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Side effects: Self love, appreciation and acceptance

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You're reading this, which means you're probably struggling with money issues that you just can't break through. You probably know the root cause is seeded deeply in limiting beliefs, but you just can't figure out what they are, how to pinpoint them or how to break down your barriers.


If you're like me, you've tried so many things - maybe you've taken different courses, tried different therapies, meditation, Psyc-K ... you experience glimmers of hope, but nothing is working.


I have BEEN THERE. And I highly recommend you give some serious consideration to Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp.


I found the LB Money Bootcamp when I was at the end of my rope and knew I couldn't figure things out on my own. It completely shook things up and propelled me through some massive breakthroughs. The best of which, was completely unexpected: a sense of self love, acceptance and appreciation. For a chronic self-critic and sabbotager, this is probably the most powerful breakthrough of my entire life.


My experience & honest review

If you've followed me for long, you probably know that I hugely contribute my life and business transformation over the past year - and my recent successes - to Denise Duffield's Money Manifesting course.

For years I floundered as a purpose-driven creative, trying to break through my income ceiling. I noticed a pattern: year after year, I'd earn the same amount of income, no matter how hard I tried, no matter how differently I did things, no matter how many jobs I held (at one point, I had 10 miscellaneous jobs, simultaneously). At the end of each year, I'd bring in poverty level income.

I also noticed something else. I'd get to scarily low points. At one point I had $50 in my bank account with rent coming due and lots of bills to pay. No matter how low I'd get, I'd always manage to come up with the money I needed to pull through. This is when I realized something: My money ceiling was self-imposed. There was something intrinsic holding me back and keeping me small. And I was sick and tired of the cycle.

Last year I decided to break through it. I tried different therapies and strategies and even worked with a 1:1 coach. By recommendation, I read The Big Leap by Hendricks Gay. It taught me about "upper limits", which I realized I had, but left me hanging as to how to break through them.

If you've read that book and still feel like you've been left hanging, the Lucky Bitch Bootcamp is the step-by-step formula for breaking through those limiting beliefs.

In short, it's amazing. I list it as one of my essential tools to establishing business success. But, it's so much more than that. The Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp is a formula for self love and appreciation. And we all could benefit from more of that.

Each of us is worthy of abundance. And we really truly are the ones holding ourselves back.

The Lucky bitch Money Bootcamp gives us the tools, support and strategies to help us dive into the depths of our fears, self sabotaging beliefs and deeply seeded blocks in order to break through to a place of self-acceptance and abundance.


My personal results


Immediately when I signed up for the course, things started happening, as though the universe was telling me I was on track.

  • I signed up to be an affiliate for the first time ever and with only 2 days left before the doors closed to the program, sent 2 emails, and someone signed up, which paid for half of my tuition.
  • I took the course in November and that same month experienced my highest-ever income!
  • That same month I was also contacted by my dream institute with a proposal to collaboration.
  • The following month, I was booked out of the blue by my dream client who flew me across the country for an epic branding photo shoot in paradise which epitomized abundance and entirely turned around my past string of experiences with clients who asked for everything and penny pinched for my services.
  • I finally got up the courage to reach out to two contacts with the PR kit I'd commissioned 3 months earlier. One contact replied immediately, featured me in a live interview and we've been collaborating ever since.
  • I almost completely forget what it's like to despise myself.
  • I no longer think money is evil and instead view it as a tool I can use for good.
  • Amazing things continue to happen, like big publications reaching out to feature me as an expert and influencer.
  • Basically, things have been off-the-hook amazing!


Here are some things that I love about the Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp:

  • The incredibly warm, accepting & supportive community
  • The very real, present and positive energy of Denise DT
  • The easy step-by-step layout of the course
  • The accessibility - having lifetime access to revisit the lessons any time
  • The diversity in approaches/strategies
  • The ease of incorporating the different strategies into daily life
  • The quick, applicable lessons
  • The special meditations
  • Having access to all the bonuses, such as audiobooks and other super juicy benefits
  • The true, underlying message - fostering self-love and worthiness

Who I think would benefit from the Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp:

If you're suffering from any of these things, I think you would particularly benefit from the Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp:


  • You know you have "upper limit" issues or a frustrating money ceiling and you've tried so many things, but you just can't break through.
  • You don't think you deserve to be wealthy, or feel guilty at the thought of it.
  • You are your biggest critic and continually self-sabbotage your dreams, goals and aspirations.
  • You've tried so many things to bring in more income, or to make your business a success but you just can't figure out why things aren't working.
  • You're constantly going into debt or pinching pennies.
  • The thought of spending money often puts you into a sweat.
  • Money is a sensitive topic for you and your partner and often causes arguments.
  • You think money is a "necessary evil".
  • You feel a sense of tension when making purchases, constantly feel you're "paying too much", or often use the phrase "I can't afford it".


Soooo... practically, well ... everyone.

I've already experienced amazing results from going through the Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp - and am so happy to have lifetime access to the lessons. This course delivers amazing tools and strategies to help peel back our many unique and complex layers, but it's important to know this is not a quick fix program. The honest truth is, for most of us, working to uncover our limiting beliefs will most likely be a lifelong endeavor. There really, truly is no end. But the discoveries you experience in the bootcamp will likely extend into surprising areas of your life (i.e. self love, worthiness and relationships) and will be life-changing.


There's a reason you're here. There's a reason you've read all the way to this point. Something is clicking. And that's normally a sign from your gut, your intuition, your higher self that you're in the right place. Don't ignore that.

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