3 Easy Tweaks to Transform Your Instagram Account into a Brilliant Marketing Tool

Instagram marketing tool tips for wellness entrepreneurs and small business owners

How do you know if your Instagram account is a business tool or a personal endeavor?

Ask yourself this: Are you attracting paying clients?

If your answer is "no", I have news for you. Regardless of your intentions ... you're sinking your social media efforts into a time-gussling hobby.

That's okay if you're a teenager who receives instant gratification from counting how many likes you get from your fish-lip selfie posts. 

But you're not.

You're reading this, which means you're an entrepreneur trying to launch your business into success. Am I right?

If you're not actively attracting clients, let me ask you this - what's the point of your Instagram efforts?


As an entrepreneur, these should be your top goals on Instagram:

  • To get in front of & engage with your target audience
  • To strengthen your brand presence
  • To attract your dream clients
  • To make sales


Unless you're achieving these things, Instagram is just a distraction - taking valuable time away from important tasks that do bring in clients. 

Instagram is - scratch that - CAN BE a brilliant marketing tool.

And like any other marketing tool, it takes diving in, understanding, learning and aligning yourself with the ins-and-outs of how to make it work for your business.


Understanding how to use Instagram as a marketing tool is a learning process, just like anything else. It's not as simple as opening an account, sporadically posting snapshots of your food and hoping people will discover you, know how you can transform their life and hire you on the spot.


It takes using Instagram strategically rather than blindly in order to make it a successful force for your business.


Now that you understand the importance of using Instagram as a tool ... let's dive in and cover three easy tweaks you can apply today to start driving prospective clients to your business.

Three easy tweaks to transform your Instagram account into a brilliant marketing tool ...

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1. Claim your bio

I see too many entrepreneurs treating their bio like it's a worthless piece of space.

Your bio is prime real-estate! It's like your store-front. It's your chance to connect with your viewers and tell them what you're about, relay your message, and help them understand why they want to follow you.

Use it wisely and make your statement strong!

Don't be vague - don't be boring - don't post just your name -  and don't leave it blank!


Here's four things to keep in mind when creating a luring bio:


1. Don't leave people guessing. They don't know who you are or what you do.

Don't make assumptions people will land on your account and understand exactly what you're about. You have to tell them and you have to show them.

The last thing you want to do is give the impression that you yourself don't even know what you're about - or that you're too cool for school to bother telling them.

Leaving your bio blank or vague gives the impression that you're an anti-social hermit, that you're not serious about your business, and that you don't actually want people to follow you.


2. Be precise and luring.

Your bio doesn't allow much space, so use concise, colorful, descriptive words to relay your message and intrigue your viewers.



3. Speak directly to your ideal target client and reveal your niche.

It's not enough to say, "I'm a health coach in southern California".


You only get one chance to lure them in and convince them to connect. Stand out from the sea of others in your industry. Give them a juicy reason to follow you!


4. Make it about them.

Make your bio about your audience. Reveal what you can do for them and how you're going to improve their life. TELL THEM why they want to follow you.

Again, reveal your ideal target client and your niche.

For example:

"Easy healthy snack and recipe inspiration for busy moms on-the-go"


2. Link up

Are you using the one and only hyperlink you're allowed for your Instagram account? Be sure you're taking advantage of that.

Remember - your goal is to connect with your target audience, provide them value and gain them as a paying client.

Getting them back to your website where they can find more helpful information, learn more about you and learn how to work with you is exactly what you're aiming for.

Make it easy for them.

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3. call to action

Ultimately, you want your audience to click on your link and go back to your site. Make sure you have a really good reason for them to do that - and then direct them there.

People love to know what you have to offer them and how they can take advantage of it.

Tell them!

Spell it out for them. Tell them exactly where to go and what to do next.


Here are two places to have a call to action:


1. Your Bio

Add a call to action to tell people to click on your link, and what they'll find when they get there.


2. Your Post

Include a call to action in every single post.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Ask them to follow you. Many viewers clicked on your image from a hashtag search and haven't actually looked at your bio. Tell them to follow you for future inspiration
  • Ask them to comment below. Engaging your audience is important for building relationship and loyalty. Create suggestive content that gets your audience commenting with their thoughts, struggles and opinions. Ask them to give suggestions, tell you their favorite, or talk about their thoughts and struggles on your topic.
  • Tell them to click the link in your bio to access your new blog or juicy freebie giveaway - free eBook, challenge, etc.
  • Tell them to click the link in your bio to book a free discovery call with you.
  • Tell them what to do to access your limited-time promo deal.


Advanced Tip: Don't overwhelm your audience with promo deals and sales pitches. Your feed and posts should consist of at least 80% valuable, inspirational content, and 20% or less of promos or "advertisements".

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Now I want to hear from you ... what's you're biggest Instagram frustration? Let me know in the comments below!


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