tutorial on how to strengthen your wellness brand with better more cohesive healthy food photos - 6 steps

Original article created for Holistic Entrepreneur Association International.

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From my experience, one of the biggest business mistakes an entrepreneur can make is to underestimate the importance of strong visuals.


Visuals have a purpose that runs far deeper than simply creating a “pretty” website. Visuals are the very first interaction your audience will have with your brand. Within a split second, they lure – or deter – your viewers. They relay a message, a brand story and even a price point. And they have the potential to create not only trust and credibility, but emotional connection among your viewers.


That emotional connection is what your audience will translate to determine whether or not they want to be a part of your tribe. Whether they want to connect with you. And whether they want to invest in you.


I highly recommend investing in professional photography for your branding visuals. But today I want to talk about what I call the “in-betweens”. What I mean by that is the photos you’re taking yourself. More specifically – your food photos.


As a wellness entrepreneur, sometimes you need to fill in the gaps for when you don’t have a professional photo to represent your healthy recipes. And since these photos are still representing your brand – it’s important that you make them good.


I want you to get completely honest here – are your food photos follow worthy? Remember – whether you’re sharing on your website, social media or in a recipe book – every photo you post is sending a message and representing your brand. To be more specific – every image you post is either strengthening your brand, or weakening it.


I invite you to take a moment right now to have a look at the images in your feed. Be honest with yourself, and answer these questions:


  1. Is this photo appetizing?
  2. As a viewer, would I be jumping for the recipe?
  3. What does this photo reflect about my brand value?


If your responses are less than par, no worries. I have a few awesome steps you can take today to step up your healthy food photos, and start producing more follow-worthy imagery to strengthen your brand and your message.


1. Know Your Message

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Having a clear grasp on your message is vital to creating imagery that’s cohesive, that suits your brand and that communicates what you offer and what you’re about. Keeping this message in mind - always - will entirely mold your imagery. This means, knowing your target clients and what they want to see - and being true to yourself and what you want to share. Establishing a set of “Tone Words” will help keep you on track and consistent with your message.


Action Step: Choose 3-4 “Tone Words” for your brand which really relay the feeling you want your viewers to experience when they visit your website or your social media feed. What do you want your prospective clients to feel when they interact with your brand? Some examples are: fresh, romantic, rustic, organic, youthful.

2. Be consistent

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Lacking a cohesive look and message can send mixed messages and really confuses your viewers ... CLICK HERE to see the full article and continue reading about the six steps you can take today.

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