5 Must-have Tools Your Wellness Business Can’t Live Without

5 Must Have Tools Your Wellness Business Can't Live Without

In today’s online world, there’s no doubt that technology can be your best friend. But, when it comes to growing your wellness business, finding the right tools to support your growth, tools that ‘get you’ as a wellness practitioner can sometimes feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Regardless of whether you’re a naturopath, yoga instructor, wellness blogger, acupuncturist or any type of natural wellness practitioner, these 5 business tools will skyrocket your productivity, visibility and brand. So, you can spend more time doing what you do best!

1. MindBody

Whether you’re a yoga studio, gym, spa or salon, this powerful business management software makes every interaction with clients a little easier.

Mindbody delivers everything you need to manage and grow your wellness business. From online booking tools, instant check-in, client record keeping, attendance trends, and marketing tools (intro offers, custom gift cards, loyalty programs). It even helps reduce no-shows with automated text messages to confirm your clients upcoming visits.

Your clients benefit too from being able to see all the classes and services from one app. Whether that’s yoga today, a massage tomorrow or their personal training next week.


2. Wellness Stock Shop

Creating a consistent visual look for your brand just got easier.

Forget sifting through thousands of stale stock photos trying to find what you need, Wellness Stock Shop is an ever-growing resource of 8000+ royalty-free photos designed specifically for wellness bloggers and business owners.

The brainchild of award-winning photographer Briena Sash, the site offers soothing, soulful photos and includes nutrition, essential oils, skin care, fitness, body therapy, energy, emotions, nature and more. Because the images are all from one photographer (not hundreds), you’ll never have to waste time trying to match images from different creators.

And if your social media feed needs a breath of fresh life, the site adds new images every month to keep things fresh and fun.

"Every time I post a photo using a Wellness Stock Shop image” says site member Donna Parker of @blondysbakedgoods, “I see more likes, more comments, & more engagement than any other photo I post."


3. CoSchedule

If there was just one tool that could post all your content, this is it.

CoSchedule is a content calendar which consolidates your entire marketing strategy into one tool, allowing you to promote effortlessly.

As a cloud-based management tool, it allows you (and your team) to schedule and manage all of your online content via a visual drag and drop interface, making it easy to see what you’ve got scheduled. It provides sophisticated analytics, so you can understand what content your audience is engaging with. Plus, the apps ReQueue feature finds and fills the gaps of your daily schedule, determining the best time for you to post.

But don’t take our word for it. Fab Giovanetti, Founder and Director of Health Bloggers Community (HBC) Magazine, swears by it. “Without a content calendar we would not be able to promote, produce and deliver blog posts so effortlessly — even on weekends”, Says Giovanetti “I know that having a functional content calendar is the best way to ensure that I don’t have to worry about when and how my content goes out.”


4. That Clean Life App

Empower your clients to eat smarter.

That Clean Life app gives you all the tools you need to create beautiful, branded and nutritionally balanced meal plans for your clients, without having to spend hours on it.

Co-Founded by Abigail Hopkins, a Registered Nurse and Culinary Nutrition Expert, the app allows you to easily building meal plans, access a database of professionally-photographed pre-built recipes and programs, add your own recipes and meal plans, and even auto generate grocery lists and prep guides in minutes.


5. B-School

Learn to love marketing, attract the right clients, and grow your business, faster.

Designed by world-renowned life coach and “Everything Is Figureoutable” New York Times best-selling author, Marie Forleo, B-School tops the list of must-have tools to drive your business success in 2020. The 8-week interactive online training program teaches modern business owners smart, effective marketing strategies in order to make more sales and more impact online. 

The key to the program’s effectiveness? The interactive training breaks down the seemingly complicated process of growing an online business into easily-digestible training modules. So whether you’re just starting out or established and ready to grow, the video-based program will “teach you to execute at your highest level”. It’s uniquely designed to help you turn your business into a force for good. So you can fuel higher profits and your higher purpose. 

The must-have program only opens once per year (in February), so be sure to get on the waitlist. 


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