1. What is B-School?

Marie Forleo’s B-School is an 6-week online program designed for anyone who wants to build a meaningful, profitable business.

The program has helped tens of thousands of entrepreneurs in just about every country in the world to find success.

No matter where you are in the creation of your business, maybe you’ve had it for a few years already or maybe you’re just thinking of getting started B-School can help you thrive.

You’ll learn proven marketing strategies, how to maximize your social impact, increase your sales, and how to craft a compelling brand.

This is all done in a way that is fully aligned with your integrity and values. The course won’t teach you how to cut corners, instead, it focuses on proven methods that work, so you can eliminate all those time-sucking activities that aren't working and grow your business, faster.

This is the online business school program that I personally took to build my dream business. It gave me the step-by-step blueprint I needed to build a 6-figure business and get where I am today. Which is why I want to share it with you. Because I know that if it can help me it can help you start the right business too.

Who is Marie Forleo?

Marie Forleo, award-winning author of "Everything Is Figureoutable" and creator of B-School online business training

You might be asking yourself right now who is Marie Forleo? What does she know about running a business?

Marie Forleo is a motivational speaker and life coach with a degree in business finance. After she graduated from college she worked on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. In 2009 she founded Marie Forleo International which focuses on business coaching and personal development for entrepreneurs.

Oprah has called her “a thought leader for the next generation” and Forbes has listed her website as one of the top 100 sites for Entrepreneurs.

Who the Program is For

Marie Forleo’s business course, the B-School is for anyone who owns their own business or will in the future.

It’s for the entrepreneurs who struggle to take their businesses to the next level and the ones who don’t even know where to begin.

There are no age limitations, no requirement to have prior experience or extensive computer knowledge. So long as you go in with a basic idea of your business, be it a side gig you want to take full time or selling an amazing product, you’re ready to join B-School.

When Does B-School Start?

Registration for B-School is opens each February and only happens one time a year for two weeks.

The live course runs for 6 weeks. But, don’t feel like you have to finish it in that time. While the live course takes place then you’ll be able to complete it at your own pace and you have lifetime access to the course.

This means you don’t have to worry about falling behind because of your busy life and you will always be able to go back and review the material even years after you’ve finished the course. That’s because Marie understands that building a successful business isn’t something that can be limited to just an 8-week course, it’s an ongoing process.

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What You’ll Learn in B-School by Marie Forleo

Below I’ve included a sneak peek at the Marie Forleo B-School curriculum so you know exactly what you’re going to get out of each of the 6 modules in the B-School course.

Module 1: Clarify Your Profit Plan

The program begins by clarifying your business vision and goals, identifying your ideal customers and then crafting a unique strategy to help you connect with them. It also helps you find your unique strengths so that you can talk about your brand in a way that resonates with your audience.

Module 2: Create a Website That Converts

Module 2 teaches you everything you need to know about having an amazing website for your business. It begins with choosing the right web platform and takes you through optimizing your site to maximize sales all while avoiding costly mistakes.

Module 3: Design Your Content & Communication Plan

Develop a strategic plan to stay connected to your audience, attract new fans, and promote what you’re offering in module 3. Learn how to design a newsletter, how to create content that increases sales, and even generate a 6-month content plan.

Module 4: Nurture & Grow Your Email List

Email marketing is still one of the most profitable types of marketing strategies for any business, yet so many people get it wrong or worse, ignore it altogether. Learn the right way to connect with your audience with an email marketing strategy in module 4.

Module 5: Deliver Products & Services That Customers Love

Marie teaches a simple method for finding out what your customers want and how to position your offering to maximize sales that sets you apart from your competition while also creating an outstanding customer experience and developing fans of your brand.

Module 6: Timeless Marketing For Modern Entrepreneurs

In this final module, you will learn the 5 disciplines of modern marketing as well as research-driven pricing strategies. It is perhaps the most crucial of all the modules as it dives into the real psychology of sales.

Additional Trainings Included with B-School

In addition to the main B-School curriculum, you get access to some of Marie’s additional amazing trainings that will take what you learn to the next level. In them you will learn how to start the right business, follow through to get more done, marketing for product-based businesses, SEO, and even how to take your business from six to seven figures! These 13 extra courses range in value from $149 up to more than $500 and they’re given to you completely free!

Course Guarantee

Marie Forleo’s B-School comes with a 100% risk-free guarantee. She is so confident that her course will change your life that she is backing it up with a risk-free guarantee. But, I am sharing this with you because I have personally experienced the power of the B-School and I wouldn’t tell you about it if I weren’t 100% confident in the course’s ability to change your life. It changed mine and I know it can change yours too.

To get more information in more detail, check out her program tour page here: https://marieforleobschool.com/program-tour/

Affiliate Bonuses

Every year, I offer a crazy AMAZING affiliate bonus experience to anyone who chooses to join B-School through me. It is, hands-down, the best B-School bonus offer for Wellness professionals. This is the only program I'm an affiliate for, because I know, first-hand, the power of this program and it's ability to transform your business and life. And because of that, I get to pour an incredible amount of heart and soul into creating the best possible bonus to supplement your B-School experience and fast-track your business to success.

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Want to know when B-School doors open?
Fill out your info below to get on the "alert" list.
I'll keep you updated.

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