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The Brand + Batch
Instagram Biz Bundle

Get All The Elements Of A Complete Branding Kit With Ready-To-Customize Canva Templates

The Brand + Batch Instagram Biz Bundle by Wellness Stock Shop

Dear biz owner stressed by how much time you're spending on creating content (and trying to make it look good)...

Which one makes you throw your hands in the air and shout, "Help! It's me!"?

with the creative

You’re unhappy with your graphics, and dream of them looking as good as everyone else's so you can feel confident about your brand.

on posting

You’re not posting regularly, and know it would be easier to stay consistent if you tapped into tools to batch create your content.

Feeling frustrated
by time

You’re spending too much time, leaving you overwhelmed by the effort it takes to create a beautiful IG account and keep it cohesive.

Now for a business-changing question...

What’s the difference between a stressed-out solopreneur spending hours creating their content & the rising biz owner posting consistently while effortlessly maintaining a beautiful feed (and healthy time boundaries)?

Hint: It’s not their sweet dance moves.



The Brand + Batch
Instagram Business Bundle

Months' worth of beautiful graphics with an easy-to-apply brand kit - strategically designed for business owners so you have gorgeous, cohesive content ready to batch in minutes!

Quickly stand out online with totally customizable graphics bundles that contain the templates, colors and fonts you need to create a beautifully branded experience across Instagram (and your entire business.)

Pick Your Favorite Kit

3 Beautiful Branding Styles To Choose From...


Modern & Holistic Kit

Ideal for brands who follow a daily smoothie ritual, crave crisp lines, and are as soothing as a warm hug.


Mindful & Minimalist Kit

Perfect for brands who favor natural diffuser blends, meditation moments, and self-care Sundays.


Luminous & Mystical Kit

Best for brands who embrace daily affirmation rituals, carry crystals and adore all magical things.

A Quick Glance At What's Inside Each Kit...

SLO Sample Post


SLO Sample Quote


Animated Posts

SLO_Kit Contents Samples

Colors + Fonts

SLO_Kit Contents Samples

Tutorial Videos

Brand Style Playbook Sample

Brand Style Playbook

Each Bundle includes…

Repurposable Templates

Each strategically designed Canva template enables you to quickly plug in content (like your words and photos) to cover your most essential topics while keeping your feed cohesive and consistent.


Every single detail has been hand-selected by a branding enthusiast (that’s me!), including color palettes and fonts, to work beautifully together. Photos aren’t included as they must be uniquely chosen for your own business


Simple tutorials help you quickly personalize the Canva templates so you can get back to business.

...and 50+ strategically designed Canva templates every biz boss needs to quickly create content - over and over again.

What Makes Our Templates Different?
Glad You Asked, Friend!

What makes our templates different

Personalize Your Entire Bundle In Minutes!

No design skills necessary.

Website Icons Download

Select Your Favorite Bundle

Luminous, Modern, or Mindful.

Website Icons Color Strip

Pick + Apply Your Colors + Fonts

They're all stunning, you can't go wrong.

Website Icons Camera Share

Customize + Batch Posts In Minutes

It's easy with a FREE Canva account!

I’ve done all the branding work for you. All you need to do is pick your favorite kit when checking out. Voila!

Say no more, just take my money!

Get The Brand + Batch Instagram Biz Bundle
For Just $37

Ready to stop spending hours fussing with your feed?
Lemme wave my magic wand and instantly grant your biggest Instagram wishes...

^^Voila! Your wish is my command! You're gonna love what's inside The Brand + Batch Instagram Business Bundle.

What you get...

a ready-made branded solution for your business (so the colors and fonts work together to make your feed totally Insta-worthy)

…a go-to set of Canva templates to reuse month after month (making it easier to find the time to include Reels, Stories and IGTV in your plan)

…breathtaking designs to showcase your expertise (because creating graphics just isn’t your thing)

confidence the time you spend creating content is worth it (your insights show your engagement is finally on the rise)

…an effortless solution to consistently post (no more ghosting your followers ever again) 

...easy-to-share resources to hand off to your VA (so you can focus on building your vision and serving your people) 


^^ You don’t need a magical fairy watching over you to make all that your dreamy new Instagram reality.

A Closer Look At The Scroll-Stopping Bundle Graphics
(choose from 3 gorgeous design styles)

30+ Engaging Lists
& Info Graphics

10+ Must-Have
Animated Graphics

6 Reel & IG Live Covers

25 Inspirational Quotes

Every Bundle Is Ready To Go With Must-Have
Graphics To Batch Content Quickly, Month-After-Month

Psst... You can download each template as an animated post too!

(It's quick + easy. I've already prepped them for you!)

Just plug in your info and reuse your go-to collection of IG templates every single week, month or quarter to…

  • showcase your lead magnet 
  • fill up your webinar
  • answer FAQs
  • demonstrate how it works
  • highlight testimonials
  • create infographics
  • make comparisons
  • present facts
  • remind of events or sales
  • display products or ingredients
  • inspire with quotes and tweets
  • give a recipe
  • peek at a before and after
  • call out a common question
  • boost engagement with games
  • whatever else you want!

Customizing Our Templates Is
As Easy As 1-2-3

You'll get access to quick video tutorials that guide you through step-by-step

  • Number 1 Icon Circle

    Change your colors + fonts

  • Number 2 Icon Circle

    Switch out photos + graphics

  • Number 3 Icon Circle

    Add your text + logo


(Using The Included Color Palettes + Font Pairings!)


Imagine how freeing (and fun) it would feel to finally grow on Instagram and reclaim hours of time back each week

With The Brand + Batch Instagram Biz Bundle,
You'll Be Able To...
And Finally Say A Forever Goodbye To...
✔️ Create Instagram content in minutes, not hours👋 Questioning your graphics and photo pairings
✔️ Showcase your work with an authentic, cohesive feed👋 Wondering whether your font and color combination works
✔️ Inspire and support people with engaging, relatable content👋 Scrambling over what type of content to post
✔️ Develop deeper connections with potential clients by posting consistently👋 Feeling like you need to be a branding expert, graphic designer or creative
✔️ Easily hand over your IG account to a VA and trust your feed will stay beautiful, consistent and on-brand👋 Staring at blank screens as you try to figure out how to design your graphics from scratch

And if you’re ready to take the next step in your rising biz
owner status, share your new Brand Style Playbook and templates
with your Virtual Assistant.

Sweet words from a few brilliant business
owners saving hours on Instagram

Would have taken weeks on REDESIGN_Instead Minutes
Gina Canva Template Testimonial
Loooving your templates
Screen Shot 2021-11-26 at 11.41.39 AM
So Worth It
Best Stock Around Instagram Testimonial
Screen Shot 2021-07-02 at 10.51.36 AM
planned entire social cal with kits
New templates are amazing
Cut Time In Half

Up for a little tour?

Let me show you behind-the-scenes when you purchase one of these value-packed kits...

What’s inside each branding kit in The Brand + Batch Instagram Business Bundle exactly?

50+ Customizable
Canva Templates
✔️ Showcase your expertise with engaging lists and infographics

✔️ Grow engagement with animated and gif graphics

✔️ Call in your dream clients with inspirational quotes

✔️ Keep your IG feed cohesive with gorgeous Reel and IG Live covers
20 Unique Color Palettes + 10 Font Pairings
✔️ Choose your favorite palette with a swipe file designed specifically for your bundle

✔️ Discover designer tips for using colors on your feed to assure your brand looks professionally styled

✔️ Learn how to access the free fonts inside Canva to make customizing your templates super easy

✔️ Apply your palette + font choices across all your entire collection of graphics in just a few clicks–it’s like a virtual ‘paint by numbers’
_(600 × 370 px) SLO Sales Page Thumbnail_IGBF
Your Brand Style Playbook
✔️ Super important at-a-glance headquarters for all the elements of your visual brand

✔️ Ensures brand consistency when you plug in your fonts, color palette, link to the templates, and a few sample graphics from your favorite branding bundle

✔️ Confidently hand off too your VA so they can take over creating your content immediately!
Be Your Own Designer Training Bundle
✔️ Uncover easy-to-apply tricks to edit your new Canva templates in minutes

✔️ Discover the best and simplest grid layout to keep your Instagram feed looking beautiful and balanced

✔️ Find out how to transform any of your Canva templates into eye-catching animated social posts

✔️ Learn bonus color palette and font tips to create a branded feed that’s totally customized

Since someone else (that's me!) has done the job of font-pairing and color matching for you, all you need to do is apply your chosen palette to your 50+ graphics to create one beautifully cohesive look - in a single click!

And because gift-giving is one of my love languages–let’s unwrap your bonuses


Srolling Video Mockup Tutorial

Show off your latest product, promotion, or client work with scrolling videos that give your IG followers a sneak peek inside what it’s like to work with you or purchase your offer. Perfect to pair with the Canva mockups inside each brand kit.


Portrait Cutouts Canva Tutorial

_(600 × 3700 px) SLO IG MAKEOVER WORKSHOP_Sales Page Thumbnail_IGBF (600 × 400 px) (2)

IG posts with portrait cutouts are popular and for good reason! They help you build a recognizable brand and connect with the human side of your business (that’s you!) by showing the face of your business. Another lovely plus is that cutouts help you get the most out of your photos because they’re used in so many ways! (Note: this method will require a "pro" Canva account).