How To Brand Your Wellness Business, Part 3

How To Brand Your Wellness Business, P3


Welcome to Part 3 of How To Brand Your Wellness Business - choosing your mood words.

It's not only visual components that create the feeling of your branding. It's a great idea to have a few mood, or "tone" words that describe the overall feel you're going for in your branding.

These mood words create a sort of foundation for your branding and will be super helpful to keep you focused when you're ready to establish all the rest of your branding elements.

Just to be clear... you're not actually necessarily going to use these words on your website or in the verbiage for your business. These are more so of a reference for you to keep in the back of your mind... to help maintain an overall feel while you're pulling together all of your visual elements.


Brainstorm Your Mood Words


Like I mentioned earlier, your tone words are going to establish a sort of foundation or tone for your branding.

Close your eyes and think of the products or service you have to offer. What are some adjectives that describe your product/service? Write them all down on a piece of paper.

Don't get too picky with this part, we'll refine it in a bit. Just let the words flow.

Think about how you want your clients to feel when they interact with your business. Write down some adjectives that describe the feeling you want your customers to have.


Mood Word Vocabulary

Some tone words might be...

Adventurous. Artistic. Bold. Classic. Clean. Confident. Creative. Dreamy. Earthy. Eclectic. Edgy. Empowering. Energetic. Fresh. Funky. Glamorous. Hand-Crafted. Happy. Innovative. Inviting. Invigorating. Laid Back. Minimal. Modern. Natural. Nostalgic. Organic. Outdoorsy. Powerful. Refined. Relatable. Retro. Romantic. Rustic. Sexy. Sleek. Soulful. Sporty. Traditional. Tribal. Trusted. Urban. Vibrant. Vintage. Vivacious. Warm. Whimsical. Youthful.

It's also super helpful (and fun) to look up words in a thesaurus.


Your Challenge - Brainstorm and Refine

So here's your challenge for today -

  1. Grab a pen and paper and dump out all the tone words you can think up.
  2. Once you have your words written down, it's time to refine.  Choose five that you connect with and which really embody the feel you want to create with your branding. These will be your branding tone words and will help to create the foundation for the rest of your branding.
  3. Now, share your five tone words in the comments below!


That's it! Now, you've got your mood words. These five words will set the overall tone for your branding. It's super helpful to write them down and have them in a place where you can see them and refer back to them while you're pulling together the rest of your branding elements. Refer back to them each time you pick out something new to add to your branding, to make sure it fits at least one of the five mood words.


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