Here's how one therapist fixed the issue

I was recently contacted by Missoula, Montana massage therapist, Marie Wilcox of Backstrokes Massage. Marie purchased two WSS stock photos for her new website, and had amazing feedback on her search for beautiful, purposeful massage pictures to represent her practice...

"Holy cow. I am a complete imbecile to most things computer related and had to design a new website for my business. After hours, no days of looking at terrible boring stock photos I was close to the point of hiring someone to get what was in my mind out on paper so to speak. I’m a massage therapist and HATE pictures of bamboo, lavender, people with a fake look of serenity on their faces and really just ugly staged pictures. YAY for you! I about died when i finally found you! Such beautifully composed photos. Unique and full of what I wanted to convey in my website..."

Check out how Marie used her WSS stock photo on her new website!

massage pictures by wellness stock shop

"...The pictures from the Wellness Stock Shop are far superior to any other wellness/massage photos available. I spent days looking at photos for my massage website and all I saw were boring, unoriginal, soulless faux peaceful pictures that certainly did nothing to convey how I saw my business. Then the clouds parted when i found the Wellness Stock Shop. Beautiful and unique. So relaxing without forcing it down your throat! Love love LOVE the shop!...

I hope you continue to add more to your shop. You have a fantastic eye and I will bet you more massage therapists would want a truer image of their profession."

- Marie Wilcox


Check out Marie's practice at

Explore an entire store full of over 2,000 wellness themed photos - you'll find massage and so much more in the WSS Photo Store.

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