Luscious Photos That Grow Your Wellness Business

Save time and make branding a breeze with this thoughtfully-curated collection of 6000+
soulful images purely for wellness professionals

Wish it was easier to find deliciously authentic imagery that truly connects with your dream clients?

award winning Portland photographer Briena Sash - creator of Wellness Stock Shop, the world's most soulful source for wellness imagery

If you’ve been struggling to find gorgeously natural images that really resonate with your ideal people, Wellness Stock Shop is the answer you’ve been searching for.


Hi, I’m Briena, and I created Wellness Stock Shop to save you time and make it beautifully simple to find + use stunning images that connect on a soul level with your clients.


The moment you join, you’ll receive immediate access to thousands of stunning wellness-related photos. Every single image is breathtakingly real + relatable to create credibility and beautify your branding.


To avoid overwhelming you, the collection is thoughtfully organised into specialty-related galleries with a super-intuitive search function that helps you find the right photo in the blink of an eye.


The result? You'll spend less time searching for a perfect picture and more time kicking back with a green smoothie.

Want a sneak peek at the gorgeous imagery you can access through any plan?

mockup imagery with iPhone screen, deodorant product and journal


Stunning mockup-style imagery that let's you get totally creative, add text, + display your gorgeous offerings in eye-catchingly inspired ways.

styled desk stock photo for doctors and nurses with crystals and essential oils


Desk scenes with a difference, featuring radiant crystals, oils, healthy snacks, and other wellness-related props.


Jade eggs, Thai massage, singing bowls, cupping... You'll be awestruck by the images you discover as you explore

lifestyle stock photo


Authentic photos with REAL practitioners that keep the vibe relatable, enhance your credibility + beautify your brand

Add Your Message Here 2


Lusciously spacious image layouts with plenty of blank areas so you can easily add your own words, design + logo

social media content for instagram


Pre-cropped, co-ordinated sets of Instagram-sized ‘postables’ to make social media simple + free up hours of your time

Instagram photo membership for wellness professionals

Searching for a Stunning Social Media Solution?

Spending WAY too much time curating your content and longing for a social media manager? Wellness Stock Shop’s Soulfully Social membership is a dreamily affordable Instagram solution. It's a social media-only membership that will beautify your feed + organically grow your following – which means more money for those fancy yoga pants ( + more time to chill out in them). 

This plan gives you:


  • 2000+ BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS: Instant access to the exclusive gallery of pre-cropped- to-Instagram- size ‘postable’ images
  • UNLIMITED DOWNLOADS: Unrestricted access of those images for a full year
  • DESIGNER PHOTO QUOTES: Access engagement-provoking, pre-designed quotes to weave throughout your feed



Compare Plans

Delicious FeaturesSoulfully SocialAnnual Ultd
Duration1 Year1 Year
Lifetime use of any of the beautiful photos you download during your membership term – your rights never expireYY
Easily understandable image licensing (see FAQs for details)YY
Stunning new images monthly so you NEVER run out of beautiful photosYY
Access to every single image inside the main photo store* in a range of resolutions: choose small, medium or large files to fit your purposeY
On-demand access to 6000 + captivating images across ALL photo galleriesY
Access to 2000 + gorgeous, pre-cropped, Instagram 'postable' imagesYY
Unlimited image downloads during the term of your membershipYY

* Please note: The main photo store does not include specialty products such as doTERRA collections and branding kits, which are not included in any photo plan and are offered exclusively a-la-carte.

Juicy BonusesSoulfully SocialAnnual Ultd
Duration1 Year1 Year
BONUS: Idea-inspiring curated social media sets for those days when you’re not sure what to postYY
BONUS: A time-saving hashtag vault with themed hashtag sets for you to simply copy + pasteYY
BONUS: Brand-building pre-designed quotes with clear backgrounds that you can easily overlay onto any imageYY
BONUS (coming soon): A creativity- boosting Topic Inspiration gallery to ensure you NEVER run out of ideas for regular postsYY

Just Imagine How You Could Use These Delectable Photos To Grow Your Business...





Joining Wellness Stock Shop is Incredibly Easy

Ready to take advantage of the visual feast on offer? Signing up is super-simple.

Stock Photo By Wellness Stock Shop


Click on the yellow button above + choose the plan you want

Stock Photo By Wellness Stock Shop


Enter your account details + complete payment

Stock Photo By Wellness Stock Shop


Once you receive your confirmation email, log out + back in to explore all the delicious imagery you now have access to

It's really that easy!


Questions? I hear you. Let me fill you in on the details...

Once I've bought a plan, how am I allowed to use your photos?

Thanks for asking! I like to think our standard licensing terms are some of the simplest + most liberal (hey, we’re from Portland) in the industry.

 Your website
 Instagram
 Facebook
 Pinterest
 Other social media platforms
 Your blog
 Imagery for your programs
 Opt-in covers

 eBooks
 Promo videos
 Digital + small print marketing
 Facebook ads
 Videos
 Slideshows + webinars
 Gift certificates

Honestly? It’s easier to list what you CAN’T do with them:

 You can't gift, share or sell them

 You can't use them in designs on merchandise for resale

 You can't use them in mass print production (anything over 10,000 copies)

 You can't use them in large-scale print campaigns like banners + billboards (you'll need an extended license for that – for more details, refer to our Pricing + Licensing Page)

But for almost anything else? Go to town!

Please review our Usage Terms located in our Buyer Agreement for a full description of how you can use WSS photos before purchasing your membership.

Do I need to give photo credit?

Once you’ve bought your plan, ALL your photos are completely royalty-free. No need to give photo credit.

Of course, it makes me feel warm and fuzzy when you do tag me. It also helps me to see how you're using the photos and which photos you use most so that I know what to create more of in the future to best support you.

What if I purchase a plan but then change my mind? Can I get a refund?

I want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. However, due to the downloadable nature of our photos, we do not offer refunds. 

Please take time to explore the thousands of photos inside our Photo Galleries.

If you have any questions, please email us at before you purchase a membership.

Are any photos off-limits with my plan? Or do I have access to anything inside the photo library?

That depends on the plan you pick:

  • If you have a Soulfully Social membership, you get to choose from the 2000 + pre-cropped, perfectly Instagram-sized images inside the exclusive Soulfully Social gallery, including bonus designer quotes + expertly curated, themed social media sets.
  • If you have an Annual Unlimited membership, you get a full year of buffet access to absolutely EVERYTHING inside the main photo store library. Nothing’s off limits, including photo bundles and everything in the Soulfully Social membership.

Please note: Our specialty products accessible outside the main photo library, including branded product imagery such a doTERRA photos and designer branding kits are separate from the photo library and are not accessible via any photo plan.

Will the photos I download be watermarked?

No way. Regardless of the plan you’re on, your photos will be watermark-free upon download + ready to slot straight into your business branding.

Am I allowed to add my text and crop to the photos?

Absolutely. In fact, I encourage you to!

I’ve deliberately arranged + cropped many of my images to give you the white space you need to add your own text, fonts, logo + design.

But feel free to edit the images in any other way you like to suit your brand too. Just roll up your sleeves, stretch out your fingers + prepare to get seriously crafty.

How often will I see new photos being added?

Every month, beautiful entrepreneur. Every month.

I know you’ll find delicious imagery you love amongst the existing 5000 + unique photos. But just to keep your feed fresh, I add hundreds of beautiful new images to the main library every single month.

"I hadn’t been willing to pay for photos until I found your site. It’s wonderful – I’m obsessed with your photos! They’re unlike anything else I've found on any other site, so every day I check to se what's new!"

- DESTRY DARR, forever fit! with destry darr

Are doTERRA photos accessible via a photo plan?


All specialty products such as doTERRA collections and branding kits are offered exclusively a-la-carte and are not accessible with any photo plan.

I'm a designer/social media manager/VA... can I use your photos on my client work?

Sorry, no. The images you get through these plans are for YOUR use only.

Your clients will need to purchase their own photos.

Once I've bought my plan, do I need to pay anything else for each photo?

Nope! You have free range inside the main photo library to download as many photos as are included with your plan. No extra payment necessary.

Well, not unless you want an extended license, anyway. 

But for standard small, medium or large photos, once you’ve bought your plan, that’s it. Download to your heart’s content.

Please note: Any specialty products and photos outside of the main photo store (i.e. doTERRA photos + branding kits) are not included in any plan.

Do you offer any kind of payment plan?

Sorry, no. I want to keep the plans super-affordable for small businesses, which means I need payment upfront. Offering a payment plan would require me to increase the overall price.

But this means you get to purchase your plan in one simple, convenient transaction, then just kick back + enjoy on-demand access for the duration of your membership.

What could be easier?

What if I have a question you haven't answered here?

Just ask!

Fire me an email with any other questions you have. I’ll be happy to answer them for you.