The Wellness Business Accelerator Essentials Bundle


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The Wellness Business Accelerator Essentials Bundle

The #1 resource for wellness professionals (to fast track your biz success)

Copy Of B School Affiliate Bonuses

Just imagine having all this...

…. A beautiful and cohesive Instagram grid 


... All your social posts scheduled for a year


.... A year's worth of blog posts done and SEO friendly, bringing organic traffic to your website - without you even lifting a finger 


…. Scheduled social media posts that are relatable, relevant and uniquely you 


… The confidence and custom setup to take beautiful photos of your own products and healthy recipes, on demand.

Marie Forleo's B-School affiliate bonus stock photos for wellness professionals.

Item #1 Unlimited Wellness Stock Photos
For 1 Full Year

You’ll have a professional website and social media feed - without spending hours sweating over your smartphone and fumbling with photo filters.  

Plus you’ll get access to the Soulfully Social membership, packed with 100s of done-for-you quotes, Instagram story graphics, and a hashtag vault.

  • Unlimited photos
  • 6,000+ Images to choose from
  • Carefully styled photographs + done-for-you quotes
  • Instagram Story Graphics
  • Effortlessly create a cohesive and consisten website + Instagram feed
  • Royalty free
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Item #2 Done-for-you Designer Branding Kit

Save thousands of dollars on hiring a designer. We’ve done the hard work for you by choosing color palettes and fonts to give your wellness business an instantly professional look. All you need to do is choose the vibe that best suits your brand, then follow the guidance videos to bring your new brand to life!

  • Created by a professional designer
  • 17 Unique looks to choose from
  • Contains 20 expertly-curated, semi-exclusive photos
  • Ready to give your website and social feeds a cohesive look - in an instant

Item #3 Define your brand foundation
(Recorded workshop)

Get clear on your brand personality, values, and how to connect with your ideal clients on a deep level in order to create devoted fans.

(The money is in the connection you make with your audience!)

  • Create brand loyalty and become magnetic to the RIGHT people
  • Uncover what makes you unique
  • Strengthen the foundation of your business
  • Create a brand that stands out in the wellness industry
B-School Bonus for 2020

Item #4 1 Year Social Media content calendar

Kiss good-bye to those mind-blank moments when you don’t know what to post about. With my calendar, you’ll know exactly what to post every single day and find a reason to celebrate with your followers all-year-long.

  • Daily posting prompts that keep you inspired
  • Stay on top of all the trending dates and micro holidays
  • Stay organized
  • Strengthen your social media strategy
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Item #5 365 Caption Prompts

Spend less time staring at that blinking cursor and more time meditating with the inner peace of knowing your social media has been scheduled. You’ll feel fully relaxed again.

  • 365 engaging Instagram and Facebook captions + prompts for a full year (and you can reuse them forever!)
  • Fill-in-the-blanks for easy customization
  • Post engaging content
  • Schedule content months at a time
  • Never miss a post again because you don't know what to say
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Item #6 1 Year of done-for-you blog posts

It’s been difficult to keep this one quiet - this bonus will save you so much time! Instead of wasting hours writing blog copy, you’ll be able to schedule several posts in a day (complete with gorgeous images). And they’re already optimized for keywords that your audience are searching for on Google.

  • Topics include essential oils for stress relief, self care, mindfulness, skin care tips, muscle relaxation, and more!
  • 30 Fully customizable posts so no one will have the same content
  • Written by my trusted copywriter
  • Add some major horsepower + organic reach to your website
  • Power up your website with trending topics that your ideal customers are searching for

Item #7 SEO Masterclass Recording

Learn how to get organic traffic to your website and make sure potential clients are finding your content when seeking answers to their burning questions. My SEO master - who got me to the first page of Google with two businesses - will teach you how to impress the Google Gods.

  • Lay the SEO foundation for a steady stream of website traffic for years to come
  • Simple SEO steps to take with every web page you publish
  • Let clients find YOU, naturally
  • Get the step-by-step framework so you know exactly what to do on the backend to make every blog post count
  • Learn the secret strategies most people don’t know, that get your website ranked on the 1st page of Google search
  • Turn your website into a tool that attracts clients while you sleep, rather than just a pretty online business card
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Item #8 9-Day Instagram Challenge

This challenge is amazing. It's basically a full Instagram course condensed into an easy-to-apply, value-packed workbook that delivers daily "challenge" steps to get crystal clear on your Instagram strategy, create authentic connections, and turn followers into buyers.

Don't take it from me. Check out this feedback from people who have taken the challenge...

Instagram Challenge Rave Content
Instagram Challenge Rave Finally Get It Blurr
Instagram Challenge Rave Clear And Helpful
Instagram Challenge Rave New Client Blurr
  • Create a strategic plan so you know what to post about, how to stay consistent, never run out of content ideas, and naturally attract your ideal followers (not just other experts in your industry!)
  • Design a beautiful, cohesive feed and connect with your followers on a deep, emotional level to turn them into loyal fans (and customers!)
  • Get clear on your hashtag strategy to get your posts seen by more of the right people
  • Learn quick, easy photo and editing tips that will take your smartphone snapshots to the next level
  • Optimize your bio to be sure you're getting found by your target audience

Item #9 Total Brand Makeover Workshop Video Series

You'll get access to all the replays from this exclusive workshop series to watch on-demand.
Each workshop includes a value-packed workbook.

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B School Affiliate Bonus Workshops (2)


Selfies For Wellness Pros


Learn easy tips + tweaks to take flattering self portraits you're not embarrassed to share, so you can show up with confidence and excitement, allowing your audience to connect with you more deeply and fall in love with YOU.

You'll learn:

  • 5 Common selfie mistakes + what NOT to share to your Instagram feed
  • How to get creative with your selfies and capture behind-the-scenes shots
  • The most flattering lighting for the best selfies (psst... it's not direct sunlight)
  • What to wear for flattering shots and how to stay on-brand to create a cohesive feed
  • Easy smartphone and editing tips that will take your selfies next-level
B School Affiliate Bonus Workshops (3)


Instagram-Worthy Flatlay Photos


Take your own photos (create gorgeous pictures on demand).


We'll cover equipment, storytelling, garnishes, and photo editing, so you can easily create stunning storytelling photos of your own recipes, products and lifestyle (even with zero photography skill) to share on Instagram, your website and beyond.

You'll learn:

  • Easy tips to simplify your process and help you create beautiful photos every time
  • Common photo mistakes that will destroy your snapshots
  • The exact props, lighting and backgrounds I use in Wellness Stock Shop photos
  • How to style your product and food photos to make them irresistible
  • Easy editing tips to give your photos that polished look (including my favorite photo filters)
BSchool Bonus Flatlay Workshop Rave Blur 2
B School Affiliate Bonus Workshops (1)


Wellness Website Makeover

Understand how to create websites that sell and don't suck.

We'll dive into the strategic details where you'll learn simple tweaks that make a BIG difference in sales and growing your audience.

You'll learn:

  • Top common website mistakes most pros don't know about that sabotage their success
  • How to capture your prospects immediately, build a relationship with them, and get them to take action
  • How to create a crystal clear message that grabs your viewers' attention and gets them eager to work with you
  • How to naturally guide your website visitor step-by-step through the exact action process you want them to take - to sign up for your email list, book a discovery call, purchase your product, etc
Business Accelerator Essentials

Take my ‘Brand in a day’ challenge

B School Affiliate Bonuses (3)

Essentially, I’m ticking off a few boxes on your extensive to-do list. 


And I don’t want you to wait weeks or even months to see results. 


So I’m challenging you to see if you can create a brand in a day…


1.  Choose your brand colors and fonts 


2. Upload 2 blog posts
(enough for one month)


3. Schedule 5 Instagram posts
(a week’s worth)

That’s how easy-to-implement this is… so you can spend more time planning which foreign country you’ll visit on your extended yoga retreat.