Unleash Your Wellness Influencer Total Brand makeover

Implementing B-School for Wellness Professionals

B-School is NOW open!

If Building Your Dream Business + Making An Impact

Would Change Your Life, This Is For You!

B-School offers the proven strategy to get you there, faster.

Marie Forleo's B-School has been changing the lives of passionate, purpose driven entrepreneurs who want to change the world (just like you) for ten years!


It's the first-ever online business training for modern entrepreneurs and will take you step-by-step through building the profitable, meaningful business of your dreams.


This is, hands-down, the most powerful, thorough and effective business training out there. (There's a good reason why it's endorsed by some of the biggest stars online)


There's never been a better time to grow your online business. Your time is NOW.

The 8 week interactive program will help you build a sustainable foundation, boost your authority, build meaningful connections and develop a system for automated growth + revenue.

Imagine how amazing it will be to work on YOUR terms. Taking calls, poolside, while sipping green smoothies and earning new clients + sales in your sleep - while impacting the lives of thousands of people + being able to give back, BIGGER.


B-School has transformed the businesses and lives of thousands of heart-centered business owners around the world - including me!


Are you ready to be the next success story? Let's make it happen!


When you join B-School, you'll receive all the strategic + practical pieces you need to step into the shoes of a successful business owner.


Working with me puts a ribbon around it, making sure you look amazing + feel confident shining online like the wellness influencer you are on all the major platforms where health coaches, body workers, mindfulness teachers, essential oil advocates, and skin care professionals shine.


So that you can show up more confidently, grow an organic connection with your soul followers, and build your meaningful, profitable business, faster. 

PLEASE NOTE: To receive any of my bonuses, you MUST join B-School through my affiliate links here on this page


Hey there! I'm Briena Sash,
6-Figure Wellness Biz Owner...

I’m an award winning photographer and the creator of Wellness Stock Shop. And here’s a lil’ story: not long ago, I called it quits on my floundering business after barely scraping by for nearly ten years. Even though I was amazing at the creative side of things, the business end? Not so much.


That’s when I decided I needed to flip this thing around (I was so done living month-to-month #masterthrifter, while KNOWING I had the gifts to make a difference in the world. Sound familiar?).


Enter B-School.


Now, I’m making more money than I ever imagined, running a 6-figure wellness empire and sharing my gifts to impact the lives of thousands of people around the world.


Weilding the teachings of B-School, and combining those business skills with the branding strategy I've learned over the years - has resulted in a powerful formula for online success.


It affords me to live a laptop lifestyle on-demand (lookout Bali!) and give back to causes I deeply believe in, like the Non-GMO Project.


And between making my own hours, taking daily yoga-work breaks and watching my beautiful plant-babies, savings account and clients' online businesses grow, life’s pretty AMAZING!

Make More Money. Change The World.

I owe every ounce of my business success to Marie Forleo's B-School.
Here are just a few of my tangible results:

Doubled my highest-ever income in my first year

Hit 6-figures in my second year

Built 3 automation funnels to make $$ while I downward dog on my yoga mat

Created the time + location freedom of my dreams

Became the 1st-ever stock photo contributor to 1% for the Planet, so I can give back BIGGER


How Does B-School Work?

Each week, you'll be sent an email with access to a new module.

Each module is FILLED with step-by-step training videos, done-for-you templates, resource lists and worksheets. (You get 24/7 access, so watch at your own pace.)

There will be two weeks of live implementation, including LIVE coaching calls with Marie, so you can call in and ask her questions 1:1.

You also get access to a private Facebook group - AND - advanced bonus training modules on everything from PR, DIY Tech Training, Basic Metrics, Social Media, Productivity, and How to Get Outstanding Testimonials... these are priceless!

You get LIFETIME ACCESS to B-School, so you can complete each module at your own pace - whenever is best for you throughout the year. Or, join the live round year-after-year.

Briena Sash

invites you to join

Unleash Your
Wellness Influencer
Total Brand Makeover

Included in my B-School bonus are all the intimate guidance + tools you need to build a stunning,
impactful online presence and
nleash your wellness influencer

Here's What's Included In My B-School Bonus,
Your Wellness Influencer Total Brand Makeover


(Total Value $1,836)

Unlike other B-School affiliates, I won't overwhelm you with extensive course materials...


... I'll get you hands-on support and direct access through workshops and tools designed to help wellness professionals (like you!) implement B-School.

NOTE: To receive any of my bonuses, you MUST join B-School through my affiliate links here on this page

Exclusive Total Brand Makeover Workshop Series

Join Me LIVE (online)


Your LIVE bonus experience begins after you've finished B-School.
You'll continue the momentum with a full month of workshops + support, starting May 1st.

(VALUE $999)




Create Your Unique Wellness Brand


We'll dive in deeply to strengthen the very foundation of what builds a magnetic brand... to strengthen the concept around your niche specialty, uncover what makes you unique in the saturated market, and make sure you're strongly communicating in a way - through words and visuals - to attract your ideal clients like bees to honey.




Selfies For Wellness Pros


Learn easy tips + tweaks to take flattering self portraits you're not embarrassed to share, so you can show up with confidence and excitement, allowing your audience to connect with you more deeply and fall in love with YOU.


how to take better flatlay photos copyrighted image Wellness Stock Shop


Instagram-Worthy Flat Lay Photos


Take your own photos (create gorgeous pictures on demand).


We'll cover equipment, storytelling, garnishes, and photo editing, so you can easily create stunning storytelling photos of your own recipes, products and lifestyle (even with zero photography skill) to share on Instagram, your website and beyond.




Wellness Website Makeover

B-School has an entire module dedicated to how to create websites that sell and don't suck.

You'll have an opportunity to get my professional eye on your website during our live website reviews where you'll learn easy tweaks that make a BIG difference in sales and growing your audience.

I'll share how I leveraged my website to grow my email list to over 6,000 and how I leveraged my blog to get my site on page one of Google search in a highly saturated market.


Join B-School Here + Get My Bonuses

PLUS, You'll get Wellness Stock Shop's
Highest Value Offerings...

You don't have to wait until after B-School to begin beautifying your brand. You'll get access to my top tier photo membership and DIY branding course to dive into at your leisure.


wellness professional B-School affiliate bonus photo membership

Annual Unlimited
Photo Membership
(VALUE $390)

My biggest, most value-packed photo plan that allows you access to 6,000+ stunning photos with unlimited downloads for a full year.

Stock Photo Membership B-School Bonus
brand your wellness business quick start course

Branding Your Wellness Business, Quick Start Course (VALUE $197)

Get your brand done in as little as a weekend with step-by-step guidance to discover the best unique look for your brand (value $197)


✔️ How to choose the best colors + fonts

✔️ How to design your logo

✔️ How to stay cohesive on Instagram, your website + beyond

✔️ How to design a brand that's uniquely YOU + connects with your ideal audience


And, Extra Group Support For Your
Intimate B-School Bonus Experience...

During our live workshop month, you'll get a full month of access to a private Facebook group to help support you with your branding growth + implementation.

(VALUE $250)


Annual Unlimited Membership (1)


30 Days Of Additional Support
(Starting May 1st)

Get branding and implementation support all month. You can ask any branding or photo questions you have while implementing your beautiful new look across your website and social platforms.

Want to join me for this Organic Business-Growing,

Brand-Beautifying Adventure?


Here's what you need to know:

B-School Bonus 2019
  1. It doesn’t matter if you're just starting out, or in your tenth year of business. All that matters is that you want to make A BIGGER IMPACT doing what you love.
  2. B-School will get you all the strategic and practical pieces in place - working with me puts a ribbon around it, and makes you irresistible for your perfect clients.
  3. I'll give you the intimate guidance you need to create a beautiful, influencer-worthy presence so that you'll step into the online arena looking and feeling incredible, grow your brand on Instagram and beyond, faster, and clients will show up on your doorstep, eager to work with you - And it’s up to YOU to take action.
  4. In order to receive any of my bonuses, you MUST join B-School through my special affiliate links here on this page.

Is B-School Right For You?

Do you want to make a bigger impact in the world?

Do you want to spend less time hussling and more time doing things you love?

Do you want to smash your income ceiling and make money while you sleep?

Do you want to create a business that's MEANINGFUL and profitable?

Do you want to stop feeling scattered, get clear on your offerings + feel like you've got it all together?

Do you want to stand out in the crowded market?

Do you want to step into the wellness industry with confidence + authority?

Do you want to learn someone who's highly successful and has guided thousands of others like you?

Are You Ready To Finally Stand Out Get Seen?

My Unleash Your Wellness Influencer Total Brand Makeover Workshop Series begins May 1st, right after you've finished B-School. I am so excited to help you show up, shining!


As a B-School affiliate, I may receive a "thank you" from Marie (at no extra charge to you) if you choose to join B-School via my special links. This allows me to give you extra support, via bonuses. Woot!