3 Steps To Discover What Makes You (And Your Brand) Unique

Do you ever feel like you’re just one drop in a vast sea? There are a zillion other insert your profession (health coaches, EO educators, massage therapists, estheticians, yoga instructors, mindfulness teachers, etc) in the world. You have nothing special to offer, right?


You truly do have beautiful, unique gifts to share with the world. No one is you, and that is your power.

It's true for each and every one of us.

Too often, we're conditioned to believe we need to be like everyone else - to fit in.

What if you decided not to?

What if you decided to claim your beautiful weirdness, oddities, quirks and unique passions and qualities - to honor them, highlight them, and unashamedly leverage them into what you offer?

You, my friend, would stand out and have one POWERFUL position in the marketplace.

Marie Forleo Quote You Have A Purpose A Very Special Gift That Only You Can Bring To The World

This quote from Marie Forleo helped me to feel strong and to realize I was on the right path when I decided to ditch the norm and carve out a new path, combining the holistic wellness and stock photo industries.

Our gifts are often a unique combination of many things.

Some of those things for me are my compassion, my dedication to the environment, my ability to see beauty in everything, and my unshakable tenacity to be the change I wish to see in the world.

Realizing my gifts (I like to think of them as my superhero powers - wink, wink) allowed me to claim them, pair them with my skill of photography, and weave them into something strong and beautiful to serve our world.

It wasn't hard - those things already live in me. I just needed to honor them and to unleash them into my brand and business.

Not only that, but building my business around these gifts has really helped me to stand out and attract my tribe - other amazing individuals who share my same values and who I love working with - like you!

The results have been amazing.

But it took me years to realize these were my special gifts. And that could be something you're struggling with too.

Do you know what your unique gifts are that set you apart? Are you leveraging them?

Marie Forleo is the queen at helping you to realize your unique gifts. In her world-renowned online business school for purpose-driven creatives, B-School, she puts a heavy focus on helping you to draw them out to create a business and life you love.


You can learn more about B-School and how it completely changed my business and life HERE.

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What makes you uniquely YOU?

Sometimes it's hard to uncover these things for ourselves, so here are some good exercises:

1. Call up 5 people who know you best and ask them to describe what they love most about you. Ask them to list 5-10 words that describe you best. (I bet you'll begin to see a trend.)

2. Do some freestyle journaling. Ask yourself: What’s my unique view on the world? What are my values? What combination of passions, techniques and skills combine to create that special gift that only I bring to the world (or my industry)?

3. Once you have a good feel for your unique gifts and qualities, ask yourself this:

How can I honor and highlight my unique gifts more in my brand + business to make myself stand apart in my industry?

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Love + Wellness,

Briena XO


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