If you've been searching for imagery to really reflect the wholesome qualities of your meditation practice - imagery with accuracy (because not all meditation comes in the form of the yoga mudra), you'll be happy to discover the new meditation gallery inside Wellness Stock Shop.

Meditation Stock Photos for your mindfulness business

I've been hearing from meditation and mindfulness teachers who have struggled to find accurate photos reflecting secular meditation with palms resting on knees.

I recently teamed up with Portland, Oregon meditation teacher, Shelby Leigh of Confluence Counseling to create an entire gallery full of beautiful and unique meditation stock photos to elevate your business, and I'm so excited to share them with you!

meditation sound therapy stock photo
secular meditation stock photo

One thing I love about this collection is the variety in what we captured. You're probably familiar with trendy meditation photos which often feature hands in yoga mudra position, and you'll find plenty of those inside the mix. But you'll also find plenty of secular poses too, along with sound therapy bowls and bells, meditation cushions, malas and group therapy.


Inside the Wellness Stock Shop photo library, you'll find:


  • Mindfulness
  • Malas
  • Chimes
  • Tingsha Bells
  • Buddhist Meditation
  • Tibetan Meditation
  • Chair Meditation
  • Hands Resting on Knees
  • Meditation Cushions
yoga mudras with stripes stock photo for yoga and meditation
Buddha Meditation stock photo
meditation cushion circle stock photo
prayer meditation photo stock image for branding

Social Media Content

I've also carefully curated a variety of ready-to-post meditation photos for Instagram and Facebook. You'll find several collections featuring mindfulness and meditation imagery in our Postables library. Choose from blank or pre-designed quotes.

Calm Is A Super Power Meditation Meme
Be Here Now Meditation Meme

Here's a Glimpse At Just A Few Of The Photos Inside The Mindfulness Meditation Stock Photo Gallery

Wellness Stock Shop members get full access to all the beautiful, unique photos inside the meditation gallery, in addition to the entire stock photo library of over 4,000 wellness photos. They also get access to all social media "Postables" collections.

beautiful meditation hand with male stock photo for mindfulness
beautiful caucasian woman's hand with glass bead mala in meditation pose stock photo mindfulness image


If you're ready to access beautiful meditation stock photos that bring your brand to life, click the button below to get details on what exactly is included in a Wellness Stock Shop membership.

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