With the world adjusting to a “new normal”, right now you have an incredible opportunity to step into a bigger leadership role as a wellness professional.


How you show up now can strengthen the connection your audience has with you and your business now and long into the future.


This season, it’s important to inspire your audience with relevant topics that encourage and motivate them to maintain calm and live their most balanced and nourished lives.


It’s important to step back and take a bird’s eye view of the overall energy and focus right now. Ask yourself pertinent questions that will help you show up and offer support where it’s needed right now.


  1. What are people struggling with right now?
  2. What’s the new norm that my people are trying to adapt to?
  3. What questions do they have?
  4. What do they desire right now?
  5. What are they searching for?
  6. What will make things easier for them?
  7. What will help to ease their minds?
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With businesses and schools closing and people working from home or losing their jobs, everyone is experiencing some degree of life and routine change. This can come with elevated stress, anxiety and confusion.


That’s why there’s a vast opportunity for you to step into your most expansive role. As a health or wellness expert, you have a big opportunity to help serve the people around you with tips and motivation to help them stay calm, balanced and healthy and help them to adjust to their new lifestyle with ease.


Whatever your specialty, you can do your part by supporting your followers with encouragement, positivity and wellness topics. Share the things you do to:


  • Boost your immunity
  • Stay healthy
  • Ease anxiety
  • Stay balanced
  • Maintain a healthy mindset
  • Maintain a sense of life control


Offering guidance around relevant topics like these is needed right now. Offering this type of support by sharing quick, easy-to-digest content with actionable tips will help you to stand out and strengthen your brand for the future.


As a means to inspire you to show up for your audience, deepen the connection with your brand and grow your wellness business, I’ve created a list of 25 wellness topics to blog about this spring. Get creative. You can use these topics to inspire your social media posts, live videos, freebie opt-ins, workshops, webinars, course content, challenges and blog posts.

Get inspired with these 25 topics to share on your health and wellness blog, social media and beyond
25 Wellness Topics To Blog About This Spring
  1. A morning routine to start a stress-free day
  2. How meditation helps to ease anxiety (share a meditation)
  3. Foods to boost your immune system (share a shopping list)
  4. Herbs + remedies to decrease stress (share how to use them)
  5. How to process your emotions in healthy, productive ways
  6. How stress affects your skin and how to keep clear and balanced
  7. How and why to maintain healthy gut biome to boost your immune system
  8. Yoga poses to do with your kids
  9. Acupressure points to ease anxiety
  10. How to use essential oils for anxiety/sleep
  11. Home exercises (share a video)
  12. Journaling exercises to release fear and anxiety and bring clarity and calm
  13. Breathing exercises to keep you calm + grounded
  14. Crystals to decrease anxiety/stress

15. Healthy home activities to enjoy with your family during quarantine

16. Ayurvedic recipes + practices to boost your immune system

17. What to do if you get sick

18. The health benefits of infrared sauna

19. Why fever is your friend (and what to do if you have one)

20. How to use CBD for anxiety

21. Highlight different superfoods, their benefits + how to use them

22. Which supplements are you taking to boost your immune system right now?

23. How to clear + raise the energy in your home

24. Hand sanitizer recipes

25. How to process your emotions in healthy, productive ways

These ideas will help keep your content relevant during this time while giving your followers hope and inspiration to place a focus on their health and wellness.

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