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I'm here with more easy tips on how you can create better DIY food photos to attract more followers on social media. I'm pretty excited about the topic today, because it's one of my biggest "want to cry" moments when looking at Health Coach and Nutritionist feeds on social media... seeing pictures of nasty orangey-brown globs of mush. I can't really tell what it is, and it's just not appetizing! 


So, today's question comes from Fran.

Today, I'm answering the question to this very common problem:

Tips for food photos

What You'll Learn


I've got lots of juicy tips in this video. Here's what you'll learn...


  1. How to distract from the mushiness of the dish while still featuring it.
  2. How to make the dish more appealing and appetizing.
  3. How to create an experience for your viewers in order to help them imagine eating it for supper (or lunch or breakfast) 


And, you'll learn when the best time is to photograph your dish, and... most importantly... which lighting you should use.


Watch the Video Here:


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