The Best Photo Filter For Instagram

I get a lot of people asking how to blend their personal snapshots more seamlessly with Wellness Stock Shop photos.

I'll be honest, my first thought - I am so happy to have such brilliant people in my community!

Tapping into stock photos to boost the overall quality of your feed - and to ease the time + pressure of having to produce all your own photos - is such a BOSS move!

Talk about working smarter, not harder.

BTW, here's the best place to find your Instagram photos.

So, here's the cool thing...

I strategically maintain a natural-looking finish on Wellness Stock Shop photos, which makes them:

  1. Perfect for instagram, because people want to see real, beautiful, story-telling imagery
  2. Super versatile - they look great with iPhone snapshots (i.e. selfies, food photos, product shots, etc)
  3. Easily blendable with just a light filter on your own personal photos

Check out how @donnamariewellness has sprinkled in her own iPhone snapshots with Wellness Stock Shop photos...
Health Coach Instagram feed
The snapshots wouldn't look super intriguing on their own, but blended into a feed full of high quality photos, her overall feed is stunning!
BTW, if you need help designing a cohesive look to your feed, here's a super valuable resource full of tips, tools and trainings.

Here are a few easy tips to improve the look of your own snapshots to help them blend even more beautifully with Wellness Stock Shop Photos:


1. Lighting

Before we get to the editing bit, we need to have a heart-to-heart. No photo filter will fix ugly lighting.

Please raise your right hand and commit here + now to only ever use natural lighting for your photos. (Window light is best)

2. Filter

Okay, now we're ready to edit. To stay cohesive, you'll want to choose 2-3 filters that are minimal with a natural feel.

WARNING: I do not recommend using any filters inside the Instagram app. They're outdated and often:

  • Under/Overly Contrasty
  • Strangely Hued (i.e. orange-y)
  • 'Muddy'
Instagram Filter Samples
Instead, I recommend using the free editing app, A Color Story. You'll find many different filter collections; Some are free, some have a tiny price tag.

My favorite are the Pop, Everyday, and Lite Bright filters inside the Essentials collection.

The best photo filter for Instagram
3. Balance

Finally, sprinkling personal shots evenly throughout your feed - rather than posting several in congestion - creates a balanced feed, keeps viewers' eyes moving + focused on the overall appearance of the feed, and maintains an overall higher quality perception.

A good rule of thumb is to not post similar photos side-by-side, or stacked on top of eachother. Instead, try separating them with either 4 or six photos in between.

That's it! It's super simple.

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