Three tricks to turn your wellness videos into traffic driving machines

Hey there!


Should I feel embarrassed about this?


I had no clue Youtube is full of tricky little golden nuggets to turn your videos into the crazy-awesomest traffic-driving herding dogs (for your website)!


Even if you're not making videos yet, you'll quickly realize you should be by the end of this post.  Your videos can be so much more powerful than you think!


Today, I want to share a few super savvy tricks I recently discovered, that I had NO clue about before last week!

Here are our Ultimate Youtube Video Goals as entrepreneurs:

  1. Be seen and get ranked.
  2. Get people to subscribe to our channel.
  3. Get people to head to our website and sign up for our opt-in.
  4. Get viewers to interact.
  5. Make sales.


So, here’s the thing though… as we entrepreneurs know, there are always tricks, content and prompts we need to put in place in order to make this golden ticket work its magic for us. So… simply making a video and posting it up there isn’t going to have the desired effect we want.


The Party Is Happening On Youtube. Are You Joining In?

Honestly, I had no clue about the crazy impact video can have in boosting your business.


Did you know that Google owns Youtube? (Hello crazy SEO boost!)


And not only that-  Youtube is considered the second largest search engine on the internet! (second to the big G, of course)


But, Briena- what does this mean?


This means, sweet friend, that there are crazy piles of people searching for valuable info and answers to their burningest questions up on Youtube (that’s right, I said burningest) -  And you should be there to answer them and show off your expertise.


So here's the juice you've been waiting for...

3 Essential Youtube Elements (To Make All The Magic Happen.)

(And the good news is… it doesn’t matter if you already posted videos on Youtube… you can add these any time.)

1. Subscribe Annotations

What the what is an annotation? I’m glad you asked!

Annotations are little pop-ups that give tidbits of information, like an explanation, or-in this case- a prompt to take action and subscribe to your channel! Brilliant! And, yes, this is a built-in feature on Youtube and you should be taking full advantage of that little popsicle.


You can learn how to add subscribe annotations by doing a Youtube search for "James Wedmore how to add subscribe annotations".

Also, here's HIS WEBSITE. He delivers valuable tips when you sign up for his list.

2. External Link Annotation

Yep, there’s another type of annotation, and this is a biggy. Did you know that you can have a “linked website” connected to your Youtube channel? AND you can setup annotations (little popup prompts) to direct your audience to visit your website and sign up for your opt-in or buy your product. This is what makes Youtube SO cool! It’s not just a video platform. It’s a funnel to get more exposure and send people to your website. So awesome!


You can learn how to add external annotations by doing a Youtube search for "James Wedmore how to add external annotations". 

3. Intro Video

Have you ever noticed the “for new visitors” tab on your Youtube Channel? You can select an intro video that you want great new viewers with when they visit your page! This is not something to slough off. It’s super valuable realty. You can select your most popular video, or create an actual intro video to greet people and tell them what you’re about… and direct them to do what you want them to do next.


Not only this, but the video description is displayed on the page right next to your video, which gives you the opportunity to highlight your website URL and ask people to go sign up for your opt-in.


I was so excited when I discovered this option the other day that I jumped up and made an intro video right there and then.


Check it out to see how it works and get inspired (please excuse the awkwardness of me on camera)… and I'd love for you to subscribe to my channel! You’ll find easy tips for creating better healthy food photos using your smartphone.

Watch my intro here:


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What did you find most helpful? Let me know by leaving a comment below!


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