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All Plans Enjoy These Benefits:

» Unlimited Access To All Photo Galleries, On Demand

» Small, Medium Or Large File Downloads

» Standard Image Licensing (use them on your website, social media, blog, promotional + printed marketing materials, webinars, presentations, eBooks, and more.)

» Access To Postables (pre-sized social media photos)

» No Usage Expiration On Photos Downloaded During Your Membership Term

» DEVELOPER'S ACCESS ONLY: Use For Multiple Client Projects. No Usage Expiration For Clients On Downloaded Images.

Here's A Glimpse At What You'll Get With Your Plan

mockup imagery for wellness professionals


Unique + beautiful mockup-style imagery  - Get creative with your labels, text, logo and message.

styled desk stock photo for doctors and nurses with crystals and essential oils


Not the typical look, though - These are gorgeous, healthy and 100% unique.


Find plenty of images with blank space to easily add your text or design overlay.

lifestyle stock photo


Relatable imagery that maintains it's natural, wholesome qualities and helps tell your story.


Jade Eggs, Thai Massage, Singing Bowls, Cupping... You'll be amazed by what you can find.

social media content for instagram


Grab 'n' post our "Postables" for Instagram. Choose from blank or pre-designed with quotes.

Enjoy These Sweet Perks With Your Plan

Postables Oils


No photo gallery is off limits. You'll have full range to pick and choose any photos that are right for you and your creative inspiration. 

Stock Photo By Wellness Stock Shop


Don't be shy. Use the imagery on your website, social media, blog, printed marketing materials, in your promotions, eBooks, slide presentations, etc.

Stock Photo By Wellness Stock Shop


It's easy to instantly access the best size for your project. All plans have access to instant downloads of either small, medium or large sized files.

Stock Photo By Wellness Stock Shop


Crop, add your logo, custom fonts and design work as you please to make the photos fit your brand and relay your message.

Stock Photo By Wellness Stock Shop


You'll never run out of fresh new content. I add hundreds of new photos every single month - mostly based on suggestions from my members.

Stock Photo By Wellness Stock Shop


There's no usage expiration on imagery you download during your plan or membership term. Breathe easy knowing you won't have to re-disign!

Just Imagine What You'll Do With All These Gorgeous Photos...


Do I need to give photo credit on images I purchase?


All WSS imagery is royalty-free for paid members. No worries about hassling with "proper" photo credit. You can post and be done as though the images were your own.

However, if you DO want to tag me in your posts, I love to see what you're up to, how to use the imagery and love supporting you by liking/commenting on your post. I'm a big fan of women-supporting-women. 


Will I only get access to certain photos or galleries, or can I choose from anything?

You, my friend, get access to the entire library of over 4,000 stunning photos. No photo galleries are off-limits. Yeah, you heard that right. And new photos are added every month, so your feed will never go stale.

PLUS, as an extra perk, we've made Postables accessible with your plan too! So you can now download images from our pre-curated photo sets - including designer quotes - with your plan.


How often do new photos get added to the library?

There are currently over 4,000 unique photos, and I add new imagery every single month. We're talking hundreds of new photos, so you'll always keep your feed fresh.


Once I purchase a plan, are there additional costs? Is there also a fee per photo?

There's no additional fee per photo on small, medium and large photos once you purchase your plan. You get access to the number of downloads listed in your plan at no additional cost. 

If you need extended usage licensing, for instance to use imagery on merchandise for retail, or mega sized files for large scale print on banners/billboards (non-common daily business needs), then you'll need to make an additional purchase. No members have required additional licensing or mega sized files to date. 


How am I allowed to use these photos?

I'm glad you asked. I like to call ours "liberal" usage terms (hey, we're from Portland).

Our standard usage terms are designed to cover most all of your common daily business needs. Here's a list of ways you can use the photos to elevate your business:

Other Social Media Platforms
Opt-in Covers
Promo Videos
Digital + Small Print Marketing Materials
Facebook Ads
Slideshows + Webinars
Gift certificates

Our members get pretty savvy and inspired once they dive in. 

It's easier to list out the things you can't do with these photos: 

1. You can't gift, share or sell them
2. You can't use them in designs on merchandise for resale
3. You can't use them in Mass print production (over 10,000 copies)
4. You can't use them in large scale print, like banners and billboards (you'll need an extended license for that)

When in doubt or for more details on extended license terms, refer to this Pricing + Licensing Page:

Am I allowed to add my text and crop to the photos?

Absolutely. Feel free to alter the images to suit your brand. Add your special fonts, color overlays, designs, cropping... you get the gist. If you're a creative like me, roll up those sleeves, stretch out those fingers and prepare to get crafty.

Will the photos I download be watermarked?

No way. The photos you download with your plan will be watermark free and ready to brand for your business.

I'm a designer/social media manager/VA... can I use the imagery on my client work?

With the Wellness ProPack or Bloggers Unlimited - No. Those plans are for your own use only.

BUT - with the Developer's Access Membership - Yes! I created this membership to make life easier for website developers, graphic designers and social media managers. I know you often need to access royalty free imagery for use on your clients' designs and feeds and finding imagery to use for clients can be super tricky when dealing with usage terms and expirations. This membership will make it so much easier.

With the Developer's Access membership, you get all the perks of a normal membership, but with licensing to use Wellness Stock Shop imagery on designs you create for your clients. You can also use them on social media feeds you manage. There's no limit to the number of client jobs you can take on while your membership is active. And usage expiration for imagery used in designs during your membership term won't expire. So your clients can keep the imagery you used in their website designs, etc. 

Once your membership term expires, you can continue to use the imagery you've downloaded on your own personal business materials. 

As per standard usage terms, it is not permitted to sell the images or use them in designs on merchandise for retail. 

This offers a fantastic way to provide a unique service to your clients and make your business stand out. 

Do you offer a payment plan?

Our plans are already priced in order to allow affordability for small businesses. Each option is paid upfront in one convenient transaction. Then kick-back and enjoy flexible on-demand access. 

What if I purchase a plan but then change my mind?

Due to the instant access and sensitive nature of the downloads there are no refunds on any Plans.

If you decide Wellness Stock Shop is not for you, once your term runs out, your plan will not auto-renew. So far we've never had anyone regret their purchase decision.

Please be sure to scope out the Photo Library to be sure there's plenty of imagery that suits your needs before purchasing. 

Just Imagine Having All This... 

An entire library of 4000+ photos (and growing!) designed specifically for wellness bloggers and business owners.

No more sifting through thousands of unrelated images to find what you need, trying to create a consistent visual look from inconsistent sources.


Easy usage terms. 

No sweating over shady terms or risking scary lawsuits. All imagery is royalty-free and includes usage terms that make sense for entrepreneurs (not just lawyers!)


Soothing, soulful photos that maintain their natural, alluring qualities.

Never have to settle for typical, stale stock photos again. (Can I get a hallelujah?!)


Easy-to-navigate galleries with diverse themes. 

You'll find nutrition, essential oils, skin care, fitness, body therapy, energy, emotions, nature, entrepreneur and more.


Quality, cohesive imagery created by one photographer, not hundreds. 

No more wasting time trying to match images from different photographers with their own unique styles. You get the consistency of a custom photo shoot for stock photography prices.


New photos added monthly.

Never worry about your social media feeds getting stale. We add new images every month to keep things fresh and fun. Have a specific need? Request it and you might see it in a future collection!

“Hi Briena, I love my wellness stock shop membership. Last week I created a quiz for my site that used your photos and it was so great to have it match my website and branding - and it brought over 2000 new subscribers to my list in a week organically!!!”

Kara Maria Ananda

holistic lifestyle blogger + healing arts educator,

Ana Maria Janes Headshot, nutritionist

"I signed up as a member... I just knew that Briena's work was going to save me a lot of time and energy scouting the internet for beautiful pictures to use in my business. Her photography is gorgeous. I've built 99% of my website with her imagery and it was just so easy and convenient to know that I had one spot to go to for any of my imagery needs. It was a huge time saver. I've used her photos on my blog posts, on my sales pages, on social media and inside my nutrition programs. For the past 6 months, as I built my programs and my website, I've literally been on her website every other day. I'm over the moon grateful that I found her!"

Ana-Maria Janes

RHN, holistic nutritionist

Carley Schweet Wellness Stock Shop Member

"For me, investing in Wellness Stock Shop was a complete no-brainer... [The photos have] really transformed my brand and create a cohesive, emotional look that carries across all my social media platforms. I've seen engagement increase on images I use or events that I post when I use stock imagery from Wellness Stock Shop... I truly believe that investing in Wellness Stock Shop is just that - it's a business investment to me, it's actually a non-negotiable. It's something I now budget for. It's something I cannot run my business without, you know ... as someone in the wellness industry, there are so many people out there trying to do similar things that having proper stock imagery that clearly resonates and gets my emotional message across is invaluable to me. So, I don't look at the investment as a cost to me or some sort of burden, it's something that I happily put my money into in order to get new clients, attract more customers, and grow my business and my brand.” 

Carley Schweet

life coach + author,

"Hi Briena! I recently purchased your membership program and I am already seeing a huge increase in my engagement on Instagram---woohoo!" 

- Casey Hamm, Health and Wellness Coach