Wellness Gift Guide 2019

Give thoughtful, wellness focused gifts this year with the wellness gift guide.

If you're like me, you also tend to be super busy during the holiday season, which limits us on time to search for those perfect, heart-felt gifts.

So I did something fun and gather some of my favorite unique and purposeful wellness-inspired gifts to inspire your giving!

This guide is focused on soulful, healthy, conscientious living and highlights some of my favorite women-run businesses and Wellness Stock Shop members which practice sustainability and conscious living.

I've included everything from my favorite hand-crafted soaps, to inspirational books and earth-friendly stocking stuffers from some of my favorite conscious businesses and Wellness Stock Shop members.

You're sure to find gift inspiration for everyone on your list!

Zero Waste Stocking Stuffers

I don't know about you, but a stocking full of useful gifts is my favorite thing.

Here are a list of some of my absolute favorite non-toxic, zero-waste products of the highest quality materials.

These are perfect gifts for both men and women.

Bamboo Toothbrush

Eco-friendly, biodegradable toothbrushes. I never use anything else. They take some getting used to, and then you'll love them forever. I put one in every gift bag and stocking. My favorite source is Brush with Bamboo.


To Shop: brushwithbamboo.com

Safety Razor

End the days of expensive, wasteful plastic razors and razor refills that end up in the landfill forever. I'm in love with my Parker 29L razor, and refills are cents on the dollar!

To Shop: amazon.com

Uncle Harry's Toothpaste

This is some seriously awesome and unique toothpaste, with nutrient-packed ingredients such as clay, which enrich your teeth and gums


To Shop: uncleharrys.com

Screen Shot 2019 12 05 At 1.01.36 PM

Lucky Teeth Plastic-Free Floss

Vegan, bamboo fibre floss in a zero-waste glass jar.


To Shop: lucky-teeth.com

Screen Shot 2019 12 10 At 3.39.22 PM

Portland Bee Balm

The world's best, most natural bee-centric chapstick. Tastes so good you'll want to eat it.


To Shop: portlandbeebalm.com

Green Beauty
essential oil crystal stock photo by Wellness Stock Shop

Crystal Roller Bottles

These crystal-infused essential oil roller bottles by Whimsy + Wellness are super dreamy.


To Shop: whimsyandwellness.com

Pretty Pinks 172

Jade Face Roller

De-puff your face and improve elasticity with this ancient Chinese skin care tool.


To Shop: urbanoreganics.com

Wellness Stock Photo by Sash Photography https://wellnessstockshop.com/prod

Palm-Free Essential Oil Soaps

Luxurious, organic, aromatic hand-crafted palm-free essential oil soaps and lotions hand-crafted in small batches by maker Branda Tiffany of Molly Muriel Apothecary. Scents so delicious, you'll never want to leave your bathroom. I always bring these as gifts for hosts and stick them in gift bags and stocking and everyone raves about them. With scents like Warm + Woodsy, these make great gifts for guys too! My personal favorite flavor: Melange


To Shop: mollymuriel.com

Non-Toxic Home


Encourage your loved ones to replace toxic scented plug-ins by gifting a diffuser for their home, bedroom, office … or even their car!

I avoid plastic as much as possible and have searched for the most visually appealing diffusers that contain the least amount of plastic (if any). Nebulizers - which do not require water - are said to be the purest form of diffusing, maintaining the highest level of benefit from your essential oils.


As a bonus gift, you can pair a diffuser with your favorite essential oil or even a few blend recipes.

Note: Make sure the essential oils you’re gifting are of the highest grade and purity. Store-bought essential oils often contain fillers and toxins and are only required to contain 5% pure eo in order to claim the title “100% pure”.

candle stock photo by Wellness Stock Shop

Natura Soy Candles

Handcrafted, Canadian-made essential oil candles that last extra long.


To Shop: naturasoy.ca


Crystal Reiki Candles

These unique crystal-infused essential oil reiki candles by Natalie Wise smell as dreamy as they look.


To Shop: pinkmooncandles.com

Chinese Medicine Studio 375

Nebulizer Essential Oil Diffuser

I prefer plastic-free diffusers in order to keep the toxins out of my home. I'd recommend one like this.


To Shop: amazon.com

Chinese Medicine Studio 371

Salt Lamp

The warm orange glow of this lamp creates the most amazing, healing ambiance. If you have a loved one who suffers from light sensitivity due to head trauma, these lamps with the dim glow can be a life-saver.


To Shop: amazon.com

wool dryer ball non toxic essential oil stock photo by wellnessstockshop.com

Wool Dryer Balls

Encourage your loved ones to replace their toxic dryer sheets with wool dryer balls. These help your laundry to dry faster by breaking up clumps and reduce static. Add a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil for a bonus fresh scent.


To Shop: etsy.com

soap seeds non toxic home laundry stock photo by wellnessstockshop.com

Soap Seeds

Also known as soap nuts, these are the most natural, non-toxic alternative to laundry detergent. Just drop 4 or so into a cotton drawstring pouch and put them in the wash with your laundry. Your laundry will come out fresh and, extra bonus, you'll avoid that nasty sour towel scent that often occurs due to liquid detergent build-up.


To Shop: mountainroseherbs.com

Untitled Design (3)


This plastic-free organic cotton produce bag will keep your greens crisp for a full week! I've finally found my dream solution so that I never have to use plastic produce bags again. My mom and sister both got a Vejibag for Christmas.


To Shop: vejibag.com

Books + Planners

These are some of my favorite books, focused on self-growth and inspiration. Books that have really made a big impression on my life recently or that have received rave reviews, but are still on my wish list!

top holiday gift guide

Everything Is FIgureoutable | Marie Forleo

World renowned life coach, Marie Forleo, inspires to the max in this best selling book.


To Shop: amazon.com

Screen Shot 2019 12 10 At 3.15.09 PM

The Desire Map | Danielle Laporte

A guide to creating goals with the soul. Pair it with the daily planner below for an extra special package.


To Shop: amazon.com

Whole 30 | M+D Hartwig

The food freedom book that's transforming lives around the globe.


To Shop: amazon.com

Big Magic | Elizabeth Gilbert

Everyone's raving about it - and I'm dying to read it. This book is on my wish list.


To Shop: amazon.com

Screen Shot 2019 12 08 At 4.39.09 PM

Danielle Laport's Daily Planner

My dream planner - it gets raving reviews. I want one desperately!

To Shop: shop.daniellelaporte.com

Spiritual + Self Discovery

I like to choose a card when I'm stuck on something and interpret what it means/how it pertains to me and my situation. Cards are a wonderful tool for self-reflection. These are some of my favorite decks.

essential oil oracle cards stock photo

Essential Oil Oracle Cards
Connect your intuition with intention and the power of essential oils.


To Shop: lisapowers.co

tarot and oracle stock photos

Messages From Shadow Oracle

This enchanting deck is super insightful and perfect for business owners.


To Shop: kerinola.com

Oracle and Tarot stock photo

Spiritual Abundance Card Deck

A stunning card deck by Melissa Kim Corter designed to help you tune in to your next steps.


To Shop: melissacorter.com

oracle and tarot stock photos

Horses Of Us Oracle Cards

This deck features stunning paintings by Marcy Criner. Each card offers a reminder of equine wisdom and intuition.


To Shop: horsesofus.com

oracle and tarot stock photos

Lioness Oracle Tarot
A stunning card deck by Melissa Kim Corter designed to help you tune in to your next steps.


To Shop: thelionessoracle.com

tarot and oracle stock photos

Unlock Your Connection Cards

This beautiful deck by Lindsay Marino offers healing messages from your passed loved ones.


To Shop: lindsaymarino.com

dried herbs and hibiscus tea stock photo by wellnessstockshop.com

Organic Herbs + Teas

There's something magical about receiving the gift of a new tea blend. My favorite place to find organic herbs and teas is Mountain Rose Herbs. I purchased an herbal sampler to sprinkle in my photos, but it became my nightly tea instead.


To Shop: mountainroseherbs.com


water filter stock photo by wellnessstockshop.com

Gravity Water Purifier

For the true health nut, give the gift of purified water. Berkey is the popular name in the gravity filter industry, but I chose Propur because I didn't have to purchase an additional filter for fluoride.


To Shop: propurusa.com


Screen Shot 2019 12 05 At 3.57.23 PM

Glass Fruit-Infuser Water Bottle

Super sexy, sleek, and designed for fruit and citrus fusions. I've been drooling over this Drop Bottle.


To Shop: dropbottle.com

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