How To Use Your Business As A Force For Change

How To UseYour Business For A Force Of Change

I know you love giving back.

Right? We're pretty much twins. ;)

The cool thing about owning a purpose-driven business is that we have the choice and opportunity to band together to make BIG change.

So, I thought I'd introduce you to an organization I'm completely in love with and am supporting this month, and show you how I'm using my business as a force for change.

I hope it inspires you to do something similar with your business, no matter which mission or cause drives your heart ... and I invite you to join in with mine this month too!


Choosing your cause


First, when choosing your cause, I encourage you to keep these things in mind:

  1. What issues are closest to your heart, give you purpose, and keep you motivated to build a stronger business so that you can give back even more?
  2. Which causes fit your brand and align with your message and business offerings?
  3. Which causes will your audience connect with and care about?
  4. In which ways can you sustainably give? This could be monetary donations, a portion of your sales, time, expertise, product or services. And can you give long term or short term?


How I'm taking small steps to give back with my biz


Just FYI, I'm already a member of 1% For The Planet and commit a portion from every photo purchase to support environmental causes, such as the Non-GMO Project.

Because environmental causes are close to my heart, this is the main mission I'm dedicated to supporting.

This month, I've also decided to support a time-sensitive campaign via an incredible women-led organization in Mozambique.

It's called Kurandza (meaning: To Love) and was started by two brilliant ladies with a mission to empower women and girls to be leaders in their communities.

One way they do this is by sending girls in Mozambique to school.

Yay to education, leadership and a brighter future! But what's more... education for a girl in Mozambique could mean her escape from child marriage.

Marie Forleo's B-School student and non-profit Kurandza founder Elisabetta Maria

I met Kurandza co-founder, Elisabetta, in Marie Forleo's B-School last year. We instantly connected based on our desire to use our businesses as a force for massive change. (I've been a Kurandza groupie ever since.)


Pssst... The B-School community is FULL of amazing change-making women (and men) with big vision. If you're interested in learning more, doors open to B-School in February each year. Share your info below to be first to know when doors open again. You'll also get first dibs on my special B-School bonuses.

Want to know when B-School doors open?
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I'll keep you updated.



  1. They make it SO EASY to make a difference.
  2. You can see where your money is going, they break it down to the very pencil... $20 will send a girl to school for a FULL MONTH! How amazing is that?!
  3. This org is women-led with HEART + SOUL, plus all the fun pics + updates from the girls = pure joy

This month, Kurandza launched their #IStandForGirls campaign hoping to raise sponsorships to send 200 girls to school.

So far, they've raised sponsorships for just 71 girls, so I decided to use Wellness Stock Shop as a force to help them reach their goal.

Below is a list of opportunities I presented to my email list community to take part in helping Kurandza meet their goal.

I hope it inspires you with how you can use your own business for a force of change.

And if you want to help Kurandza send 200 girls to school? Join in!

I stand for girls campaign art with olive branch



  1. Post one of these photos to Instagram or Facebook to help spread awareness about this amazing campaign
  2. In your post, share why you support this cause
  3. Use these tags in your post:
Right Click + Save the photos below to post and spread awareness:
Kurandza i stand for girls campaign photo by Wellness Stock Shop
I stand for girls Kurandza campaign sign
I stand for girls sign with olive leaves

PHOTO DISCLAIMER: Wellness Stock Shop holds copyright and/or exclusive rights to all images in this post. These three are the only images offered for download and are to be used for Kurandza campaigns only. When sharing an #istandforgirls image, please tag and mention Kurandza and Wellness Stock Shop. Please do not use or replicate images for other posts or campaigns.


Now through the end of the month, you can feel extra fuzzy knowing that a portion of every dollar you spend in the Wellness Stock Shop photo store will be given back to sponsor a girl in Mozambique.

Use special code ISTANDFORGIRLS to receive 10% off your photo purchase through (9/30) and I'll donate a portion of every purchase to Kurandza.


Go to to learn how your $20 donation can send a girl to school.
Kurandza Girls And School Small 2

Photo courtesy of

By the way, even Marie Forleo gave Kurandza some social media love last year. Yep, that's how amazing they are...

Marie Forleo Instagram

Now I want to hear from you!

Leave a comment below... tell me which causes are close to your heart and how do you use your business to give back?

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