Social Media Theme Kits

for Wellness Gurus

(the solution to your daily post frustrations)



  • You dread scheduling social media, because it's too much effort coming up with something new every single day
  • You stare blankly at your screen wondering what to post and what to talk about
  • You skip daily posts due to lack of inspiration
  • Sinking too much time in coming up with topics and scouting out imagery is taking away from other things you should (and want to) be focusing on in your business


Social Media doesn't have to be that hard!

What if you had an entire folder full of pre-designed posts, headers, ads and memes to tap into - all with a beautiful, cohesive look, designed to inspire topics throughout the month? 

What if this source included email headers, eBook covers - and even a Facebook Cover designed to convert visitors into clients?

Sound too good to be true?

Introducing WSS Social Media Theme Kits!

Our theme kits are designed to save you tons of time and frustration and come packed full of creative inspiration.

Each kit comes with a variety of graphics consistent with the kit theme - complete with words, visuals and quotes to inspire your daily posts.

Each theme kit delivers pre-designed visuals sized perfectly for popular social media & marketing platforms, including:






Your Blog




Just choose a theme and receive a whole kit full of pre-designed visuals to inspire posts, blogs and email for an entire month!


Current Themes:

healthy eating social media kit eat the rainbow vegetable stock photo image for health coaches
detox inspiration photo with citrus, lemon and text social media kit for health coaches
beautiful healthy photo with citrus fruits nourish yourself inspiration social media kit for health coaches


   9 Social Media Memes (sized for Instagram or Facebook)

  4 Blog/Pinterest Graphics

  3 Blog Headers

♥   5 Twitter Graphics

♥   1 Email Header

♥   1 Conversion Facebook Header

1 eBook Cover


you'll also get these blank, customizable templates ...

1 Social Media Image (Instagram/Facebook)

1 Blog/Pinterest Graphic

1 eBook Cover

1 Facebook Ad Photo

1 Facebook Event Cover

1 Conversion Facebook Header

1 eBook Cover

Here's a sneak peek at what's inside a Social Media Theme Kit ...

social media kit for health coaches
social media kit for health coaches
social media kit for health coaches customizable wellness photos

The total value for these kits with the images & professional design work is $300

But you can get these Theme Kits for 

Just $39 each!


WSS Social Media Theme kits are designed exclusively for health coaches and wellness professionals inspiring healthy lifestyle


These awesome morsels of goodness are designed to make your life easier, get your creative juices flowing, and allow you to get back to what you do best - health coaching!



Here are some of the amazing benefits of these kits: 


-  Each kit is designed around a specific theme, and features topics via words, quotes and imagery to inspire your posts. 


-  All graphics come pre-sized for the most popular social media platforms, so you don't have to sink time sizing, resizing and designing your posts.


-  All the gorgeous imagery used in the theme kits are available inside Wellness Stock Shop's photo library, which maintains a cohesive look for our members.


-  You'll receive enough graphics to keep you busy posting, blogging and marketing for a whole month!


-  Plus, it's easy to stick to the theme topic and sprinkle in filler images from Wellness Stock Shop, or other imagery you've gathered in order to keep up with your daily social media posts.


-  As an extra awesome bonus, I've included several BLANK pre-sized templates for you to customize on your own! So that you can create your own social media meme, Facebook ad or event invite, eBook and more!

Get Your Theme Kits For 

Just $39 each!