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Soothing Photos For Your Wellness Brand

In our digital world, you know that impressions matter. But you’re a wellness expert — not a professional photographer — and the time and effort it takes to create or curate beautiful images for your online spaces that reflect your business and values is taking time away from your soul’s mission. (Which is not browsing stock photo sites, I’m betting!)  

Traditional stock photography is expensive, cold, and impersonal with usage terms that are difficult to understand. And who has time to browse thousands and thousands of photos looking for the perfect one?

Hiring a photographer to shoot custom photos would be amazing, but the price-per-image is high, and you’re often left with a very limited selection (even if the images are perfect). That’s no good for your fast-moving Instagram and Facebook feeds.

And, of course, you could try to take some photos yourself, but it takes years to master that soothing, soulful, fresh look you’re going for.

But there's a new solution:

You're about to fall in love with our stock photos. Here's why ...

1. Soulful, Never Stale Photos -

I add new photos monthly to ensure that your selections are always fresh, while effortlessly keeping your visual brand consistent.

2. Time-Saving Heaven -

Because I only serve the wellness community, you won’t waste time visiting multiple sites or scrolling through thousands of irrelevant images.

3. Irresistibly Affordable -

Our pricing is designed so that every entrepreneur can afford gorgeous, branded images that support their business.

4. Royalty-free, + Clear, Simple Usage Terms -

No hidden fees or scary legal language; just straightforward pricing and ways to use the images.

5. Foster Trust + Credibility For Your Business -

A consistent visual brand is one of the best ways to help your customers get to know, love, and trust you.

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... and come with easy-to-understand usage terms because you're not a photographer or a lawyer

Need Social Media Support?

Tap into your new trade secret: ready-made social media collections. We’ve done the hard work of curating the perfect images for you to share on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and whatever comes next. Always fresh + never phony.

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hand-crafted images by an award-winning photographer

... polished with that beautifully natural look that'll make your viewers want to cozy-up + stay a while. I spend hours shooting and editing each collection to natural perfection.

soulful stock photography for health and wellness bloggers

Stock Photos With Backgrounds + White Space

... just Plug 'N' Play with your unique message. Our photos are crafted so that you can drop them into a program like Canva and add your own text to create branded images that are unique to you and your message.

Award Winning Photographer and creator of Wellness Stock Shop Briena Sash

"Hi, I'm Briena ...

award-winning photographer and creator of Wellness Stock Shop.


As a female small business owner, I understand the challenges entrepreneurs face, and I created Wellness Stock Shop to help remove one of those barriers: Creating a consistent visual brand that will support your business without breaking the bank.

I’ve carved out my own niche in the stock photography industry because I saw a huge unmet need for quality, relatable wellness imagery that would support the many naturopaths, health coaches, practitioners, and others who are also supporting my deep passion for sustainable living.

Because I’m not just a photographer! I’m also a dedicated yogi who practices clean eating, non-toxic living, and geeks out over essential oils. And I believe my passion for natural wellness comes through my images.

But you don’t have to take my word for it…

"When I first saw the work of Briena Sash of Wellness Stock Shop, I was blown away. She is a health coach's dream. The photography is heart felt, caring and tells a story, which every coach needs when it comes to the images on your website, social media or sales pages. Not only does Briena shoot amazing photographs but she sees through the eyes of a wellness advocate ... Your business will thrive with beautiful imagery."

Rachel Feldman

Business Launch Coach,

"Your business will thrive

with beautiful imagery."

"I've seen engagement increase on

images I use or events that I post..."

"For me, investing in Wellness Stock Shop was a complete no-brainer... [The photos have] really transformed my brand and create a cohesive, emotional look that carries across all my social media platforms. I've seen engagement increase on images I use or events that I post when I use stock imagery from Wellness Stock Shop... there are so many people out there trying to do similar things that having proper stock imagery that clearly resonates and gets my emotional message across is invaluable to me. So, I don't look at the investment as a cost to me or some sort of burden, it's something that I happily put my money into in order to get new clients, attract more customers, and grow my business and my brand.” 

Carley Schweet

Mindfulness Life Coach + Author,

"I love the quality and the much less noise of going through thousands and thousands of images with some of the competitor Stock Photo sites. Working with one photographer who is dedicated to the wellness industry and having a consistent flow in the look and feel throughout all of my creative work allows me to get my work done faster with zero hassle and the results are absolutely fab!"

Jamila Motala

Founder, Ethical Expressions

"Working with one photographer ... allows me to get my work done faster with zero hassles"

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