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Simple Social Media Sizing Guide

how to know which sizes work best for different social media platforms, including Facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest and linkedin

Have you noticed that your pictures look really nice and crisp on your computer, but kinda fuzzy when you post them on Facebook?   What the what is up with that? This phenomenon of Facebook-fuzz is perplexing (and not to mention frustrating) - but there is a solution, sweet friend.   The answer lies in the…

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Are You Making These 3 Mistakes With Your Healthy Food Photos?

improve your healthy food photography by avoiding these three biggest food photo mistakes with stock photography expert at Wellness Stock Shop

Hello Hello, friend!   I'm jumping right in today. Tell me if this sounds like you...   You took a friend's advice to post pics of all your snacks, shakes and healthy meals on social media to inspire (and attract) followers.   But your photos just aren't that great, and you can't really put a finger on what…

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