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stock photo for meditation with cushion and Buddhist mala

The best feeling in the world is when I get to truly support my community. And I'm so grateful to have had a greater opportunity to do so recently by collaborating with local mediation teacher and fellow lady entrepreneur, Shelby Leigh of Confluence Counseling in Portland, Oregon.


Shelby is an amazing soul, sharing Dharma and teaching meditation through her recently released 6 WEEK ONLINE MEDITATION RETREAT. If you could use more space in your life, more connection between others and within yourself, I highly recommend you treat yourself to her program.


Shelby reached out to me recently because she was having troubles finding imagery to truly reflect the qualities and visuals of her practice. I was so happy she brought this to my attention, because she pointed out a real need in the world of stock photography  for wellness entrepreneurs - meditation photos that reflect the uniqueness of various practices.



beautiful caucasian woman with eyes closed meditation mindfulness photos

Maybe you've been having this same issue? Have you been struggling to find imagery to support your meditation business? Imagery that accurately reflects your practice? If so, I'd love for you to check out the meditation and mindfulness imagery we recently added to Wellness Stock Shop.


You can view the gallery here: MEDITATION GALLERY


We spent a beautiful fall day together creating mindfulness imagery which truly reflects the accuracy of meditation in support of the world of wellness entrepreneurs.

beautiful meditation hand with male stock photo for mindfulness
beautiful caucasian woman's hand with glass bead mala in meditation pose stock photo mindfulness image

If you've been searching for imagery to really reflect the wholesome qualities of your meditation practice - imagery with accuracy (because not all meditation comes in the form of the yoga mudra), you'll be happy to discover the new MEDITATION GALLERY in Wellness Stock Shop, which features:


  • Mindfulness
  • Malas
  • Chimes
  • Tingsha Bells
  • Buddhist Meditation
  • Tibetan Meditation
  • Chair Meditation
  • Hands Resting on Knees
  • Meditation Cushions

I'd love to hear from you. Have you been struggling to find imagery to support your meditation practice? What are your biggest frustrations? What would you love to see added to Wellness Stock Shop? Leave your comments below.

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