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Hello Hello, friend!


I'm jumping right in today. Tell me if this sounds like you...


You took a friend's advice to post pics of all your snacks, shakes and healthy meals on social media to inspire (and attract) followers.


But your photos just aren't that great, and you can't really put a finger on what specifically is wrong or missing.


And, so far, the trickle of Instagram "likes" and comments are coming mostly from your friends and family-  not from prospective clients.


You need better photos... and I got you on this.


Today, I'm going to reveal the three biggest- deadliest -most common mistakes I see health coaches and wellness advocates make with their healthy food photos.


Before you can start taking better food photos, you've got to know what mistakes you might be making - to finally put your finger on what's going wrong.


So here goes my list of the top 3 mistakes you can make with your healthy food photos. And, before we jump in, do me a favor-  When you're reflecting on how these mistakes might apply to your own food photography - Be honest with yourself. 


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The number one key to good photography is having good lighting. 


So let me ask you this - do you ever use either of these lighting sources:

  • the flash from your camera
  • the overhead light from your kitchen


If your answer is yes to either of those, oh no!  You're making the number one biggest food photography mistake! The two worst forms of lighting are flash and tungsten (lamp light, overhead light).

But don't panic yet ... it's an easy fix, and the cool thing is ... your food photos can see major improvement, instantly, by avoiding these and using natural light.


Want to know more about the best lighting for food photos? Watch This Video.



It's super important that your food photos are in super crisp focus. Think about a salad... you want it to look crisp and fresh. A blurry image gives a mushy appearance.


Not only does a blurry photo make food appear mushy - often times it's hard to tell what the picture even is.


Here are a few factors that can affect whether or not your food looks in focus:

  • Your distance from the food (you may be standing too close)
  • The camera doesn't know what you want it to focus on
  • Lighting (too dim/harsh contrast)
  • Using the right size of image when posting to various social media platforms (see my blog on Simple Social Media Sizing Guide for a sizing cheatsheet!)



The third biggest mistake I see with healthy food photos is super close-up photos of food that just shouldn't be photographed super close up.


There are very selective times when you'd want to photograph food super up close, because - honestly - not many foods photograph well in macro. So, the safe bet, in general, is to keep a bit of distance.


Here are a few unwanted results that can come from super close up shots of food:

  • The food is often blurry because the camera can't focus.
  • It's hard to tell what it is.
  • We, as viewers, focus on little details, rather than the whole meal.
  • The food generally looks like mush.



STEP 1 - I encourage you to take a look at your social media feed with a fresh set of eyes. Sit back and really reflect on whether you're making any of these big mistakes.


STEP 2 - Subscribe to my Youtube Channel to follow along with me in my DIY Healthy Food Photography series, and apply my tips. I promise you will see improvements in your photos and in the numbers of followers on your social media feeds.


STEP 3 - Follow me on FACEBOOK where I post little morsels of DIY Healthy Food Photo Tips!


STEP 4 - Accountability. I want to hear from you! Comment below to let me know which one of these 3 Food Photo Mistakes you're guilty of. And ONE step you'll take today to change it.

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