Get your brand done, right now

Everything you need to create a consistent look on your website
and beyond - professionally curated at a fraction of the cost

Ready for a professionally polished look? We've bundled everything you need - expertly curated colors, fonts and photos - to give your business an instant designer vibe.

Each Branding Kit Includes:

20 Designer-Curated Photos

Our designer has custom-selected 20 cohesive Wellness Stock Shop photos for each brand look. These photos have been discontinued from the WSS photo store and are now accessible only via each branding kit in order to maintain a more exclusive look for your brand.

Each kit includes:

  • Fifteen horizontal layout photos
  • Five vertical layout photos
  • High resolution jpg image files - 2048 px (short edge), 300 dpi
Mood-Evoking Color Palette

Beautifully paired colors (with web-friendly codes) that set the mood for your brand and connect with your audience

Professionally Paired Fonts

Choose from 8 of our designer's favorite (web-friendly, free-to-use) font pairings.

Choosing from a selection of font pairings helps to keep your business differentiated and finalizes your brand with the best look to relay your unique message.

Mood Words

These power-packed words embody the essence of your brand aesthetic and will help keep you on-track + cohesive  with your visuals for years to come.

Brand Board

An industry-standard, customizable Canva template that allows you to keep all your branding elements in one, easily-accessible spot to share with future designers + collaborators - making life just that much easier. *exhale*

Guidance Videos

Mini training videos guide you through how to apply your mood words, choose + download your free fonts, add your branding fonts to Canva, and how to customize your Brand Board.

PLUS! We've included bonus videos to help you with your logo:

  • BONUS! Training Video #1: How To Design Your Logo In 5 Minutes Or Less (Canva training)
  • BONUS! Training Video #2: The Best Place To Get Your Logo Designed On A Budget (and what to ask for from your designer)


What do I get when I purchase a branding kit?

Each kit includes:

  • A set of mood words to set the tone of your brand and to help you stay on-brand with future photo and design elements
  • A beautiful color palette with color codes
  • 8 unique, professionally paired font sets to choose from in order to finalize your look (Stick with the fonts we've chosen to display, or customize your look with one of the additional font pairings delivered along with your kit)
  • All fonts are free to download from the most popular, trusted online font source in order to work best on your website. Most fonts are already available inside Canva. 
  • 20 stunning on-brand photos, custom-selected by our designer to beautify your website, promo materials, social media and more.
  • All photos are high-resolution (2048px long edge, 300 dpi)
  • Each photo comes with creative freedom licensing. Crop it, filter it, add your logo if you'd like, you have creative freedom after purchasing!
  • The photos in each brand kit have been discontinued from the WSS Photo Store and are now available only inside the branding kit to make your brand more exclusive.
  • Watermark is not on the final files.
  • Quick tutorial videos to show you how to give your brand the perfect finish, how to download your branding fonts, how to add fonts to Canva, how to apply your mood words to stay on-brand and cohesive, how to use your brand board, and more.
  • BONUS: "How To Design Your Logo In 5 Minutes Or Less" step-by-step Canva training video
  • BONUS: "The Best Place To Have A Logo Designed On A Budget" training video. I show you the best place to have your logo designed, and what to be sure to get from your logo designer.Watermark is not on the final files.
Do I get a logo with my branding kit?

Because your logo needs to be customized, we cannot include logos in these kits.

This let's you assure your brand is unique and differentiated.

And to best support you with this, you'll receive two bonus "logo" training videos, covering:

  • How to design your own logo in Canva
  • The best place to have your logo designed on a budget (and which files to ask for from your designer)

You can get your logo done for as little as $30 USD!

Are the watermarks on the photos I download?

No. All WSS photos you purchase come watermark-free. So you get to add your own watermark, logo, fonts, etc and brand them to your business.

How can I use the photos in my branding kit?

These photos come with the same convenient usage terms as all Wellness Stock Shop Photos.

Once you purchase them, they're yours to get creative with! Feel free to crop, overlay color and text or even add your logo.

Here are a few ideas for how you can use them:

  • Website
  • Instagram
  • Facebook Ads
  • eBooks
  • Event announcements
  • Presentations
  • Webinars
  • Promo Videos
  • Wellness Programs
  • Pinterest
  • Blog Posts
  • Small Printed Marketing Materials
  • Event Invites
  • Informational Flyers
  • Online Quizes

It is not allowed to sell, gift, share, or use these photos on products for resale. 

Please contact us at if you have any questions or confusions.

Are the photos I receive exclusive to my branding kit?


While you may find similar photos available inside the photo store, the particular photos curated in these branding kits are available exclusively inside each kit.

This helps to maintain a more exclusive feel for your brand.

Photo plans offer incredible value and flexibility, and are a great addition. However, they do not include access to specialty offerings such as branding kits.

What if I need more photos?

We've delivered plenty of photos to cover your website. But we know there's an endless need for more when creating blog posts, posting to Instagram and beyond.

When you purchase your branding kit from Wellness Stock Shop, an added bonus is that you can be sure to find thousands of additional photos to easily suit your brand inside Wellness Stock Shop