Crystal Stock Photos For Your Brand

As spiritual boss babes are on the rise, I've been getting more and more requests for crystal imagery. And as a life-long lover of all things nature, crystals and stones I'm much obliged to accept the mission. In fact, I take the mission very seriously.

Last month I took a southwest road trip through New Mexico to scout out some lovely crystals and gemstones for a new crystal photo imagery, and I'm excited to present you spiritual business owners with my newest crystal stock photo collection.

Crystal Stock Photos for your spiritual wellness business

I love the variety of this new collection. You'll find desk scenes and a variety of story-telling props, including tarot cards (featuring the Lioness Oracle Tarot) as well as hand crafted smudge sticks which offer a more spiritual twist. I've also included some essential oils for you EO lovers, home scenes, and jade eggs for sexual health.

quartz crystal stock photo with essential oils
crystal stock photos for your brand with amethyst, turquoise and peridot
styled desk scene with crystals stock photo for spiritual entrepreneurs
crystal and tarot stock photo featuring Lioness Oracle Tarot
crystal and essential oil stock photo with diffuser
amethyst crystal, orchid and air plant in home stock photo
amethyst and quartz crystal minimalist stock photo for your brand

Wellness Stock Shop members have access to all images inside the crystal photo collection, as well as over 4,000 additional photos inside the WSS photo library.

Here's a glimpse at what's inside the crystals photo gallery...

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