is a beautiful way to create connection, give people a taste of what you offer, and get people excited to buy your product or service. Engage them with a special challenge or mini event.

A Few Challenge/Event Examples:

  • Offer a wellness challenge: a health coach could offer a 7 day detox or healthy eating challenge.
  • A mindfulness teacher could offer a 7-day breath work or meditation challenge.
  • An essential oils educator could offer a seasonal or holiday diffuser blends workshop.

Pro-Tip: Give your event a specific theme based on season or result.

4. Bundle Up

Bundling up your services or products, then offering a significant discount when people purchase the whole offer gets people excited. Especially when you create a theme for the bundle. Try theming your product bundle based on the season, what your people want to achieve or how they want to feel.

5. Create Eye-Catching Graphics

You want to clearly communicate that you’re having a sale. Captivating graphics for your social posts and emails will help capture attention. Consider updating your Facebook cover image and seeding social posts and email graphics leading up to Black Friday that let people know you’ll be offering something special.

PRO TIP: Eye-Catching visuals are a must for your marketing campaign. Find beautiful photos for your graphics HERE.

6. Create A Pre-Black Friday Offer To Beat The Rush

Send out an early deal to your newsletter subscribers. You can either offer something different on Black Friday, or you can offer the same deal, but incentivize early purchasers with something a little extra.

PRO TIP: Your early deal could be positioned as an entree product or service that gives them a taste for your main offer and naturally positions them up to upgrade to your Black Friday offer.

7. Gift Cards

Remember, people are shopping for holiday gifts on Black Friday as well. Consider promoting gift cards for some of your popular products that would make great holiday gifts. You could even offer a special deal for your gift cards, for instance, a special $20 gift card bonus with a purchase of $100 or more.

8. Close Out Old Offerings

If you’re planning to discontinue any products or offerings, this is a great opportunity to clear them out.

Here are some tips to make this a success…
  • Let people know this is their last opportunity to tap into these offerings

  • Highlight the limited quantity (if you’re in short supply)

  • Consider offering closeout products as a freebie with special purchase (to the first X number of purchasers, if you have a limited quantity).

9. Create A Gift Guide

Creating a gift guide and releasing it to your email list and social followers before Black Friday (as early as October is best) is a great way to get them thinking about purchasing your offerings for their friends and loved ones. In my opinion this is one of the funnest Black Friday promotion ideas for product-based businesses.

Tips for your gift guide...
  • You can include all of your best “gift” products with suggestions of who to purchase them for. For instance, “gifts for dad”, “gifts for her”.
  • Include some of your favorite supplemental products (if you have affiliate codes, i.e. Amazon, this is a great opportunity to use them).
  • Consider theming your gift guide, if you share a similar stand-out value with your followers. For instance, if you make non-toxic skin products, your gift guide theme could be “Go Green (Beauty) Gift Guide”.
  • You can tease your Black Friday deals and special seasonal offerings in your guide. For instance, if you have an exclusive Black Friday gift bundle, be sure to seed your offering in a stand-out feature and let them know to mark their calendars.

PRO TIP: A beautifully designed gift guide will get more attention and encourage more sales. Tapping into pre-designed "workbook" templates that you can easily customize in Canva will help you quickly design a beautifully polished gift guide.

10. Create A Done-For-You Gift Collection

As mentioned earlier, people aren’t only shopping for themselves on Black Friday. They’re also looking for holiday gifts for their friends and loved ones. This is one of my personal favorite Black Friday deal ideas: make their holiday shopping easy by creating a special gift package. This could include a mini sampling of your offerings, a themed package, or a partner offer. I love finding a good gift collection that takes the mental stress out of my gifting.

Here are a few ideas:

  • A soap maker could create a beautifully packaged self care bundle with samplings of top-selling soaps, bath salts, a natural loofah, and a beautiful gift tag.
  • A massage therapist could offer a modified massage experience that includes a complimentary wellness elixir and pre-massage herbal foot soak.
  • A crystals teacher could offer a beautifully packaged, themed ritual bundle to help clear stagnant energy and bring in the best energy for the new year.
  • A coach could offer a series of mini sessions to expand into your power in the new year.

PRO TIP: Be sure to feature your done-for-you gift offerings in your gift guide!

11. Team Up

Consider teaming up with other health or wellness businesses that compliment your services and products. You can market each others' products during Black Friday to cross-engage with each others' audiences to boost sales and customers.

You could also create a bundle offering, including products or services from each business for an ultimate experience.

12. Create Scarcity

Creating scarcity or time sensitivity helps people to take action before getting distracted by all the other sales. Clarify a solid deadline for your sale (don’t forget to include your time zone) and/or highlight a limited quantity to prompt people to act fast.

PRO TIP: Adding a countdown timer to your emails and website can be really effective in getting people to take action.

13. Remind People (Many times)

Your people are busy, and they are flooded with posts and emails every day. They may be excited about your offer, but they need helpful reminders from you about the date of your sale, what you’re offering, how to purchase, and when the offer expires. Be sure to make things easy for them by posting multiple reminders leading up to and on the day of your sale.

14. Host A Virtual Party

Use Zoom, Facebook Live or Instagram Live to host a virtual party. Invite many people to attend (you could co-host this with other business owners to increase your audience reach), then have attendees report in using a Google Forms for a chance to “win” a special prize at the end of the virtual event.

Create a fun party theme with valuable content that will get people excited to join in.

For instance, you could focus on therapy, tips, how-to’s or just a Q&A with your followers.

You can have a lot of fun planning this and treat it like an in-person party by giving away door-prizes and party favors. This is a great way to build connection and get your followers excited about your offerings.

Then feature special products and offerings that people can purchase while attending the event. You could even host this as an auction.

15. Don't Just Make One Announcement, Then Disappear

This is such a common thing to do, especially if you're just starting out. Black Friday is a great example of why you should maintain a nurtured email list and social following.

Many businesses are sending emails and posting to social media all year, creating a connection with their audience to prepare for this very day. It’s important to show up confidently and on purpose.

Remember that most people won’t see your first social post or open your email.

Sending a series of emails warming up your audience leading up to Black Friday, then several emails on the day of your sale can create excitement.

Let them know what’s being offered, alert them to any limited-time deals or time-sensitive details, and remind them when doors are about to close.

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Simple Social Planning Kit Showcase (1080 × 1350 px)

Get Your Free Simple Social Planning Kit

→ Posting calendar + guide, plus gorgeous templates (post, quote, carousel, story and reel bundle) to customize for your Instagram and beyond.

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