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Photo Tips

3 Creative Ways To Use Stock Photos To Grow Your Brand

3 Creative Ways To Use Stock Photos To Grow Your Wellness Brand

It's no secret - people are visual and one of the fastest ways to speak to them and grab their attention is through imagery. Tapping into a stock photography source is a great way to access imagery on-demand and without the steep price of a custom photography shoot (which can cost thousands). So how should…

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4 Photo Mistakes On Instagram (And How To Fix Them)

Here's one of my top secrets for getting more exposure on Instagram. This one is big, because if you don't get it down, you may actually be penalized by Instagram without knowing it. Here's the deal... Instagram has some pretty savvy technology to calculate whether or not your photos have "popularity potential". It all has to do with…

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WSS Approved Equipment & Prop List

Reflectors & Scrims Both of these reflectors double as scrims (light diffusers) to soften direct sunlight. I have two and I often use both during a photo shoot (one to diffuse the direct light coming in through the window, and the other to reflect light into the dark side of the subject). Perfectly Sized for…

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Why Are My Photos Blurry On Facebook And Instagram?

Are your photos on Instagram and Facebook appearing blurry?   You're not alone. I see this happening constantly and receive a lot of questions about what to do to fix this.   So what's going on?   The issue is commonly rooted in sizing.   That is, of course, assuming your image is crisp to start.…

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Top 5 Free Photo Editing Apps

The savvy entrepreneur's guide to the 5 best free photo editing and design apps

Hey there! Okay, so maybe these tools aren't exactly secret, but they are on my list of top notch convenient tools to have when editing or designing your visuals. Lately, I've been getting inquiries as to how to modify Wellness Stock Shop photos (especially for adding text overlay).   NOTE: Just to make sure you realize…

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Are You Making These 3 Mistakes With Your Healthy Food Photos?

improve your healthy food photography by avoiding these three biggest food photo mistakes with stock photography expert at Wellness Stock Shop

Hello Hello, friend!   I'm jumping right in today. Tell me if this sounds like you...   You took a friend's advice to post pics of all your snacks, shakes and healthy meals on social media to inspire (and attract) followers.   But your photos just aren't that great, and you can't really put a finger on what…

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