Top 40 Healthy Quotes for Instagram

Get inspired by these 40 healthy and spiritual quotes to engage your Instagram followers

Instagram quotes are super awesome for growing your brand. When done right, they can capture the attention of your dream clients, encourage engagement and even go viral.

This is a great opportunity to spread your brand far and wide to new audiences (especially when you add your watermark).

That's why social quotes are so valuable for your business. Here's the best place to get engagement-boosting social graphics.

Here, I've gathered 40 healthy quotes for Instagram to inspire your posts!

Plus, I'll share some tips for how to design viral quote graphics, and the best place to find done-for-you social content.

Ready? Let's go!

Top 40 Healthy Quotes For Instagram:

Why Quotes Should Be Part Of Your Instagram Content Plan

As I mentioned earlier, quotes have the potential to go viral and boost your engagement.

But it's important to remember that "engagement" doesn't just mean "likes" and "comments".

What's so great about social quotes is that many people save them for later or share them straight from your feed by tapping that little paper airplane icon.

All forms of engagement are great for boosting your gram, so this is why quotes should definitely be a part of your strategy.

As an extra bonus, quotes can help bring personality to your brand and increase the emotional connection from your viewers by showcasing your values.

For instance, if one of your brand values is humor, you can add some funny quotes.

Take some time to think right now about what your brand values are and how you might be able to weave that into your Instagram feed via quotes.

How To Design Viral Quotes

Anatomy of a sharable photo quote for health coaches and wellness bloggers

Tips For Designing Viral Quote Images For Instagram:

  • 1 A beautiful, quality image that's on-brand and instatly attracts attention
  • 2 A relatable word or quote that evokes emotion (this could be funny, interesting, thought provoking, heart-warming, etc)
  • 3 A readable font/design (large enough to ead on a small Instagram square on a phone, where it's most likely to be viewed)
  • 4 Typically, text should be minimal and readable within a glance
  • 5 Your logo, social media handle (@yourname) or website URL should be added so that when shared, more eyes see your brand
Photo Quotes For Health Coaches

8,000+ Natural-vibe photos and social graphics to grow your business

GALLERY Photo Banner

The Best Place To Find Done-For You Healthy Quotes

But let's be honest - designing bunches of quotes and social posts takes a long time. And as an entrepreneur, you've already got a lot on your plate with a growing to-do list.

This means tasks like designing social content can take a back seat and before you know it - you're scraping for something quick to post, or not posting at all.

The trick to keeping up with content creation as a business owner is to tap into a source of ready-made content that's ready to post when you need it. And if you've been searching with no luck, I'm here to help, friend.

So, where can you find beautiful, eye-catching photo quotes that actually work to capture attention, inspire and get shared? Here's the best resource for healthy quote images, graphics, stock photos and social content for your business.

Let Food Be Thy Medicine Health Coach Photo Quote
Healthy Is Beautiful Photo Quote for health and wellness bloggers and Instagram

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