12 Health and Wellness Business Marketing Ideas for Fall

12 Health And Wellness Marketing Ideas For Fall

There's a crispness in the air, cozy sweaters abound and the aroma of pumpkin spice is coming from every kitchen.

There’s really no denying it, fall is here.

That means it is time to put away your summer marketing plan and put together your fall plan.

There are endless ways for you to get creative to promote your health and wellness products and services. But in case you need a little inspiration, I'm here to help!

Whether you're a fitness or health coach, essential oils advocate, skin care specialist or beyond, here are a few health and wellness business marketing ideas for fall that are sure to bring customers flocking to you.

12 Health And Wellness Marketing Ideas For Fall

1. Highlight Micro Holidays on Social Media

Fall Promo Ideas

Micro holidays are a fun opportunity to market your business or share something related that your customers will be interested in.

You can get super creative, with days like:

  • Nat'l Yoga Awareness Month (September)
  • Nat'l Pumpkin Spice Day (Oct. 1)
  • Oatmeal Day (Oct. 29)
  • Nat'l Candle Month (November)
  • Nat'l Donut Day (Nov. 5)


You can also tie in those holidays with special offers.

Need inspiration?

Grab these done-for-you micro holiday photo bundles:

Each bundle includes:
  • Photos
  • Quotes
  • Instagram story graphics
  • Micro Holiday List

You'll have enough photos to get your posts scheduled for the entire season!

2. Attend Local Events

These 12 health and wellness business marketing ideas will help you get more customers this season

Fall is an amazing time for local events everywhere you turn you’re likely to find a farmer’s market, an arts and craft fair, or a fall festival of some kind.

These are fantastic opportunities for your business, even if you don’t have a booth. Bring flyers and business cards with you that have special offers on them.

Make them even more attractive with an eye-catching photo from WSS like these fall essential oils photos.

3. Season Specific Offers

Get your business notices with these 12 ideas to market your health and wellness business this fall

Do you have a product that fits in with fall in some way or maybe you can put a special twist on something you offer to make it special for fall like a Pumpkin facial or a recipe ebook with healthy fall favorites?

These are great ways to attract business from people who love to celebrate the season by immersing in seasonal specialties.

4. Promote Products with a Seasonal Twist

If you have products that can’t be changed to make them more seasonal you can still change how you advertise them to make them feel more seasonally appropriate.

Do this by using terms like “getting cozy”, “winding down”, and of course promoting cold and flu prevention.

Using fall imagery like what you can find in this Nourishing Fall Bundle will help your customers feel the fall spirit.

5. Share a Recipe or DIY

Share recipes and other ideas to promote your health and wellness biz this fall

From time to time you should sprinkle in some social media posts that aren’t trying to sell anything and provide enrichment to your customers' lives. This helps to build your relationship and keeps them coming back to your feed with excitement.

Sharing a favorite recipe or DIY is a great way to provide your social media followers with something they’ll love and help keep your brand top of mind.

Try sharing something, like an:

  • Herbal elixir
  • Fall soup recipe
  • DIY pumpkin spice face mask
  • Essential oil foot or bath soak
  • Paleo zucchini bread recipe


Also keep in mind that many times someone will look at your recipe and be inspired to buy your skincare product, essential oil blend, cookbook or other done-for-you product because it’s easier than having to make it for themselves.

You can find done-for-you Instagram story "recipe cards" inside many of our fall photo bundles, like this Pumpkin + Turmeric DIY Skincare bundle!

When you purchase a Wellness Stock Shop photo bundle, you have the rights to use any of the included recipes on your blog, social media and beyond.

Shop our photo bundles designed exclusively for health and wellness businesses

6. Encourage Followers to Use Non-Toxic Alternatives to Seasonal Favorites

Health and wellness marketing ideas for fall

Fall is a great time of year to encourage your followers to try out non-toxic alternatives to their favorite products.

Did you know November is "National Candle Month?" Why not use the occasion to share your favorite non-toxic essential oil diffuser blends as an amazing alternative to scented candles.

If you're a candle maker, now is the time to encourage followers to cozy up with your your fall scented candles.

Or encourage your followers to replace their store-bought skin cream with your hand-crafted, non-toxic alternatives to keep their skin hydrated through the cold season. Show them the benefits of using your products.

7. Run a Group Promo

Team up with other businesses in your local area - or on social - that offer products that compliment yours to run a group giveaway or special offer.

This will help all participating businesses get exposure from each others' audiences to expand your reach.

Instagram and Facebook are fantastic platforms for collaborations and group promos.

8. Promote Gift Cards

Fall promotion ideas for health and wellness businesses

This is the time of year when people are starting to do their Christmas shopping. Which means it’s the time of year to promote your gift cards.

You can use eye-catching photos to promote discounts and other offers. Offering a free gift, like an additional product or service, or a free $20 gift card for every $100 gift card purchased can tempt people to spend a little extra.

As an extra perk, people are likely to spend more than the amount on their gift card.

9. Bid Farewell to Summer

Have a special last chance event for summer products before you transition to your fall product line and offerings.

This is a great opportunity to bundle products together for a discount.

Try hosting a live end of season sale on Facebook to liquidate summer inventory. Apps like CommentSold make it easy to sell directly to your followers.

10. Host a Treat Yo’self Party

Invite your customers to a day of pampering with things like mini massages, essential oil foot soaks, mini facials, and other things that will make them feel relaxed and at home. (Or any alternatives that are relevant to what you offer.)

Make the event even cozier by serving fall treats and diffusing your favorite aroma. (Pro tip: It has been proven statistically that  vanilla scent inspires people to buy more.)

You can also ask them to invite a friend to receive a little something extra.

UPDATE: If you can't offer live events due to social distancing, try a virtual event on Zoom.

11. Halloween

12 ideas to promote your wellness business this fall and Halloween

While you’re handing out Halloween candy this year, attach promo flyers or business cards to the candy.

These can contain special offers to entice parents to stop by your store. Be sure to attract attention with a beautiful, professional photo.

12. Get Active on Social Media

Tips for marketing your business on social media this fall

Don't forget to promote your offerings on social. Remember, most people need to see an offer 7-11 times before taking action. Don't worry about being too spammy. You can use the 80-20 rule.

Only up to 20% of your posts on Instagram should be promo-related.

How can you encourage them to use your product or sign up for what you’re offering?

The remaining 80% of your posts should be focused on providing value and building a connection with your audience.

You can perk their interest with seasonal photos and autumnal inspired social quotes, like the ones in these fall-inspired photo bundles:

There you have it. Twelve health and wellness business marketing ideas for fall.

Wellness Stock Shop can help you create eye-catching promotions with hundreds of fall-themed images and inspirational quotes.

With our photo membership, you get access to over 8000 images and graphics that make an impact online.

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