How Marie Forleo's B-School Helped Me Build My 6-Figure Passion Business



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This is the insider story about how B-School helped me to build my 6-figure wellness business, and changed my life. And if you're here because you're interested in joining B-School, you should know it only opens once per year in February.


WHAT: B-School Marie Forleo's 8 week live interactive training program for modern business owners who want to build a profitable, meaningful business. It's not only perfect for online entrepreneurs, but also health coaches, and other wellness professionals who run a brick-and-mortar biz.


WHEN: B-School 2018 enrollment begins Tuesday, February 20th and close Thursday, March 1st at 6pm


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My Story


Reminiscing on the moment in 2016, when I hit the B-School enroll button makes my heart flutter, because I know now what an amazing gift the universe had presented to me.


After 10 years of hustling, working up to ten side jobs at a time (literally - I scrubbed toilets, delivered guacamole, scooped dog poo, steamed lattes...), putting in 80 hour work weeks, and pulling poverty-level income, I was completely burned out.


I was 34, had zero savings, lived in a 500 sq ft flat which I could hardly afford to split the rent, was suffering without health insurance, and was sinking into depression.


I had a choice to make. Transform my life and make sh** happen, or accept that I sucked at business and submit to a 9-5.


I decided to give my dream of being my own boss one final chance. But after 10 years of trying (and failing) to build a business on my own, I knew I had to do things differently than I'd ever done them before.


I shut down my floundering portrait studio and joined B-School.


Total transparency, tears started pouring the second I hit the enroll button and that crowd-cheering "congratulations" video popped up, welcoming me to B-School.


I felt overwhelmed with exhilaration, relief, and terror. It was a giant investment for me. But that leap of faith changed my life forever.

Do you ever compare yourself to others and punish yourself because things aren't happening the same for you?


I recently shared a little of my story on Instagram and it got an amazing response, and I realized - too many of us pressure ourselves with unrealistic expectations.


My biz story doesn't involve one of those overnight 0 to 6 figures magical successes.


It's a raw, true story (in progress!) of dedicated action.


Daily actions which lifted me out of 10 years of "barely scraping by", to doubling my income in one fiscal year - then doubling it again! AND building the heart-centered biz of my dreams.


A business that allows me to work remotely, sipping smoothies on the poolside.


A business that allows me to create opportunities to collaborate with other creatives, support other women-owned businesses, give back BIGGER to the causes I believe in, and make change in the industry, and the world.


I'm not going to tell you it was easy.


It's been a ton of work. The difference these days, however, is that the work and time I pour in actually PAYS OFF.


The unfriendly truth is - unless you're savvy at business and online marketing in this day and age, you will likely sink, because -


How can you keep up, stand out, or get things rolling if you don't actually know HOW?


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Trade schools are awesome. But in my opinion, they fail us in one HUGE way. They teach us how to be an expert - health coach, massage therapist, acupuncturist, photographer - but they DON'T teach us how to be a successful business owner.


I'm getting a little emotional here, because I'm actually talking about my own struggles that consumed TEN YEARS of my life.


Things never changed, no matter how hard I tried, no matter what I did differently. I was completely burnt out and had no idea why I was still failing when I was working SO DAMN HARD.


I now know why things never got off the ground, no matter what I did.


Because I was guessing at everything I was doing.


I was a photographer.


I had no clue how to be a business person. No one ever taught me.


I just thought - If I watched what others were doing, and did the same things, stuff would start rolling. Guess what?


They didn't.


Those ten years and that process was so painful. For years, I thought I was a complete failure. A FAILURE. I tried SO. HARD.


Seriously. I hope that if you're reading this and you FEEL it, that you hear this -


Trying to figure out how to run a successful business without any business training, forcing yourself to guess at everything and do everything on your own, then punishing yourself for not achieving the same success of others is a brutal cycle of self-punishment.


What We Say

I don't know where you're at with your business right now, but if you've read this far, it means you somehow relate to my story.


Please know that you're not alone. I have been there. Please give yourself so much love and appreciation for the amazing things you've accomplished. Keep your self-talk positive.


You are AMAZING.


I know you're in this because you have a huge heart, you're passionate about what you do, and you want to make a difference in our world.


Business is NOT easy.


If I have one word of advice as someone who's been there (not so long ago) and is still in the process of the upward climb, it's - don't do it alone.

And don't wait until things "get off the ground" to make the right investments.


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Listen, B-School is a big investment, and something to take into deep consideration.


I didn't have the money to invest when I signed up. I was seriously struggling.


But, the thing is - I had been struggling for 10 YEARS, and I knew I had a decision to make: Continue struggling, or invest in the help I needed to give me the step-by-step direction to propel me to a new place.




The best decision I made was to stop guessing at all this biz stuff and to get support. For me, that decision came in the form of Marie Forleo's B-School.


My Results


So you might be thinking - okay, Briena but what were your actual RESULTS?


Here are a few of the tangible changes I've experienced since joining B-School just two years ago. (Keep in mind, some results are impossible to measure. Including confidence, clarity and mindset.)

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  • Quit my "day" job(s) to run my passion business
  • Started before I was ready - I had 1,000 people on my email list by the time I opened my biz doors, which meant I had a committed audience to launch to. Consequently;
  • Built my email list to over 6,000 with a crazy high email interaction rate of 53% average
  • DOUBLED my highest-ever annual income my first fiscal year in biz
  • Grew my Instagram following to over 13,000
  • I've been featured as a "guest expert" in multiple international publications, magazines, live interviews, podcasts and webinars, including Health Blogger's Community Magazine, Wellpreneur Podcast with Amanda Cook, Rachel Feldman, and Formula Botanica (to name a few)
  • Mapped out my business process and goals and created a clear, streamlined vision with step-by-step actions
  • DOUBLED my revenue and hit six figures in my second fiscal year.

B-School gave me direction. Taught me to work smarter, not harder. It showed the big picture and helped me to understand which were the IMPORTANT things to invest my time and money into - rather than just guessing and pouring my time and money into things that didn't matter and didn't show any return.


B-School not only changed my business, it changed my life.


You only have one opportunity each year to join. The time is NOW.


Your only opportunity to dive into B-School without having to wait another year is now.


Doors open in February and close March 1st.


If you're ready to make big changes in your biz through a strategic step-by-step action plan THIS YEAR, then you don't want to ignore this. Trying to figure it all out on your own for another year isn't worth it. Believe me. I tested that out for ten years.

Love + Wellness,

Briena XO

P.S. Have any questions about B-School? Leave them below, or jump over to my Facebook Group and ask away! I'm here to support you.


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