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soothing hand-crafted imagery designed to reflect

the soulful qualities of your wellness business

Set Your Branding Visuals on Autopilot

Are you sinking too much time searching for relatable wellness imagery to set you apart in the wellness industry?  Breathe deeply - you've found the solution to your photo headaches.

We offer:

  • Royalty-free imagery
  • The soothing, soulful look to truly represent holistic wellness
  • Easy usage terms, designed for entrepreneurs
  • All wellness-related imagery, so you don't have to search from site-to-site
  • Cohesive imagery, hand-crafted by one photographer, using the same technique and finish
  • Gorgeous story-telling visuals with the power to lure and awe your dream clients & build an irresistible brand
  • All the imagery you need, right here in one spot

Strengthen Your Business with Beautiful, Professional Imagery

"Thank you so much for creating this absolutely incredible resource for the health and wellness space! As a practitioner, it can be so challenging to find stock photos that feel natural. The images on Wellness Stock Shop are not only natural, but absolutely stunning. This resource was so badly needed and what you have created for us fulfills this need beautifully."

Jessica Pantermuehl, NTP, CHHC

Founder, Holistic Entrepreneur Association

"When I first saw the work of Briena Sash of Wellness Stock Shop, I was blown away. She is a health coach's dream. The photography is heart felt, caring and tells a story, which every coach needs when it comes to the images on your website, social media or sales pages. Briena has created an opportunity for coaches to have beautiful stock photos at an affordable price. Not only does Briena shoot amazing photographs but she sees through the eyes of a wellness advocate as well and humanizes her work. I am blessed to have met Briena and to have been introduced to her work. I would not go anywhere else for my pictures and you shouldn’t either. Your business will thrive with beautiful imagery. Thank you Briena for all your hard work and commitment."

Rachel Feldman

Business Launch Coach, rachelswellness.com

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