Social Media Photos For Health Coaches and Wellness Bloggers

We've designed our “Postables” to be perfect for Instagram. These square-cropped, curated photo sets help you create a beautiful, cohesive feed. Sprinkle them in with your own photos to boost the overall appearance of your grid, save time, and use them in those mind-blank moments when you simply need something beautiful to post.

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Soulfully Social Instagram photo Membership

Want access to all these, plus thousands more?

Our Soulfully Social membership gives you unlimited access to 2000+ luscious square-cropped photos to effortlessly grow your Instagram following.


What are Postables?

Postables are "ready-post" photos designed to help you increase engagement and lure more followers. Each photo is square-cropped and perfectly sized to meet Instagram requirements in order to maintain maximum crispness. Overlay your unique text and logo, or post as-is to beautify your feed. 

What do I get with a Postables set?

Each Postables set contains 10 photos, professionally selected to look cohesive together and grow your Instagram following. Images are ready to post as-is, or add your logo + text to grow your brand.

Are the watermarks on the photos I download?

No. All WSS photos you purchase come watermark-free. So you get to add your own watermark, logo, fonts, etc and brand them to your business.

How should I use Postables?

Use Postables to beautify your Instagram feed. We recommend weaving Postables images in with your own photos in order to infuse a beautiful, cohesive, personal and professional look that brings your feed to a whole new level.

Postables are great for gathering inspiration for when you have those mind-blank moments.

We recommend using a Postable image as every 2nd to 4th post in order to create a perfectly spaced and balanced feed.

You get extra value from your Postables by using them on Facebook and in your blog posts!


Can I use Postables on other platforms?

Absolutely! Postables are sized perfectly to maintain crispness on Instagram, and they also work great on Facebook, your blog and more!

Are Postables included in my membership?

Yes, Postables are available with a Wellness Stock Shop "Bloggers Unlimited" Annual Membership! Just another awesome perk to being a WSS member.

Here's how you can access Postables with your membership:

1. Go to the Photo Store:
2. Click "Change To Viewing Collections" under the "Galleries" title
3. Scroll down until you see Postables sets (Note: the first 3 sets you'll see are Social Media Kits, which are not included with memberships)
4. Click on the set you want to download, click "View Collection"
5. Download each image as you would a normal photo in the Photo Store
Why are these so dang affordable?

We designed Postables as a solution to the increased Instagram size requirement. Not long ago, you could post a small image to Instagram and it would look amazing. Nowa-days, you need a pretty huge file size in order to maintain the crisp clarity your Insta-feed deserves.

Because experts say you need to post 1-3 times per day, maintaining your feed can get pretty time-consuming - and pricey! We wanted to make beautiful daily imagery attainable to entrepreneurs... so Postables were born ... the most soulful, affordable solution to your daily Insta-posts!

Why buy these when I can use my own snapshots?

The real question is ... how fast is your brand growing with the photos you're currently using? I put Wellness Stock Shop imagery to the test and grew my Instagram account by 10,000 followers in just 6 months. Wellness Stock Shop imagery is proven to help grow your brand and inspire more engagement. The quality of your imagery matters!

But don't just take it from me, here are a couple love notes from WSS clients ... 

"I am already using a huge increase in my engagement on Instagram ... woohoo!"

- Casey Hamm, Health + Wellness Coach


"I get more comments on your photos than any other ... another reason to keep buying!"

- Jenn Wende, Founder of Jen Wende



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