Six Blogs Every Wellness Entrepreneur Should Follow

Grow your wellness business by following the tips and tricks on these six amazing blogs, designed to support and inspire entrepreneurs

Hey there! 

I want to share with you, a few super duper awesome blogs and email feeds that have been incredible resources to help me grow my business. If you're not already following them, you should be.


Here's why...


These feeds offer powerful tips, tutorials and webinars specifically formulated for entrepreneurs like you and me. Every single site I'm listing here is chalk full of incredible, specialized knowledge that you can apply to help grow your business. 


There are a ton of good feeds out there. And I've specifically chosen to share these six with you, because they've offered incredible value for me personally... and I'm pretty sure the info they share for free is alone worth more than the info you'd receive in many paid courses. 


They cover a ton on marketing strategies and formulas... everything from copy writing to successful social media strategies and building your email list. 


They also offer inspiration by modeling masterful work which has lead to great success. If you tune in and pay attention, you can learn oodles of applicable strategy to strengthen and grow your business.


My recommendation to you is to visit their websites and sign up for their email lists. This is awesome, because you'll start receiving trickle-fed inspiration, tips and wisdom delivered in bite-sized chunks, delivered straight to your inbox. 

#1. Nikki Elledge BrownThe Communication Stylist

" Okay. Sooo I’m not a wardrobe stylist.

(FACT: I spend most days in pajama pants.)

I AM, however, a WORDROBE stylist.



-Nikki Elledge Brown


Not only is Nikki sweet, adorable and hilarious, she is super gifted with words and teaching normal people how to add their own personal style to their website copy. And she makes it so easy!

If crafting your website copy has you boggled and terrified... and if you can't decide whether to speak as "I" or "We"...  Sign up on her email list to receive the "Conversational Copy Cheat sheet".

#2. Amy Porterfield - The Social Media Strategist

" I create dead-simple educational tools that will get you more traffic, more leads and more sales—for less stress and zero drama."

-Amy Porterfield


Wow, this girl can pack some info! Ever have questions about how to achieve social media success, grow your email list or create a successful webinar? Download a handful of Amy's many many podcasts on your next road trip and prepare to get sucked into a world of wonder. Hopefully you'll be in the passenger seat, because you're going to want to take some crazy notes.

#3. Marketing For Health Coaches - The Marketing Strategist

"I want to make sure that you are able to see your ideas and strategy come to life, whether that is in creating a free offer to build your list, setting up an auto-responder, creating a sales page to launch a program, or building your social media presence."

-Amy Lippmann


When you sign up for Amy's email list, she consistently sends you incredibly valuable content for the most important aspects of your marketing that you really should be focusing on, but feel too overwhelmed to look at. What I love about Amy is that she pretty much takes you by the hand and tells you... "It's okay, We're going to face this together". Her info is well formulated and easy to apply to your business. We've paralleled many times on the content we've delivered, so you can probably tell why I'm such a big fan. 😉

Even if you're not a health coach, I encourage you to sign up for her feed, as the information she shares is applicable to all entrepreneurs across the board.

#4. Marie Forleo - Inspiration for Creating the Business & Life You Love

"My work (and this site) is devoted to sharing ideas, tools and resources that will help you create, well, anything.


-Marie Forleo


Oh geez, there is nowhere else to be more motivated and inspired for your life and your business than in the world of Marie Forleo.

I graduated this year from B-School, the life-altering business school for multi-passionate, purpose-driven entrepreneurs. It instantly helped me to get things in order, transform my business, and get on the northbound train.

Jump onto Marie TV for addictive morsels of wisdom, inspiration and answers to all those burning questions of "how to", "why?" and "what to do?"... oh yeah, and a ton of giggles, because that lady is a sassy hoot!

#5. Natalie MacNeil - Forbes "Top 100 Websites for Entrepreneurs"

"Every entrepreneur needs a soul-stirring sanctuary.
Feels Good To Be Home, Doesn't It?"

-Natalie MacNeil


Inspiration heaven! Natalie is an incredible inspiration, following her dreams as a self-employed entrepreneur, and earning a title by Forbes as a "Top 100" entrepreneur with her site She Takes On The World. Check out her site for a plethora of mini videos full of practical, friendly advice.

#6. James Wedmore - Grow Your Business with Online Video

"Whether you're afraid of looking stupid on video, or have never held a camera in your life, I'll show you the SIMPLE path to growing your business with online video"

-James Wedmore


All the bigwigs are talking about it... they say video is the way of the future. Jump on the wagon now and get a head start! I have to be completely honest... video is terrifying to me. Despite what it seems, it's a completely different beast from photography.


This guy makes things super easy for you and shows you how to set up all these tricky little secrets to get the most bang for your time-investment buck on Youtube... and let me tell you... adding video in the right way will give you a MEGA boost on SEO!

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love, briena xo

Now it's your turn to share! What's your favorite blog or email feed? Share the love by leaving a comment below!


  1. Danielle & Sheree on December 8, 2016 at 6:07 pm

    This is an awesome list of blogs! 🙂

    • Briena Sash on December 9, 2016 at 9:28 am

      Danielle & Sheree, you will find SO much good and valuable content in there!

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