Is Marie Forleo's B-School Worth Your While?

Is Marie Forleo's B School online course Right For You

Is B-School Worth The Investment?

All Progress Begins With A Brave Decision Marie Forleo Inspirational Quote

With the crazy success I've had since launching my business just a year and a half ago, a few people have asked me about the best investments that I’ve made in my business. So today, I thought I’d share about one of the top 3 – Marie Forleo’s B-School.

Joining Marie Forleo's B-School completely changed my understanding of how business works - changed my mindset, my approach and completely transformed my business. Things have never been the same and I attribute a ton of my success to what I learned in the progressive program.

It Doesn’t Take Talent Or Luck To Succeed, You Just Need To Decide Marie Forleo

My Experience with B-School

One of the most transformative pieces of advice I received as a biz owner came from Marie Forleo. She said - it's YOUR job to make yourself visible for the people who need you most.

Before hearing this from her, I was spending a ton of time posting to Instagram, writing blog posts and making sure my website was absolutely stunning. I also spent a ton of time feeling super sad and hopeless, wondering why I wasn't attracting likes and follows or business in general. I was putting myself out there, feeling vulnerable, sitting and waiting for people to see me, find my work and reach out for more info.

But they didn't.

The truth is, business doesn't work like that. But it took me years of floundering around, pouring my heart into a barely breathing business to understand this concept. Once I did, things massively turned around for me. But sometimes, in order for things to "click", you just need to hear the right words, said at the right time or in a way that makes sense you you. For me, Marie Forleo has a magical way of saying things that suddenly make a whole lot of sense.

If you relate to this at all, keep reading, friend...

Don't Let Anyone Tell You What You Can't Do inspirational Marie Forleo Quote

To me, the most powerful way to explain B-School is to share my experience with doing it.

When I first invested in it, I felt like I had paid a lot of money, and I was anxious about whether it was going to be worth it. In fact, I cried when I hit the "enroll" button and invested $2000 in an online course that I wasn't even sure would make a difference for me. I honestly wasn't in the best financial place. I had just closed the doors to my portrait business and was taking a risk launching something completely new. Investing in B-School was a huge leap of faith. And it was scary. Now, I sit and wonder how Marie can offer such immense value for such a low price point. Honestly, B-School is massively underpriced for the value it provides!

In fact, if I could, I would forfeit my college degree, because B-School did more for me as a business owner and as a person.

I studied things in college which I have never applied in my every day life. I sunk 4 years of my life and $30,000 into a degree I don't even use. My life was getting pretty depressing, because even after earning a degree with a double major and a minor in business, I realized I was taught next to nothing that actually applied to dreaming up and launching my own, small online business. I was basically at square one, shooting in the dark, learning (painfully slowly) through trial and (even more painful) error.

B-School opened up a whole new level of education for me. It provided real-life, practical, applicable information, resources and steps for setting up every essential piece in my business - starting at the very foundation - gave me the courage to pour my heart into building a purpose-driven business I believe in (not just working at a meaningless job to pay my bills), and taught me how to build it right.

So, rather than sinking tons of hours and YEARS of my life into piecing together all the aspects of my business like I had in the past, in order to barely scrape by at a "hobby" business, I built an efficient, sustainable business with proven strategy that worked!

The Key To Success Is To Start Before You're Ready Marie Forleo Quote

B-School is the creation of the beautiful Marie Forleo. Let me tell you, this woman is FUN! She makes learning seem like chatting with a girlfriend over coffee. And she knows her stuff. Everything that you ever wished someone had told you in order to transform your biz – she covers it.

The content is all of the things that a small biz owner needs to hear. Sure, there might be stuff you’ve heard before. There were so many concepts I'd heard over and over before that I just couldn't wrap my head around or connect the dots. But Marie communicates it in a way that makes you really get it. I can’t count the number of ‘a-ha!’ moments I had while going through B-School.

As a creative, I think differently. I don't think in numbers, charts, graphs, and stale monotone voices. I think in creative, real-talk ways and that's how I learn, too. That's exactly what B-School delivers.


Marie Forleo B-School for creatives and purpose driven entrepreneurs


For me, one real game-changer I learned from Marie was realizing that it’s my job as the professional to make myself visible to the people who need what I have to offer. This is not a time where you can just hang out your shingle and wait for people to come to you! Hearing that from her created a huge shift in my mentality and entirely transformed the way I present my business. 

When I started my business, I had my Instagram and my website, and I was putting my work up. But no-one was coming. I would just sit there and feel miserable and confused: why wasn’t anyone wanting my work?

But the problem is that although I had my stuff up online, I wasn’t letting people know what I did. There were plenty of people out there, waiting and wanting my offers, but I wasn’t there to tell them.

After learning that and applying the B-School lessons, my biz has skyrocketed into the beautiful community it is today.

I could go on and on… but that’s enough about me. Let’s talk about where you’re at, and if B-School might be right for you.

True Fulfillment In Life Doesn’t Come From What We Get, It Comes From What We Give Marie Forleo Quote

B-School Might Suit you, if:

  • You’re currently a small business owner, or are about to start your own business
  • You’ve been playing small in your business, and want to take it to the next level
  • People are telling you that your business is really just a hobby, and you’re ready to prove them wrong
  • You’re just not finding the people who need your services and products
  • You want to learn about how to connect your purpose to your business, and have fun at the same time!
  • It’s time for you to start working smarter in your biz, not harder
“What We Say To Ourselves In The Privacy Of Our Own Minds, Matters. It Drives Our Behavior, Which Drives Our Destiny, Which Shapes Our World.”

“True fulfillment in life doesn’t come from what we get, it comes from what we give.” – Marie Forleo

Do any of these, or all of these, sound like you?


If so, you should definitely consider joining B-School. Personally, it transformed my business into the success it is today – and I want you to experience the same.

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