Six Blogs Every Wellness Entrepreneur Should Follow

These value-packed blogs offer FREE tips to grow your wellness business on Instagram, Pinterest and beyond.

Hey there!

Whether you're starting your business from scratch or ready to scale, there is so much free content out there to help you grow your wellness business faster, with less overwhelm and more intention.

I've gathered a few super awesome blogs that are incredible resources to help you grow your business. If you're not already following them, you should be.

Here's why...

While they might not all be specific to the wellness industry, these blogs offer powerful tips, tutorials and webinars specifically formulated for entrepreneurs like you. Every single blog listed here is packed with incredible, specialized knowledge that you can apply to help grow your business. 

And, speaking from experience, if the free content is good - the paid product is even better. So you might even find some additional resources that will be worth a future investment for yourself and your biz.

My recommendation to you is to visit their websites and sign up for their email lists. This is awesome, because you'll start receiving trickle-fed inspiration, tips and wisdom delivered in bite-sized chunks, delivered straight to your inbox.

#1. Later - The #1 marketing platform for Instagram

"Instagram marketing strategies, tips, tools and guides"


Stay on top of the latest Instagram marketing trends! Although much of what you'll find on Later is geared towards millennial influencers, there's no denying this is the most value-packed FREE Instagram growth info source on the internet.

You'll find posts on everything from best Instagram editing apps to latest changes in the algorithm. But, beware! There's so much great info, it's easy to get sucked into a vortex, clicking from post to post for hours.

#2. Health Bloggers Community - Make an impact in health and wellness by growing your audience

"The HBC is a collective, as well as an online educational platform aimed at bringing together wellness creators as well as professionals wanting to make an impact in the online world."


Health Bloggers Community shares everything from wellness tips to practical info every health and wellness business needs to know. You'll find tips on blogging, legal contracts, and trending topics you should keep in mind for your marketing.

You'll also find helpful biz-growth resources and interviews with influencers and successful business owners to inspire you.

#3. Marketing For Health Coaches - The Marketing Strategist

"I want to make sure that you are able to see your ideas and strategy come to life, whether that is in creating a free offer to build your list, setting up an auto-responder, creating a sales page to launch a program, or building your social media presence."

-Amy Lippmann


When you sign up for Amy's email list, she consistently sends you incredibly valuable content for the most important aspects of your marketing that you really should be focusing on, but feel too overwhelmed to look at. What I love about Amy is that she pretty much takes you by the hand and tells you... "It's okay, We're going to face this together". Her info is well formulated and easy to apply to your business. We've paralleled many times on the content we've delivered, so you can probably tell why I'm such a big fan. ;)

Even if you're not a health coach, I encourage you to sign up for her feed, as the information she shares is applicable to all entrepreneurs across the board.

#4. Marie Forleo - Inspiration for Creating the Business & Life You Love

"My work (and this site) is devoted to sharing ideas, tools and resources that will help you create, well, anything.


-Marie Forleo


There is nowhere else to be more motivated and inspired for your life and your business than in the world of Marie Forleo.

Jump onto Marie's Blog (and Marie TV) for addictive morsels of wisdom, inspiration and answers to all those burning business and life questions of "how to", "why?" and "what to do?"... oh yeah, and a ton of giggles, because that lady has some sass.

After following Marie and devouring her free content, I joined B-School, her online paid program that "teaches smart, effective online marketing strategies to business owners who want more sales and more impact from their online presence." The life-altering online business school took me from a place of overwhelm and having no clue where to start to total clarity around my niche and how to grow my successful 6-figure passion business. So if you love her free content, B-School is well worth the investment.

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#5. Simple Pin Media - Grow Your Online Presence Using Pinterest

"As the owner and founder of Simple Pin, my goal is to make Pinterest marketing easy to understand and implement without feeling overwhelmed. Let's figure out how to make Pinterest work for you!"

-Kate Ahl


There's no better way to get discovered by your ideal clients than to show up on the platforms where they're hanging out. And chances are, your ideal clients are hanging out on Pinterest! But with the ever-changing platform, it's important to keep up and in the know. Kate helps you make your efforts on Pinterest pay off with incredibly valuable tips and trainings you can implement right away.

#6. Wellness Stock Shop - Grow Your Business with Branding, Design, and Instagram Growth Tips

"I help you design a brand that connects with your dream clients and feels 100% authentically you."

-Briena Sash


Showing up in the wellness industry in this digital age means having a beautiful, professional online appearance. Plus, you want a brand that not only connects with your ideal clients, but also a look that feels authentically you.

Lucky for you, Wellness Stock Shop delivers tips to help you create that luscious, authentic feeling across your website, social media and beyond. You'll find easy, but essential tips for creating a follow-worthy brand and organically attracting your dream followers. Plus, photos so mouth-wateringly beautiful, that you can feel 100% confident you're showing up with a pro look that gets noticed in all the trending online spaces.

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