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Award Winning Photographer Briena Sash
Portland award winning photographer and creator of Wellness Stock Shop, the world's most soulful source for wellness imagery

Hi, I'm Briena ... And I think it's time we join forces to change the world together. 

As a believer in natural, sustainable living (with an obsession for essential oils), I noticed a need that I've become passionate about filling ...

Briena Sash Creator of Wellness Stock Shop

As I was just about ready to click the enroll button for nutrition school, I realized that my mission to promote natural living to the world could be so much more powerful if I put my talents as an award-winning professional photographer to work supporting wellness entrepreneurs just like you.

As a result of that epiphany, I've created an extensive stock photo library filled with beautiful, soulful wellness photos to help you achieve the clean, professional look you want for your brand and reach more of your dream clients. I'm always expanding the library by adding new photos, and am always open to photo suggestions!

To learn more about me and what drove me to follow my heart and carve out a new niche to create Wellness Stock Shop, read my featured interview with Veggies and Me!


Why Stock Photography?

"If people like you

they will listen to you,

but if they trust you,

they'll do business with you."

- Zig Ziglar

Creator of Wellness Stock Shop

You probably know that you only have a few seconds to make a first impression — especially online. But did you know that using unprofessional images is one of the quickest ways to break trust with a potential customer?


Low quality images convey a message of poor quality and value to your audience.


And that’s a risk you can’t afford.


The imagery you use to represent your business will influence how they perceive the quality and value of your products and services. And the newer your business, the more vital it is for you to stand out and convince your ideal audience that you’re the best choice for them.


Don’t make them guess. Chances are, they won’t bother.


Still Not Sure?

I want you to experience the quality of WSS risk-free. Share your info with me and I'll send you a free sample photo every month selected from the always-growing library.

Beautiful, professional branding imagery at your fingertips.

→ If you cringe at stale, lifeless stock photos and want something better for your wellness business, you're in the right place.


→  If you're a purpose-driven entrepreneur wanting to strengthen your brand and market presence with a unique and captivating look that creates an emotional connection and sets you apart, you're in the right place.


→  If you're looking for imagery with more diversity and soul than what you're finding online, you are in the right place.


→  If you want to convey the value of your brand and attract the clients who are willing to pay what you're worth, you are so very, very in the right place.

Creator of Wellness Stock Shop

"When I first saw the work of Briena Sash of Wellness Stock Shop, I was blown away. She is a health coach's dream. The photography is heart felt, caring and tells a story, which every coach needs when it comes to the images on your website, social media or sales pages. Briena has created an opportunity for coaches to have beautiful stock photos at an affordable price. Not only does Briena shoot amazing photographs but she sees through the eyes of a wellness advocate as well and humanizes her work. I am blessed to have met Briena and to have been introduced to her work. I would not go anywhere else for my pictures and you shouldn’t either. Your business will thrive with beautiful imagery. Thank you Briena for all your hard work and commitment."

Rachel Feldman

Business Success Coach,



"Content with a relevant photograph gets 94% more page views than content without a related image".

- Study by Skyward, published in The Content Standard 


" are the ONLY [stock photo site] I have found that has gorgeous photos for essential oils!!!  "

- Mary A. Soap Lake, Wa


" I love these photos and what a wonderful value! [Wellness Stock Shop Photos] are beautiful, creative, unique, and obviously produced with love. "

- Marika T. Walla Walla, Wa

5 Reasons you'll love our photos

1. Soulful, never-stale photos

Each image is hand-crafted and individually polished

I know you're exhausted from searching for imagery worthy of representing your business, and tired of cringing at stale, lifeless stock photography.

Your challenge ends here!

I spend an incredible amount of time pulling together every detail and the finest quality ingredients for a photo shoot from start to finish.

Each shot is styled with the best products, freshest ingredients, and most beautifully natural lighting. Final images are individually chosen from the creme de la creme, and then hand-polished to enhance their vibrancy while maintaining the natural, soulful qualities.

2. Clear, simple usage terms

designed to make sense for small business owners

Because you’re not a photographer or a lawyer! Our usage terms are designed to cover all your common daily business needs. All our images are royalty-free, which means you don't have to fuss over including "proper" photo credit. Once you purchase the image, it’s yours to use forever (your rights never expire) and you’re welcome to edit or alter it with your branding, logos, text, and colors however you wish. Just think of all the ways you could put these images to use in your business...


◊ Social Media - Facebook posts/banners/ads,

Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest

◊ Website - Banners, Buttons, Featured Images

◊ eBooks - Recipes, Programs, Guides

◊ Blog

◊ Webinars/Presentations

◊ Videos

◊ Printed Marketing Materials

◊ Advertising Promos/Special Offers

3. Time-Saving heaven

Stop scrolling and get back to doing what you love

How much time do you waste searching from site-to-site, looking for that one perfect image every time you go to post?

How frustrating is it to sift through thousands of images to find a select few that fit, cohesively together?

How amazing would it be to find all the imagery you need, right here in one convenient spot?

Even better - to have all the imagery fit beautifully together and create a cohesive visual brand because it's all created and finished by the same photographer?

With more than 4,000 wellness-themed images (and growing!), you've got it all right here. So the next time you need a photo for your blog post, social media, newsletter or marketing campaign, you can find it fast.

4. Powerful, engaging imagery

fostering trust and credibility for your business

"The number one thing that screams rookie, unprofessional, newbie, not there yet, has to be using low quality images.”

- Maria Ines, Brand Architect

When you take yourself seriously and invest in professional, quality imagery that matches your value and your price point, your ideal customers have no choice but to sit up and pay attention.

Wellness Stock Shop imagery is strategically designed to get you noticed, foster engagement, and position you as a professional. It's time to take your business to the next level. Our imagery can help you do that.

5. Irresistibly Affordable

for any business phase

Don't have thousands to invest in a custom photo shoot? That's exactly why I created Wellness Stock Shop.

I love doing custom shoots for customers, but I wanted a way to support my clients' photo needs year-round — to cover daily social media posts, blog posts, newsletters, programs, campaigns and all the common needs of business owners.

As an entrepreneur myself, I understand the needs of small business owners first hand. I also understand that, as small businesses, you don't have the branding and marketing budget of big corporations.

I designed Wellness Stock Shop as an accessible photo source to answer all your daily photographic needs — year round — without having to drain your bank account.

" Hi Briena, I just wanted to send a massive shout out and thank you to you! It was love at first sight for me when I signed up and saw your is gorgeous, soulful and thoughtful all at the same time. I am also totally honoured that you chose to share your best with the rest of us. "

-Bree O. Nairobi, Kenya

Behind the scenes with wellness photographer Briena Sash on a nourish bath and tarot styled shoot
relaxing therapeutic bath photo with rose and eucalyptus by Wellness Stock Shop

Professional Appearance + WOW factor + Alluring Imagery + Polished Branding + Usage Freedom

I believe everyone should contribute to the world around us, for the betterment of our communities and with a deep respect for humanity and nature. And Wellness Stock Shop was born out of my dream to pursue a more meaningful and heart-driven career as an entrepreneur combined with my passion for wellness and natural living.


That passion and vision is what drove me to leave a successful career as an award-winning portrait photographer to create Wellness Stock Shop and support other entrepreneurs with a passion for living in natural balance with our bodies, within nature, and within our communities.

It is my deepest hope that my work uplifts you and supports you on your journey because I believe in YOU and the beautiful, powerful work you do in the world.


Ready for a professional brand

that will get noticed?

Portland Oregon award winning photographer
Headshots by Sash Photography