How to choose the perfect photos for your soulful brand

Whether you're branding your services, a product, a movement, or yourself, choosing the right visuals  is essential to help you captivate the right audience in less than 3 seconds.

Quality intentional visuals that speak to your audience, generate trust, reinforces your positioning in the market and tells your potential buyers what they can expect from you when buying into your brand.

But with so many concept themes and styling options to choose from… where do you even start?

Having previously defined the heart and soul, personality and values for your brand are key to defining your signature style.  

However, here are a couple of tips that will work in your industry and will make your decision-making process easier.



No matter which competitive edge (fun, quirky, disruptive, etc) you want to add to your brand personality in order to differentiate yourself in the market, bear in mind that at the end of the day… you are a big-hearted compassionate brand.

You genuinely care - about human or animal welfare and about the sustainability of mother-nature.

This is why you have solutions to help others live healthier, well-aligned and happier lives.

Therefore, your photos should reflect your honest intentions with genuine transparency.

How? With visuals that transmit natural beauty and genuine care with an extra dose of humbleness.

As a branding expert, I love to use stock photos from Wellness Stock Shop. The photos perfectly transmit that nurturing side of your brand personality.


Think of your brand as a helping hand and an advocate for a specific cause that is aligned with your business and brand.

If you are selling products, you may want to get inspired by brands like the Body Shop or Dove.

Dove is a great example that keeps its verbal and visual identity well aligned.

Their brand defends “natural beauty”. Therefore, Dove aligns its messaging and products with “an authentic signature style”.

This is why the use of visuals that are clean looking portraying normal looking women from different cultural heritages, body shapes and ages.

There is always a “reason why” in all decisions taken when expressing your brand essence.

If you are selling a service, think about the emotional heartfelt benefit that your clients experience after working with you.

Is it less stressful? More confident? Inner alignment? Connection? Better physical health?

Choose one emotional benefit and then brainstorm visual storytelling concepts that can reflect just that.

For example, better physical health leads to being more active and energetic. Therefore you can align all your visuals to show some form of “active movement” and open-doors lifestyle.

What I love about Wellness Stock Shop is that it organizes the visuals by concepts and keywords.

Think of an emotional feeling or adjective for your brand, enter it into the search engine... and VOILA! Get some inspiration!


As you know, there are four main seasons. Each season has its own “color shades” and type of “natural light”.

If you don’t have a lot of experience with styling, don’t mix seasons. Choose one to help you keep your visuals cohesive and consistent. This will also help you reinforce a personality type and mood.


how to choose photos for your brand spring theme

Photo by Wellness Stock Shop in the Journals + Self Care gallery

If your brand is optimistic, energetic, bubbly and highly approachable, then the spring season could be ideal. Think of sparkling, light, fresh and bright tones and color shades like bright yellows, wild rose, fresh kiwis.


how to choose the right photos for your brand summer feel

Photo by Wellness Stock Shop in the Prepared Foods gallery

Summer season is more romantic, dreamy, elegant, balanced, ethereal, soothing. Visual theme can be more delicate, soft with a muted tone. Think of misty rose, light coral, desert sand, juicy watermelon, Ibiza whites, sky blue, pale yellow.

Get access to 8,000+ Real and authentic stock photos and social graphics to grow your business.


how to pick photos for your brand and website with autumn feel

Photo by Wellness Stock Shop in the Botanica Femme gallery

Autumn is earthy, authentic, organic, strong, nostalgic, friendly, comforting. Colors are warmer, intense. Think of grays, copper red, pale golds, cinnamon satin, warm orange, dark pastel reds, dark scarlet, hunter greens.


How to choose the perfect photos for your brand

Photo by Wellness Stock Shop in the Massage gallery

Winter is cool, clear, self-assured, grounded, driven, more dramatic. Think of silvers, light steel blue, sparkling metallics.

It's a perfect season for a more luxurious brand allowing you to be more cutting edge. For example, using a minimalist approach with a strong emphasis on black and white.


If you still have too many ideas think “less is always more”. Try not to use visuals that are “overly-dress up” with filters or extra decorative elements that add nothing to your overall messaging.

When you pick a photo ask yourself:

  • Does this image transmit any form of caring, love and kindness?
  • Is it aligned with my brand essence and promise?
  • Would my client feel reassured when seeing this?
  • Does it reflect the quality of my service and/or product?
  • Does it bring up any feelings or emotions when seeing this photo?
  • If I were my client and saw this visual for the first time… would it inspire me to find out more?

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brand designer

Ana H. Gilfedder is the founder of AsistUp - Branding partner for health and wellbeing.

Half Spanish, half Scottish living in Spain, Ana is a personality-driven brand strategist & stylist. She works with purpose-driven entrepreneurs and small biz owners who want to build a brand aligned with who they are.

A humanist, enthusiast about branding with archetypes, personal development and wellness. Ana helps her soulful clients start or improve their authentic brands so they can grow better.

Connect with Ana at

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