Did you know, our brains process visuals 60,000 times faster than we process words?

That’s why having eye-catching images that promote your business and offer value to your prospects are a must.

Quality photos grab attention and make your oils business stand out.

Not a professional photographer? No problem.

These days, savvy essential oil business owners and wellness influencers are saving time and growing their businesses faster by tapping into stock photos.

It may not seem obvious at first but there are dozens of ways that stock photography can help you grow your business.

I’ve put together a few ways your essential oil business can use stock photography in promo designs to thrive and be the envy of the internet.

1. Diffuser Blends (Pinterest)

Pinterest graphic with stock photos for essential oil diffuser blends

Creating diffuser blend graphics is a great way to boost SEO for your website, get discovered on Pinterest, and inspire others to use essential oils. Plus, they're super fun to make!

Wellness Stock Shop offers plenty of photos with ample "white space" for you to overlay text. This makes it easy to create diffuser blends and other shareable designs to inspire your followers and promote your essential oils business.

Grab 3 done-for-you Pinterest diffuser blend graphics HERE.


  • Photos with negative space allow you to easily overlay your text with a clean look.

  • When using a "busier" photo (without negative space), try adding a color background with decreased opacity behind your text so you can still see the photo, but your text is easy to read.

  • Group blends based on themes, such as a specific oil, desired feeling, emotion, ailment, activity, holiday or season.

  • Use your branding colors and fonts to maintain your branded look.

  • Add your logo, watermark, and/or website URL to help boost brand recognition.

  • Repurpose your graphics to share to multiple platforms (i.e. your blog, Pinterest + Instagram Stories).

2. Highlight a page or promo (Mockups)

Mockup stock photos to grow your essential oils business

Using mockup images is a super fun, savvy way to promote your webpage or promo.

In the Wellness Stock Shop mockup collection, you'll find images with iPad and iPhone screens in addition to blank journal pages and even menu cards.

Mockups look professional and there are endless possibilities for what you can plug into the blank screen to help promote your essential oils business.

I've created a list of ideas for you...

Journal mockup stock photo for your essential oils business


  • Affirmations
  • Diffuser Recipes
  • Webpage
  • Promotion Page
  • Featured Essential Oil, Promotion, or Product
  • Your Freebie Opt-in
  • Sales Page
  • Instagram Feed


  • Menu Or Healthy Recipe
  • Special Promo Code
  • Course Purchase Page
  • GIF Highlighting an Action
  • Step-By-Step Process
  • Inspirational Quote
  • Tips
  • Pinterest Account
  • Social Handles


PRO TIP: CLICK HERE to learn step-by-step how to add your image to an iPad or iPhone mockup screen in Canva.

3. Design A Beautiful Feed (Instagram)

Stock photos make it easy to design a stunning essential oils Instagram feed

Maintaining a beautiful Instagram isn’t easy by any means but stock photos can make it so much easier!

You won’t have to spend hours setting up the perfect snapshot and fumbling with photo filters for that one scroll-stopping image.

It’s so simple it kinda feels like cheating. But I’ll let you in on a secret. Most of those swoon-worthy Instagram feeds you love? They're using stock photography.



  1. Find a beautiful, quality source of stock photos for Instagram - like this one.
  2. Sprinkle your own snapshots evenly into a feed full of high quality stock photos to maintain an authentic look while boosting the overall appearance of your feed.
  3. Apply a photo filter to your own snapshots that matches the finish of the stock photos and gives your photos an extra polished look.
  4. Photos with "white space" allow you to overlay text. Try highlighting a diffuser blend or Inspirational quote.

PRO TIP: CLICK HERE for tips on how to blend your own images with stock photos to create a beautiful Instagram feed.

Get access to 8,000+ Real and authentic stock photos and social graphics to grow your business.

4. Freebie COVER (Email List)

Create a beautiful essential oils ebook cover or freebie design with Wellness Stock Shop stock photos

There's no better way to keep connected with your prospects, build an authentic connection or promote your offers than to build a nurtured email list.

And the best way to build an email list for your essential oils business is to offer something valuable for free!

An eBook is a popular freebie to offer. You can share your favorite essential oils recipes, diffuser blends or tips.

Creating a beautiful, eye-catching graphic is essential to getting your prospects to drop their name and email in exchange for your freebie. Beautiful images like these stunning doTERRA certified stock photos will help make your freebie irresistible!


PRO TIP: Get my ultimate freebie opt-in tips, along with a the ultimate list of freebie opt-in ideas (free download) HERE

5. STORIES (Instagram)

Essential Oils Stock Photos For Instagram Stories Diffuser Blends

Instagram Stories have become increasingly popular. Plus, they're a highly effective way to build a more personal connection with your audience.

Followers love seeing a more behind-the-scenes glimpse into your world. They also love to receive helpful tips and insights.

This offers a perfect opportunity for you to share tips for how to use essential oils, feature your promos, and highlight certain scents and essential oil diffuser blends.

While Instagram Stories only last 24 hours and can be super time-consuming to pull together on a daily basis, stock photos can help save you tons of time and make posting easier.

Just plug your essential oil stock photo of choice into an Instagram Stories template, add your text, and - ouala!


  • Hold your viewers' attention by creating a storyline with your daily Story. Or be sure there is a relevant, cohesive theme.

  • Create intrigue by taking advantage of all the design options available in IG Stories. For instance, switch up fonts when adding text to your photos or templates... this helps to keep your viewers interested.

  • Sharing tips and recipes your ideal clients can use right away gives them an instant win and gets them excited for more.

  • Use done-for-you templates and add your own text.


After analyzing over 1 million articles, BuzzSumo found that those with an image once every 75-100 words got TWO TIMES the social media shares as articles with fewer images. (SOURCE)

There you have it. Five promo design ideas for your essential oil business, packed full with tons of valuable tips, tricks and tools for you to tap into.

xx Briena

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