How To Design A Cohesive Instagram Feed (Easy Exercise)

How To Design A Cohesive Instagram Feed (Easy Exercise)

If you're feeling scattered with your visuals and your Instagram feed reflects that, chances are your number of followers does too.

Am I right?

Building an Instagram feed into a successful marketing tool can be tricky and is a common struggle for many entrepreneurs, so don't be too hard on yourself, friend...

You are not alone.


Instagram is almost purely visual. And because of that, it can be especially tricky to gain momentum if you're not a professional photographer or designer.


This is especially true because so much importance is put on the quality of visuals. We're talking each individual photo needs to be beautiful, as well as the entire layout of your feed.

So, if you're feeling the pressure of designing a beautiful Instagram feed, your intuition is correct. You absolutely need to design a stunning feed if you want to increase your chances of success and growth on Instagram.

This means, two things:


1. You'll need to source beautiful photos. If you're not a professional photographer or simply don't have time to keep up with daily posts, you can tap into this beautiful source of stock photos for Instagram.

2. You'll need to be sure each photo weaves into the overall cohesive storyline of your feed.

That might sound overwhelming, and you might have already pulled out half the hair from your head by now, but I've got a brilliant strategy (and exercise) to make things easier on you from here on out...

The 5-Topic-Instagram-Strategy

Here's an easy strategy that'll help you get focused and streamlined with your posts. It's all about getting clear on your purpose, and then sticking to a chosen set of related photo topics.

NOTE: Remember, on Instagram it's beneficial to weave together a beautiful, intentional storyline, rather than just posting miscellaneous anything-and-everything.

An easy Instagram exercise strattegy to keep you cohesive with your posts

The Exercise:

Choose 5 specific photo topics for your Instagram account.

It's important to give this some thought. You'll want to be sure to stick with photo themes that:

  1. You can commit to posting regularly - Consider which photos you'll have easy access to and can keep up with. Experts recommend posting 1-3 times per day, so be realistic and easy on yourself.
  2. You won't get totally bored or burnt out sticking to.
  3. Your ideal audience will LOVE and want to see regularly (focus on educating and inspiring).
  4. Fit the message of your brand.



1. Women in Yoga Poses

2. Isolated Fruits

3. Inspirational Photo Memes

4. Healthy Vegetarian Dishes

5. Lush Green Indoor Plant Lifestyle Scenes

Once you have your five, write them down and keep them in a place that's easy to reference for those moments when you need a reminder. Stay consistent weaving them throughout your feed. This will help create cohesiveness and consistency.

PRO TIP: Sticking to your 5 photo themes doesn't mean your content will be restricted or limited. What you post for visuals is one thing - what you write in the content area can be another. It's okay to get creative.

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Instagram Photo Topic Inspiration Vault

Here are some topic ideas to inspire you. You can choose from these, or create your own! Just remember - choose 5 that suit your brand and be consistent to build a theme + storyline to lure and woo your followers.


  • Healthy Vegetarian Meals
  • Healthy Smoothies
  • Beautiful, Inviting Nature Scenes
  • Inspirational Quotes
  • Behind the Scenes Pics of Your Healthy Lifestyle
  • Behind the Scenes Pics of Your Production Process (if you're a soap maker, organic skin care crafter, etc. this idea is awesome - people love to see hand-crafting)
  • Vibrant Pictures of Whole Fruits
  • Women in Yoga Poses
  • Beautiful Florals (in your branding colors or to highlight symbology)
  • Crystals
  • Hands (this could be particularly suitable for reiki/massage/palmistry feeds)
  • People Receiving Acupuncture
  • Acupuncture needles in unique scenes
  • Cozy Pictures of Your Minx (if this is on-brand + your audience loves it)
  • Food Prep
  • Essential Oils Bottles in Story Telling Scenes
  • Tropical Foliage
  • Tranquil Water Scenes
  • Farm to Table Settings
  • Soothing Spa Scenes
  • Artful Isolated Body Parts (hands, feet, etc)
  • Organic Skin Care Ingredients
  • Healthy Snacks
  • Raw Deserts
  • Fresh Herbs
  • Tea Scenes
  • Journaling/Reflective Scenes
  • Healthy Kids
  • Tropical Beach Scenes
  • Avocados
  • Pineapples
  • Tarot layouts
  • Women Lifting
  • Chakra Colors
  • Succulents
  • Geometric Shapes
  • People Outdoors
  • Home Scenes with DIY Non-toxic Product Ingredients
  • Herbal Combinations for Medicinals

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